Dadonequus Discord (Book 2)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 28 - Challenging Celestia

And this was the most unfortunate part about all of this. None of the rich ponies were any you recognized from the show, not a single one. Dammit, if Fleur Di Lis was at least among the bunch, you could have at least “impressed” her to get some gentle headpats out of her. Ok, maybe not a good idea with the two wedded Riches watching, but still. And the worst part was that they were all fucking boring and obvious. There were the ones genuinely and ridiculously impressed with your skills, both magical and physical. The obvious jealous ones who nearly ground their teeth to nothing, attempting to smile as they entered a conversation with you, singing your praises falsely as envy raged through their minds. The jealous ones weren’t even that fun to impress either, you didn’t know them and most likely never would meet with them ever again.

There was even an old mare showing you a picture of her granddaughter, a rather adorable blue unicorn filly with emerald green eyes and a cute little bowtie on her platinum blue tail. She was obviously trying to get you to be part of her family instead. You didn't even have a chance to decline. Spoiled’s hearing was a lot sharper than you realize, because she gave that old mare a stare even Satan would fear, causing the old mare to chuckle fearfully and wish you ado. Man, you needed a drink, but the waiters were not willing to serve any drinks to a child, despite being the goddamn hero colt, goddammit.

The only real amusing thing through this whole borefest was when your clone was given a mic to give his victory speech to the crowd. You all looked down towards the clone when he began to speak. “I have a dream! Where mares and stallions, colts and fillies, and whatever else, can come together and spread the love among each other. Yes, where nopony would be afraid to unsheath their fears and plunge into the moist caves of happiness and plant their seeds into those who want it. For mares everywhere to be happy to receive that which we all know you deserve! Everypony, all at once, releasing into the air the cry of true and unadulterated bliss! This is my dream for Equestria, and I hope everypony is with me on this!”

Throughout the Colosseum, ponies everywhere cheered and stomped their hooves in approval of your clone’s message.

You could hear one of the aristocrats say “My, even the magically created double has quite a way with words. A true inspiration indeed.”

You? You retracted the thought of it being amusing. Holy fuck, if ponies weren’t so innocent, you’d be seen as the most perverted being in this world. Hell, that might already be true, but you didn’t need everyone knowing that. “Y-yeah…”

It wasn’t soon after, now that everything was over anyway, that the wealthy crowd began to make their exit. All none the wiser to the truth of things, and leaving on pleasant terms. Some were hiding their anger as they bowed and left in a huff. All that did was fuel Mrs. Rich’s victory, as it was clear she was enjoying their salt, almost like it was a fucking fetish. In any case, she was clearly pleased with the results.

Eventually, the box was empty of both the few waiters and all the rich patrons. Even the Colosseum was emptying up at this point now that everything was over. You could only think of what your reputation was like right now.

“Well, I’d call this a success” Spoiled said as she walked to the right side of you, looking down onto the field with a self satisfied smirk.

“Agreed. Nopony got hurt, Anon passed his exam, and our little darlin’ got to be around her heroes while watching her future husband save her, in a sense anyway” Mr. Rich said as he stepped to your other side, and looked up to the sky, more relieved than anything else. It was clear he was just glad everything was over, he could do without this kind of excitement.

“Well, there’s still that wedding thing, right? How do you think that’s gonna go? I mean, I’m ready for it. I just want to see Diamond happy, that’s all. I really can see her as my wife… Erm.” You stop when you notice a tenseness in Mr. Rich “Y-y’know, if everything works out”

“Everything WILL work out. Despite the few reservations I do have, I’d rather you than some rich snob who only sees us for the bits we have or the businesses we own. Isn’t that right, Dear?” Spoiled look to her husband, not with a look that demanded agreement, but a look in search of approval to her own words.

“That’s true. There are many a pony who’d offer their own young’un just to have a piece of the Rich pie. But if it’s one thing we can say for sure in that regard is that both you and your father don’t really want or have a need for our money and such. If I can sound all philosophical-like for a moment, I’d say that ‘A being of chaos already has everything at their beck and call, except for one to share it with”. Erm, probably not the best sounding now that I think about it, but it rung with me right proper at the time.” Mr. Rich said, agreeing with his wife while trying to sound all wise about it.

