Dadonequus Discord (Book 2)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 67 - The Wedding Part 5

She was here, of all the times you could have run into her, this was the time. Fuck, Scootaloo was right, you really could have used a charge on your horn. Even worse, it seems Scrappy had her pegged on the two possibilities she was gonna pull on you, and unfortunately for you, it was the bad possibility. Why though? What was she up to? “C-chrysalis, n-ngh, what are you doi-doing?” You choked out as she continued to hold you by the neck with her magic.

“Oh, what? You can’t tell? I, as your good friend, wanted to come to your wedding… Oh wait, scratch that…” She tightens her grip just a tad as her expression becomes ever so angry “I meant your execution.”

Ok, she wanted you dead, that was clear. But why? Dammit, you had been willing to try to reconnect with her when you had a chance, but things kept getting in the way. Or, hell, you didn’t even know if she was even willing to reconcile or where she even was. Are you making excuses for yourself? Now isn’t a good time it seems as she looked pretty damn pissed. Even then, you’d think after all that bonding you both had, that she wouldn’t resort to this. “C-chrysalis… W-we’re friends, w-why? W-what happened to you?” Another thing you noticed is that she looked… weaker than before. Weaker, but a lot more sinister than you remember. If this was the case, you had to find a way to neutralize the situation before she either ended you or someone came bursting in.

“What happened to me? Oh, you want to know what happened to me now that you’re about to be destroyed, how quaint. Now you care, well then, let me illuminate things for you before you perish since you’re just DYING to know.” Chrysalis was a little off kilter when she spoke. She even turned around as she kept you in her grip, probably to sound ominous and mysterious like most villains do. “To be honest, I didn’t want to exact my revenge on you at all, not at first anyway. It was the princesses who brought ruin to my hive, and caused my beautiful children to become putrid traitors… Horrible, blind, disgusting traitors. Something that would have never happened if not for those insufferable princesses.” She was definitely disgusted by those thoughts, her voice becoming angry as she spoke closer to things that hurt her. “... So of course, I had plotted to either ruin them, or best case scenario, destroy them. But then I realized something…” She then looked back at you with a hateful but calm gaze “It was you who caused this. You were the one who let the princesses get close, you were the one who let yourself be so easily manipulated by them, you were the one, despite having so much power hanging by your neck, allowed them and that traitor Thorax to ruin everything I ever worked for. Essentially, I came to realize that had it not been for you, then this would have never happened at all.” She then suddenly stops speaking, gives you a cruel smirk, and just lingers for a moment before giving your neck another squeeze “It made me wonder if we were really friends, or if you were just that good of a stooge for the princesses. All those films, saving another universe, our time as siblings, all a ruse to ruin my life. Well, allow me to return the favor.” Her eyes glowed as they twitched, her horn growing ever brighter “Any last words, Anon?”

Oh… oh god, it was worse than you thought. It really was your fault, wasn’t it? Was it really? It wasn’t like she also wasn’t manipulating you. In fact, you both were playing a game of manipulation between all of this, trying to get the other to their side. Plus, you had so many other friends, what were you supposed to do to not end up betraying them? Hell, you had family too that you care about. Really, had you joined Chrysalis, Celestia might actually become Nightmare Galaxia or some other crazy evil bitch, like something called Daybreaker or something. You felt the guilt coursing through you just from looking at her defeated form. But 'sorry' simply wouldn’t be enough, and you wanted to somehow make things right for her. But first, you had to keep yourself from choking to death. What are you supposed to do though? How can you get out of this? Your horn was useless at this point and… Wait, the horn was useless, wasn’t it? If you can just stall her for a moment more, you could figure something out, something to make it all work. “Chrysalis… ngh, D-do you rea-really want to d-do this? I’m pa-pathetic, I-I know… But w-we can still figure something out.”

