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Moving again · 6:17am Dec 16th, 2020

in this case, i'm moving in with my brother. although i don't exactly know the living situation and such, and such, just sort of winging it at this point. nothing went wrong, just been wanting to live in with my bro for a decade now. Will have a new chapter out when everything is figured out and settled.

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a bit of bad news · 8:53am Nov 9th, 2020

given my current health, and the fact in my new place, my landlord had told me some of the other occupants have covid, i have a feeling the way i've been feeling for the past week isn't a coincidence.

i'm hoping i'm just regular sick, and given my landlord already took the test himself, i'm hoping it comes out negative, as it'd be a good sign. if positive, or if i get worse, i'll get tested myself. I just wanted to let everyone know whats up.

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Moving. · 6:43pm Sep 10th, 2020

To keep things short. My main focus at the moment has been moving, transferring jobs, the usual life stuff. It doesnt mean hiatus, just the fact my mind is more focused on malking sure everything transitions smoothley for the end of sept. Expect a new chapter tonight...or early morning. Definite ready once i get home and finish.

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been getting harder to write new chapters. · 8:33am Aug 11th, 2020

I'm gonna be honest. lately it really has been harder and harder to write.

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Writer's Block · 4:55am Jul 25th, 2020

welp, haven't felt this in awhile, but its probably why i've slown my writings down. with the covid, increased workload, and less time to myself, i've found it harder and harder to write. not saying anything is cancelled, but things just feel, eh, i dunno. off? I'll get the next chapter up eventually, i just need some time to get my head together

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Time Skips · 10:20pm Feb 26th, 2020

So, i bet a few readers had wondered if Anon's classes would bloat the story with them being covered every single time. Fret not, as they give me the perfect excuse to do time skips after the first initial day.

Why? Well, you try balancing so many characters at once, keepong things feeling canon, and not spending nights staring at the screen with writer's block because handling the workload of that, developing plots, and Anon's friend pool.

At this point, it is necessary

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Final Status update on the subject · 7:38pm Nov 14th, 2019

I've stopped taking ibuprophen while waiting on my doctor's appointment on the 19th and 21st. Half of the new chapter is written, but since i've alao taken myself off caffiene and barely slept due to the headaxhes, it has been hard to write even consistantly. By today or tomorrow, it should be out.

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Status Update 3 · 5:42am Nov 10th, 2019

Welp, went to the hospital after having a mental crash at work.

Luckily, my brain isn't broken or fried, seems what I have is a one two combo of migraine and tension headache. Apparently stress related and all that.

With that in mind, and medication in tow, I'll try to get back to my writings as soon as I can.

Thank you all for the support

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Status Update 2 · 7:53am Nov 8th, 2019

gonna make a appointment with a neurologist, the migraine simply isn't clearing up and it's hampering my ability to think.

here's hoping nothing is in my head, because.. well, y'know.

If it is anything that can be cleared up with proper medication ( or really, if i have to become one of those people who have to live with daily headaches and migraines) then I'll just have to adjust so I can write.

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Status Update · 6:38am Nov 5th, 2019

alright, so if anyone had noticed, i was a bit on a hot streak recently on updates until recently again. been dealing with a migraine (according to the doctor) for 2 weeks now. finally on some meds, and it does seem to be helping somewhat. Hopefully it means I can start writing again, really been wanting to get not only to Tempest, but to finally get Anon's first day started.

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