“That sounds about right, at least to me, Mr. Rich. I promise to do you proud, and take care of her, and all that stuff.” You say, feeling sure of your words, and comfortable talking about your future with Diamond among her parents.

“Sounds like you already got it all worked out” Mr. Rich says to you, finding your words confident and adorable at the same time.

“Well, it seems to be happening no matter what, right? No other thing to do but try to plan my future out. That’s a good thing, right? Planning I mean.” You ask, wondering if maybe you went too far.

“Well, since it seems to be so guaranteed… Yes, yes, that is exactly the thing to do. Hmm…” Spoiled trailed off there for a second once again, losing herself to her thoughts as she looked upon the burned pillar that once held the dragon’s platform. She knew, and felt, that she could never let something like this happen again. She nearly lost you, her future son, to her own arrogance.

“Mother, Daddy! I’m back and… Oh, everypony left already? Hmph” Said a young and familiar voice “How rude, considering the princess came to make her presence known.”

Hmm? The three of you look back to see an insulted Diamond Tiara, with a slightly embarrassed Princess Celestia behind her. Almost immediately, Spoiled and Filthy bow as you just look at her, and blink.

“Erm, I really just came to drop you off and see Anon, Princess Diamond." Celestia says to Diamond before looking to the Riches, feeling a sense of embarrassment from their respect. "And you needn’t bow, I’m just a spectator today, no need to be so formal.” Celestia was visibly uncomfortable. And fucking dammit, she had to say those fucking words. You did not, DID not want to talk to her if she had something “important” to tell you. Goddamnit.

“Nonsense, your Highness, it’s proper to bow and all, specially since you’ve been takin’ care of our own princess.” Filthy stands after his bow, looking rather proud to be in the presence of someone so high esteemed. “Speaking of, how was your time with our great Princess… Er… Princess.” He asks Diamond.

“Great! We laughed! We cried! Well… Princess Twilight cried more than I did for some reason. And we got to see Anon kick butt! Erm… I mean, pass his exam” Diamond does her best to calm down from her obvious excitement, and sound as proper as she can to impress Celestia and not upset her mother. “Indeed, even with the danger, Anon did splendidly. Wouldn’t you agree, Princess Celestia?”

Celestia was silent for a moment as she gazed upon Spoiled, who she herself was actually breaking a sweat in fright of what Celestia might think, fearing she knew the truth as to what happened. Celestia did, she must have, considering Discord’s words. But she didn’t say anything about it, she just looked to Diamond and smiled “Indeed, you could say I was ‘glued’ to the edge of my seat the entire time” She giggled as her eyes finally meet with you, finally noticing you. But she looked rather confused by your presence. “Anon? Is that you?”

“Anon?” Diamond looks around, then looks at your Dracula garbed self. “That’s Anon? But isn’t he down in the lobby?”

She didn’t recognize you? That actually… Kind of hurt. “Diamond, it’s me! Your prince! Heh, I guess this look is pretty stunning, eh? As for the Anon down there, it was a clone I made to please the crowd while I hang with with your… Our parents.” You give her an awkward grin, and await her approval of your look.

“Stunning is right.” Diamond walks up to you with a huff and looks you over “Anon, do you even know what you look like?”

W-wut? “Erm… Charming?”

Celestia lets out a giggle when she realizes what Diamond is going on about. “Oh, I get it. Maybe it’s a princess’s intuition, but she’s upset because he looks like a villain with that hat and cloak.”

“Exactly.” Diamond says with an aristocratic nod as she whips her hoof up and knocks your silk hat off “Very astute fellow princess. Anon, how can you dress like this?” She gives you a mean stare as she ruffles your mane “There, nice and cute again, just like you’re supposed to look. Don’t EVER...” And she points at you with every word she utters as she gives you a serious stare “EVER dress as a villain again, ok?”