“I already have things figured out, Anon. I’m going to end you, it’s as simple as that. Or, rather, it’s simple for me. See, not only am I going to make sure your end leaves you a lifeless husk, I’m going to leave evidence that it maaaaayyyy have been caused by one of those blithering buffoons that idiot of a chaos spirit created. Imagine it, Anon. Ponies you care about finding you, lifeless, it’ll be oh so sweet. Ponies, as I’m sure you know, aren’t very used to a concept such as a colt being dead. Human cruelty really is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I’ll be creating more sadness and chaos than that twit ever could. And as a bonus, everypony will blame him for it. The perfect revenge…” Chrysalis said in a low crazed chuckle. Christ, she’d become edgy as fuck too. Luckily, she monologued enough for you to figure something out. You just had to hope it’d work. She was already losing some of her grip as she found herself absorbed in her own cracked ego.

The plan was simple. Give her the horn, hope it distracts her, grab the Starlight Hook, and… Man, it really did make you feel bad for what you planned to do. But unless you took charge of the situation, she was going to kill you. You were scared, shaking, one misstep and you’d be dead. But you were willing to make a move, to save your friend that you let down. Just don’t become obsessed again, Anon. You can try, but don’t fall into that web, there’s no escaping it if you delude yourself like you did before. Chrysalis is a villain, there are no buts about it, if you somehow can fix it here, maybe you could at least let her know she still had a friend in you. Yes, that’s right, you were at least willing to let her go if she was willing to make some compromise… Though that was going to be tough if you, in fact, had to zap her like a bug… Which she was… Geez, Anon, just go for it before she kills you. “I see… C-Chrysalis, please, let me prove to you that you still have a friend in me. I’m not that same guy you knew from before, I can handle things now, I know how not to be pushed around or manipulated. And… Well, that means for you too. We have to come to an understanding, we have to compromise. I know you don’t want to end me, I know, deep down, you see me as a friend. Do you really want to be alone forever due to this? We’re friends, we understand each other, and I myself always love your company. There’s nothing for you if you do this, so just stop, alright?”

“Save your breath, Anon, you’ll need it for the last few gasps of life you’ll ever have. Besides, how do you even plan to make up for the fact my children betrayed me? I think one life isn’t a good enough equivalent to a million or so, but I’ll make due.” She says to you with an angry eye twitch.

“My horn, I’ll give it to you. Because… Because I know the Chrysalis I care about is still there, and you’d choose me over it, just like you did when you nuked your old captain. Just let me get it off for you, please…” You pleaded with her, using your feelings for her to mask your lie. You knew if you tried to trade your life for the horn out of fear, she’d see through it by feeling out the fact you still cared about her. But just because she could sense your feelings, didn’t mean she could see what you thought, and you just had to hope she couldn’t see through your feelings for her.

Chrysalis narrowed her eyes at you, seeming skeptical at first. Then suddenly, she softened up, and slowly started to let you down as she brought a hoof to her heart. “A-Anon, what? Even after what I said? After what I was planning to do to you? You’d really do that? Y-you must be lying, y-you don’t care about me… Nopony does.” She sounded sincere, but you knew better. She was off her game for sure, she immediately started playing her cards too early to be believable. Maybe she didn’t realize you were willing to give up the horn that easily, and given her mental state, just started to try to pull at your heartstrings to make sure you’d give it to her without issue. Chrysalis, the one you remember, would have just been snarky, knowing you’d never give in that easily. And if you did actually give it to her, you felt in your heart she’d have returned it with some weak excuse as to why.

“I mean it, I’ll give it to you… I know you’ll do the right thing, and give it back to me.” You said, with no retort of her own as she began to slowly lower you. You sigh, and look to her with a forced smile, terrified over your next movements. You hold back a gulp, and slowly slide off your necklace, holding it towards her. “Here, just like I promised.”

“Anon… I…” She slowly takes the bait, and as she looks at you with a warm smile, just as you guessed, it slowly turned into a twisted grin as she slapped the horn on her head, she then began to mock you “Cannot believe you’d ever actually think I’d fall for that! I really can’t believe it! I finally have ultimate power! Enough power to quickly create a new throne before that moron has a chance to disable his own ma-” Chrysalis found her thoughts cut short when she notices dark flames billowing from the side of her eyes.  “What?! You used both charges already?! BOTH?! How did you even manage that?! Your days are always full of ruin and dread! By Tartarus, if I didn’t kill you, something else surely would have and…” Chrysalis stopped herself, as if she was suddenly having a nostalgic flashback. She then steadied her mind and turned to look at you “And it doesn’t matter, now does it? Since I’ll make sure your end is slow and agon- What are you doing?” When she did look at you, she noticed you had on your Starlight Hook, and it was aimed directly at her.

