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Blog Post #18: 10 000 Thank You's! · 7:02pm Aug 18th, 2019

As of 10 PM this Sunday, The Human Pet hit 10k views(and over 1000 likes)! A minor event to some, but it sure looks mighty nice to me :ajsmug:. So I just wanted to express my genuine appreciation to y'all for supporting and getting some entertainment out of my story. Especially if you wrote words of advice down in the comments - a writer thrives on feedback.

Report RushyFiction · 137 views · Story: The Human Pet · #Celebration #10k views
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HUZZAH I SAY!!!!(Royal Canterlot voice)

Personally I can’t wait to find out how he acquires the ability to communicate with the ponies.

I really hope we get to see that in the next chapter.

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