S-sheesh, o-ok, Dracula was definitely not in with the foals. “O-ok”

“Good” She then smiles and gives you a kiss on the nose, blushing from the soft look you were now giving her after the smooch. You just couldn't resist smiling and blushing from her physical attention. “You did amazing out there, Anon. If I didn’t know the whole thing coming down was part of the whole exam, I think I would have shattered like Princess Twilight nearly did.” She then moves in and whispers to you “I think she thought you were really gonna be crushed or drown or something, can you believe it? I didn’t realize she was so paranoid”

You know, it was probably a good thing Diamond didn’t know the truth. Not only could you not visualize the degree of her reaction, but you also couldn’t fathom you being able to do anything with your life ever again as she clamps herself to you to make sure you’re always safe. Yeah, this was totally better than that possibility. “She probably didn’t know. It’s fine though, because the important thing in all of this is that we’re together again. I bet you really cheered for me, huh?”

Diamond nodded profusely “Mhmm! Mhmm! With allllll my heart!”

D’awww, of course she did. You tilt your head very slightly as you smile at her “I knew you did, because I could feel it right here” You bring your hoof to your heart “And that’s what gave me the power to beat this test.”

Those words, Diamond suddenly felt dizzy and stunned as she gasped in amazement “R-Really?”

You nod as you kiss her nose “Yup!”

She started to feel woozy and step about in a daze “O-oh, Anon, t-that means we’re connected for s-sure…” She nearly falls over as she holds a hoof to her chest “B-by the heart.”

You knew that was just hogwash, but damn if it did not make her act more adorable. “Yep, forever and for always.” You say with a sure grin.

“I can definitely tell these two are going to be together forever. I don’t need to be Princess Cadance to be able to see that.” Celestia said with a wholesome giggle.

“Can we take that as your personal blessing, princess?” Mr. Rich asks “Would mean an awful lot since it seems everything is guaranteed”

Celestia nods “Of course. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen such pure love between two foals, so I feel my blessing is well deserved.” Celestia then looks to you with a gentle smile “Anon, you seem well. It’s good to see you. Aside from the exam, and yesterday, how have you been?”

Hmmm, normal so far. Maybe, just maybe, you should keep it cool like Luna suggested. “I’m alright, and the exam nor yesterday was anything special, especially compared to the Storm King. How are you?”

“I’m doing fine, especially now that all the excitement is over. I really do congratulate you on a job well done, as I will be telling Scootaloo the same when I go see her before I go.” Celestia then looks over the vacating crowd as she nears the balcony of the box “Amazing that a bigger deal was made of this rather than the Storm King’s defeat. Then again, Twilight and her friends have gone through similar oddities. Would you believe that despite her princess title, she still has trouble getting a cab carriage in the bigger cities?” Celestia had herself a bit of a laugh “It’s funny actually… Though, I do wish ponies would be more respectful to each other, at least in cities like Manehatten.”

“Hmph, I agree. How could ponies be so rude to a Princess?! Not proper, not proper at all” Diamond says as she tries to sound as sophisticated as possible, still doing her best to impress Celestia.

“Very true, that’s why I’m glad a place like Twilight’s school will be opening soon. Teaching and spreading friendship in the way she dreams will hopefully minimize such a problem to the bare bone minimum. Oh, speaking of which, will you two be attending?” Celestia asks, with a sweet and loving smile on her face.

“No, I think I’ve mastered friendship already. While it’d be an honor to be in Princess Twilight’s school, it might take my focus away from being a real princess myself” Diamond stands tall with a satisfied smile on her face, feeling she took a wise course of action. She made herself already seem like a master of friendship.

“I’m not either, I’d rather not say the reasons.” You just didn’t feel like it at this point. You mastered friendship and you didn’t want to be under Twilight. Ok sure, it can help would be villains find the right path, but that’s all it has going for it.

“I see, well, I won’t pry then. In any case, may I borrow your colt for a moment, Diamond? I promise to return him to you quickly.” Celestia asks

“Promise? You’re not going to use your girly wiles to make him fall in love with you, right? I read princesses can do that! But, you know, you’re Princess Celestia, So I think there's a high chance you won’t do that! You wouldn’t let him passing that test attract you, right?” Diamond said with a shiver, pouting at Princess Celestia, her questions coming out at a rapid pace.

G-guh! D-did she? Was she really afraid you’d fall for Celestia? Well, maybe, Celestia was hot. But the fact that you were still internally mad at her took away any real attraction towards her and her juicy sunbutt.