“Chrysalis, don’t make me do it. Just calm down, alright? I’m serious, we can work this out, but you have to meet me in the damn middle here. Alright? Let’s talk.” You had it aimed right at her, you wouldn’t miss.

Chrysalis just laughed a light hearted giggle “Oh, really? No, I think not. You’re in no position to demand anything out of me. If you did, you’d have a spine, and we wouldn’t be here now. But, like the insect you are, you are doing everything you can to live. Really, I thought those I tricked were persistent in winning over my heart, but you’re just something else, aren’t you? Go ahead, shoot your silly little fishing line, and then I’ll snap your neck right after.” She said with a chilling coldness.

You nearly hesitate, but you couldn’t let her have her way. What a reunion… You only wanted to chat with her as friends, but it’d seem you’d have to really take her down first. You aim, and fire the hook, causing it to wrap around Chrysalis’s torso. She just looks at the line boredly, then looks to you with half slitted eyes “Wow, you really were serious.” she said in a sarcastic tone “Oh no, I’m restrained, whatever will I do? Oh wait, I’ll just use my magic to ASFDSFDSFSDFSD” And with that, you flicked the switch, sending a stunning wave of shocking electricity through her. After a few moments, you flick the switch again to shut off the stream of electricity. Chrysalis falls, near unconscious, groaning and twitching as drool drips from her mouth. "G-guh, Mandible... H-help mommy up..."

“Christ… That actually fucking worked. I actually outwitted her…” You then look to her fallen form, and begin to frown. God, she’s fallen so hard… “Chrysalis… What am I going to do? I can’t begin to feel how much hurt and rage is in your heart right now. Losing your children like that, I guess I can see why you wanted to kill me. But fuck…” She wasn’t in the right either. She manipulated them too, she made them suffer for her own selfish reasons. But even then, they were her children, and it must really hurt for all of them to betray you just like that. Really, no one was in the right. And truthfully? Her children being freed from her grasp was the best thing to happen to them, even if they did turn out to be gigantic pussies. They don’t starve, they are happier, still dumb, but happy. “Chrysalis, you just need to- Wha?” Suddenly, there’s a heavy knocking on the door.

“Anon! Anon! What was that? Are you alright!?” You hear Starlight at the other side of the door, knocking on it heavily “I swear, I heard something, Number One. It almost sounded like… Wait, the door is locked? Anon! Answer the door, please!” You hear her knocking become more frantic.

SHIT! You were found out! If she sees Chrysalis here, who knows what will happen!? What if everyone finds out?! DAMMIT! “H-hold on, Starlight! I was just… Practicing something!” Shit shit shit! What do you do?!

“Anon, I swear I heard somepony’s voice in there, and something heavy dropping. Just let me in, alright? I want to make sure you’re ok!” She sounded desperate and worried. Dammit, you didn’t want her to be, but now wasn’t a good time. What to do, what to do?

Well, wait! The horn! Chrysalis just slapped it on without even putting the necklace around herself, you could use it to send her and yourself home, surely Starlight would try to make things seem alright in front of the Riches and stall for time as she tried to figure out what went wrong. You were going to get an earful for sure from her, but you had to do this. You quickly grab the horn from Chrysalis’s head and slip the necklace on as you pop the horn itself on your forehead. You then begin to look around as you realized you were missing a water source. “Shit… come on, come on… Wait, the dresser!” You rush over to it and open the drawers, finding all sorts of colognes for stallions and soaps for quick grooming. You grab them all and start breaking them upon the ground near Chrysalis so the liquid would seep under her.

“What in the…!? Anon, that’s it! I’m teleporting in!” Starlight cried out.

FUUUCK! NO TIME! You aim your horn at the strong smelling liquids and zap open a portal, causing Chrysalis to fall inside as you dive through right as a flash of light covers the room.