Celestia was taken aback by Diamond’s worries, even she hadn’t realized that her love for you ran so deep as to fear her in regard of love and attraction “N-no, you needn’t worry.  Part of being a Princess is self control. And besides, he’s far too young for me.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right!” Diamond said with relief “I forgot you’re like, ten million years old or something.”

OHHHHHH, HOLY SHIT! You had to turn around to hide your smile, because that was one sick burn.

Hell, Celestia tensed up at those words, and gave her cheek a quick rub as she subconsciously checked herself for a wrinkle. She then looked to Diamond and gave her a meek nod “Y-yes, that’s, sort of right. Ahrm, erm, I’ll be stepping out now. I-it was nice seeing all of you… Hmmm” She took a breath, and gave Spoiled a serious look for a moment, causing her to tense “And Mrs. Rich, I very much enjoyed myself today, I’ll be keeping a closer eye on you.” Celestia’s expression then became pleasant “I wouldn’t want to miss anything else you might have planned.”

Mrs. Rich gulped, and quaked where she stood as she bowed “T-thank you, you r-r-really do honor me, Princess Celestia” Wow, it was odd seeing her shaky like that. You didn't think anything could scare her.

Celestia nods to her, then bows to the Riches as she winks to Diamond “Take care for now, and remember what I told you, Princess Diamond”

“I will! I super will! A-and don’t be too long with Anon, o-ok?” Diamond seemed excited and meek at the same time. And told her? Told her what?

“I’ll remember.” Celestia said as she made her exit, expecting you to follow.

Fucking dammit. Surely this won’t end poorly, right? Why did she even want to speak to you privately? Things went fine! The conversation was fine! Any Gary Stu would have loved this attention. You? Where’s a gun when you need one? you need to suck down on a bullet.

You both step out to the stairway, and head out through the entrance of the V.I.P. box. You were tense, the fuck did she want? “Princess Celestia, why are we alone?”

Celestia lets out a sorrowful sigh as she looks up at the bright blue sky. “Because there’s something I’d like to talk to you about, even though perhaps I shouldn’t”

Wut? What did she want? Why shouldn’t she? “Why talk to me in private then? Why at all?” You really didn’t want to have this conversation if you could avoid it. If it was this level of.. Whatever it was, then you didn’t want to deal with it, not with Celestia involved anyway.

Celestia’s body tensed for a moment. She sensed your displeasure, and whatever she had to say, it seemed even she didn’t like it. “I think you know why. My sister suggested I keep things casual with you, but it’s difficult when you happen to be the second pony I’ve ever known… That I’ve hurt.”

That she hurt? Did she mean…? No, she did, she meant the shit with Chrysalis. So then, now she wants to settle things about that? Well, about fucking time! And the mention of Luna, it was the same thing Luna had spoken to you about. No doubt Luna had some feeling that this topic still haunted you deep inside, as she knew it bothered Celestia as well. She must have felt that avoiding those thoughts altogether whenever you two happen to be around each other would be the only way to avoid an altercation. Well, you can’t be blamed for this, Celestia is the one who started it.  The only thing you wondered about, in regard to Celestia's words, was this other pony she hurt. “Do you mean with Chrysalis? Yeah, you did. You threatened me, tricked me, and cost me a good friend. So what, are you apologizing? Kinda late for that, ain’t it? And what do you mean by ‘second pony’? Who else did you hurt?”

“My sister…” Celestia says, without a dubious or shady tone in her two words. “Anon, I wanted to speak to you so I could apologize for how I had treated you when Chrysalis was with you. Like my sister, I treated things as if I knew best, and without thought as to how you truly felt on the matter. And for that, I’m sorry.”


No… Wait. She was apologizing? NOW SHE CHOOSES TO APOLOGIZE?! And wait, why? Why compare you to Luna? What’s her sthick? And did she fucking still think she was right? Because you didn’t hear her say she was wrong. “Yeah… Ok. You’re sorry, but you still think you’re right, don’t you?”

Celestia didn’t act like you expected her to, she didn’t seem shocked that you didn’t immediately accept her apology. She let out a heavy sigh, and looked down, as if in shame. “I do, but…” She then looks ahead with determination “Look at the end result. An entire race, enslaved by their own mother, free from her grasp and able to do what is in their hearts. I gave her that same choice, Anon, and she chose to reject it. My apologies are for the way I treated you and Discord only, It was… Deplorable”

You let out a disgusted chuckle “Deplorable? No, it was worse than that” Fuck this, she was the one who decided to start this, so Luna couldn’t blame you for what you were going to say now. For a long time you tried to look past that moment, or more so, the way Celestia handled it. She tricked you, manipulated you, and threatened you. If that was the kind of shit that made Luna into Nightmare Moon, then you too had every right to be pissed off. “You couldn’t just leave it alone!” You angrily point your hoof at her. “I had everything under control until you and the other princesses showed up. From Twilight nearly banishing me, to your sister’s dream spying, to you… You…” You growled, fury building up within you as memories flowed into your head “She was under control! She helped me save another dimension. No matter what you say, no one who is that evil would have done what she did, even given the circumstances!”

Celestia could tell you were going to be difficult. She couldn’t believe the stance you still took after all this time. “Anon, you surprise me” She says, doing her best to remain calm. “She had been working her way to breaking Discord’s curse. Surely you have come to realize that at this point. She may have been your friend, but she worked towards a goal of domination nonetheless.”

“Hmph” You knew that already, she had manipulated a distraught Discord into getting a free pass to wander Equestria as your sister. And she was using Scrappy in finding any way to break the curse. “So? There was only so far she can go.  Even if she got to her throne… And? She’d be alone, there’d be no way for her to do anything. Heck, if you wanted to reform the changelings, that would have been the perfect time. With her away, Thorax could have done his thing and I’d still have a shot at reforming her! But no, it was your way or the highway. And only NOW do you want to apologize? That’s screwed up, Celestia, even for you!”

Celestia started to show signs of frustration. She obviously didn’t expect or want the conversation to go down this road. She must have thought her apology wouldn’t have incited such rage in you. “Anon, let me explain this to you in a way you can understand. One, she would have still been uncursed and with a throne that can remove even Discord’s power. Foalnapping somepony you care about to use as a hostage would have certainly been her penultimate move. With no way to penetrate her barrier without going in defenseless, she would have had what she wanted eventually. And no, sending an army in wouldn’t work, especially with her acquired new found cruelty. She would have threatened to take her hostage’s life unless her demands were met, that I’m sure of. And even if she didn’t, there’s still too large a risk.” Celestia gives you a hard stare “Tell me I’m wrong, Anon. If you can tell me that and why, I’ll concede right now.”

It was obvious to you that she still felt in the right. It made you feel that her apology wasn’t as genuine as she’d lead you to believe. Whether that was true or not was not on your mind however. Instead, you met her challenge head on. “You’re wrong! Even if Chrysalis was still evil, she wouldn’t go as far as to piss me off enough to hate her. Despite what you think, she really was getting better. So, you gonna back off now?”

But she would not, Celestia was in for the long haul in this conversation. What the hell?! Why?! Why won’t she back the fuck off! “No, because you can’t be sure of that.”

“Neither can you” You growl “Why, Celestia? Just why?! Really? Because you were sorry? And yet you still want to defend your actions?! Well…” Wait. If that was her reason, did that mean that for all the years she lived, she never pissed anyone off? Was she really doing her best, almost mechanically so, to make everyone around her happy? Now that you think of it, aside from Nightmare Moon, some villains, and Discord, you have never ever heard anyone say anything or think negatively of Celestia. No, they usually treat her as the end all be all of everything. And then there was alternate Celestia. She fell apart to insanity when she felt she failed her kind, Sunset, Luna, and Philomena. You knew Pinkie could lose her marbles easily, and even she was more mentally stable than her in that universe. Could it be that Celestia… Has the same kind of obsession you have? That if she fails someone, that she does her best to fix it? Like, if she didn’t or couldn’t, she’d turn into some being like Nightmare Moon? or some shit like that?

Oh no, goddammit. She really did want to apologize, but she won’t budge because her care also goes to those she’s sworn to protect, which now included the changelings. She’s stuck with a conundrum. She wanted to apologize, perhaps even make sure something like this never happens again. And yet, she felt the end result was the best possible outcome. And giving it a little thought, Luna managed to save you a huge amount of trouble by helping Scootaloo after she got majorly drained. If Celestia had to be right about one thing, is that Chrysalis was able to overstep herself as she pleased without much repercussion. Maybe she really could find a way to win in the end. Still, she was your friend, one you enjoyed your time with greatly.

You had two choices, to tell Celestia off, or meet her down the middle. And to not set off the local Princess, and to maybe finally make good with Celestia, you choose the latter option. You look up at her, and could see both restraint and agitation coursing through her entire body. You sigh, calm down, and hoped this works. Because if you finished the rant you had, you'd have no doubt caused another Nightmare incident. “Well…  Ugh, Celestia. Look, I know I did some things wrong, and should have handled things better. But when it comes to my friendship with Chrysalis, despite everything that’s happened, I’d like to at least think that maybe one day, she’d come around. Yeah, things came out better than anypony could have hoped, and for that I’m glad. But I’ll always have that wish that things would have worked out the way I wanted it to, because I care about her.  So, if it’s all the same to you, can we just stop talking about this? I accept your apology, I can’t reverse what has happened, but I still wish you had trusted me better. I mean, come on, I helped save Equestria from the Storm King. I don’t wanna sound rude, but considering how well you did against him, I feel like you owe me more of your trust and understanding. So yeah, is that fair? Is that ok? Can you just accept my friendship with her?”

Celestia heard your words. She calmed herself, but she was still frowning as she looked to you with worry. “If you were to run into her again, I assume you’d do your best to help her, rather than to bring her to justice. I’m right about that, correct? Please be truthful with me, Anon.”

“Yeah, if I did run into her again, I’d do my best to reform her or at least try to get her to calm down. I mean, you sort of gave Discord that chance, right? Can you blame me for wanting to do the same thing? Just to remind you, Discord brought Equestria closer to destruction than Chrysalis ever could have.”

Celestia does a slow nod, and sighs “You are correct about that. Even after his treason, he was given a chance. Heh…” Celestia lets out a lamented chuckle “I suppose I’d be a hypocrite to chastise you or try to stop you. I don’t like it, but I can’t stop you either. But please, I ask you, should that happen, please tread cautiously, and do not let her manipulate you. You must remember, when it comes to her, she is capable of anything, and I would…” She stops, and looks at you with great worry in her eyes “I’m afraid of her hurting the ponies I have sworn to protect. That same fear is why I made the threats before. And now I am trying to overlook that fear to say that you have my blessing to try to reform her, should you meet her again. It’s hard, Anon, it’s hard to know she’s out there, possibly hurting others for her own benefit. It’s even harder to try to overlook the relationship you both share. I won’t threaten you, it’s wrong to do so. So all I ask is your promise to take ABSOLUTE caution should you actually meet with her again. Can you do that for me?”

She was struggling. She didn’t want to upset you, and she didn’t want to put her subjects at risk. To even ask you to make that promise, it meant she expected you to not let Chrysalis hurt anyone under you watch, and it also meant breaking that promise would lead to all kinds of trouble and trust issues once again. She had ponies to protect and watch over, so even the promise existing went against her sensibilities. If it meant her calming her shit, then fine, you’d make that promise. “You have my word. But only if you’ll calm down, relax, and chill. We can be friends without you being suspicious of me all the time. Celestia, I never wanted to hate you at all, you know? But everything before really brought me close to it. So, yeah, will you relax a little? I’m a lot smarter than before, I’ve matured, I understand things better. So I can promise you I’ll handle it a lot better this time, if I get the chance anyway.”

Celestia nodded, and raised her wings and slowly brought them to you, to bring you close for a hug. Her voice cracked a little, she was tearing up as she did her best to remain composed. “Thank you, and I really am sorry. If I could, I would have wanted everypony to be happy, even her.”

You believed her, and calmed your own nerves. If she was willing to calm down, then you’d do the same. “I’m sorry too. It’s just kinda hard, you know? It was hard balancing my life way back when. When I had to lie about nearly everything. I was essentially living three lives. My Equestrian life, my normal life, and the life of having to deal with everyone who was suspicious of me or just downright didn’t trust me. I just want ponies to trust me. I want you to trust me. I want to be able to go about my life without somepony getting in my face over my life choices. So, please, I’ve made the promise, so relax ok? Can we just be friends, without all this… crap?” You were sincere, you wanted this. You just wanted to be able to do this, and to be friends with Celestia without her breathing down your throat.

“Yes… Yes, I think so. I’d like to be able to have this friendship with you again, a friendship I’d like to have with anypony, and everypony, if I was able. So… erm.” Celestia ended the hug, and looked into your eyes with a weak smile “is there any more ‘crap’ between us, Anon?”

For now? No “Nah, if you’re willing to trust me, then I’m willing to keep my word. Oh, and…” Now that things were ok, there was one other matter you need to make sure of before anything else. “I think Mrs. Rich learned her lesson, so if you were gonna say anything to her, can you not? I’m sure she understands what she did was wrong.”

Celestia nodded “I can do that. I could already see in her eyes and in her demeanor that she understood her mistakes. I admit, I’m more upset at Discord. Or was. Now that everything's alright, there’s no reason to be upset at him any more.” Celestia then lets out a gentle giggle “Poor Twilight, she nearly tore off the fur on her rump trying to get out of her seat. Looking back at it now, it’s actually kind of funny. Even when she stood, you could see some of her bottom was quite bare”

Heh, you found that a little funny. But believing you were going to die during that situation, you couldn’t blame Twilight for that reaction. “That is pretty funny. Actually, speaking of scared ponies.” Ok Anon, show a sign of goodwill, make a connection. “I wouldn’t mind challenging you to another scare battle for next Nightmare Night. I mean, you kinda cheated last time, and I’d like to have a legit chance in scaring the cutie mark off your butt.”

Celestia, at first, seemed surprised by your words. But then she gave you a warm smile, and nodded. “I suppose those pies were a bit underhoofed, but we did need a way to even out the playing field some. Personally, I didn’t expect the dream realm to limit you and Discord that much. But this time we can face each other in the waking world if you so desire.” Celestia then looked to you as she wiggled her eyebrows “That way my sister and I’s victory can be considered truly official.”

Ohhhhh no, now that was a challenge. You point your hoof at her as you spout off “Screw that! Did you forget how trained up I am now? There’s no way you can beat me and Dad! I mean, you couldn’t even beat him without the elements. So yeah, in the waking world? That win is already in the bag.”

Celestia let out a calm giggle “We’ll see about that. I still have a few extra tricks up my horseshoes. But…” Celestia’s smile becomes warm and sunny, just as it should be “However it turns out, I hope the four of us have fun during the battle, as that is all that matters in the end. Thank you, Anon. I think I’ll be able to rest easier now. I hope you have a good day,  and I wish you good tidings on your upcoming ‘wedding’ “

“Going already? Heh, I’m guessing you had to make your schedule tight just to be able to come here today.”

Celestia nodded “I did. Given how quickly this all was planned out, I had to make last minute adjustments just to attend today and I still have to congratulate young Scootaloo. You take care, alright?”

You do a polite bow to her “You too, I’m glad we had this chat.”

And with that, Celestia left. You just stood there, took a breath, and fell on your backside. Holy shit…


You got through to her. You were so relieved that you didn’t care that you were laying there and getting your nice clothes dirty. Hell, with the way you handled it, you could now deal with Chrysalis once again if she ever showed up. Give it a much better try now that you were smarter, stronger, and more in control.

Hell, you raise your cloak and pull over your saddlebag to grab your map. Since Chrysalis was mentioned, you wanted to see for sure that she wasn’t here. That green glow from the exam was probably the statue’s magical engine or whatever going awry or something. It couldn’t possibly be…

“OH SHIT NO! NO NO NO!” You saw it, your eyes widened when you saw it. Chrysalis’s dot was moving away from town, away from the Colosseum. “Don’t tell me… Don’t fucking… “. It hit you like a brick. Celestia had mentioned Chrysalis could have possibly pulled off something humanly cruel to succeed in her plans, but you were sure she’d never do anything to piss you off. No, instead, she tried to fucking kill you?! And Scootaloo?! Oh no… No no no… It can’t be true...