Dadonequus Discord (Book 2)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 52 - Mission 2

While the conversation seemed to have gone rather well, it did seem to tucker Diamond out emotionally enough to want to make her go home and skip out on both the movie and the explanation of Luna. She wasn’t mind shattered or anything of the sort, it was just a lot to take in and she wanted to sort things out herself. She also asked if you could take her home, something you jumped on immediately so you wouldn’t upset her further. Discord was even kind enough to open a portal directly to her house, in front of her front door. Though, in her emotional state, she chose to hang back with you for a moment, to nuzzle into you and talk. “Anon,  how do you do it?”

What? “Do it? Do what?”

“Y’know… balance your life like you do. I’m only hearing about Chrysalis and it’s got me all shaken up, but you had to live it and you don’t seem tired at all. You have had to go through so many things, and yet you still manage to keep going like it’s nothing. So… how do you do it?” She asks again as she closes her eyes, her head settling on your side.

“Always been this way, I guess. Living with Dad helped a lot, but truthfully, I was kind of used to chaos before I even came to Equestria. Things can get tough, but I can usually work it out…. Usually.” That was as truthful an answer as you can give. As long as something was in your favor, you always had a way to make it work. Well, you felt so anyway.

“You are really amazing to be able to handle all that then...mmmm” Diamond let out a love filled sigh “I’m glad that I am with you, for always and forever. Oh!” Diamond suddenly raised her head, as some adrenaline seemed to seep into her body and will. “You do have your vows ready, right? That’s super duper important! It is our future promises after all.”

SHIT! You didn’t have them ready at all! But wait, why are you worried? You still had time, and it’s always easy to come up with sappy shit. “Totally, I have it all set and ready to go. It’s gonna be perfect.” You say with a confident but dishonest smile.

“No, Anon, No!” Diamond whapped your head gently as she berated you, her face suddenly have a cute sense of anger about it. “Not perfect! It has to be ‘just ok’! How can you have perfect vows for the real wedding if you already said them at the fake one? Trim that fat, mister, and make sure your vows are subpar, got it?” Diamond stared hard at you, awaiting your answer.

Uhhhh, errr. Well, at least it made planning your vows that much easier… you guess. Still, she can get so scary sometimes despite being a cute little filly. “I-I meant perfect imperfect! Eheh.”

“Good!” Diamond leans forward, and plants a kiss on your nose before reeling back with a blush on her face, her smile becoming somewhat goofy “Y-you have a good day then, I-I think I’ll just take a small nap, then do some more planning when I wake up, and check up on Silver too. Remember, don’t make your vows perfect.”

“Trust me, I got it covered already. You have a good nap, my sweet. I’m gonna go see if I can scrounge something up to do myself.” Really, your stuff to do was kind of at zero today, you had no idea what to actually do.

“Ok, my love.” Diamond says with a little giggle as she knocked on her door, and awaited an answer. As for you, you gave her a wave, and headed out through the front gates to see if there was anything else you could do for the day.

“Greetings, Anon. I’m glad the spot I chose to wait at was-?!” Suddenly, a voice from behind started to speak to you without you realizing its presence. You end up jumping to the side and slamming your head to the outer gate wall of the mansion grounds and falling to your side. “Anon! I… Are you alright?”

Holy fuck! That came out of fucking nowhere! Hell, it had been such a while since you last bonked your head, probably a day or two, that you actually somewhat felt that. “Ngh, who in the…” You get up rubbing your head with your hoof, only to be staring at the head of the EEA himself, Chancellor Neighsay. Oh booooyyy. You straighten yourself out, and try to get answers while seeming polite “Chancellor Neighsay… Uh, not to sound rude but, why are you here and… being creepy?” Nailed it!

Chancellor Neighsay, surprisingly, was being more polite than he was last time, even a little humble. “My apologies, with the eve of Twilight’s school opening upon us, I decided to seek you out for another mission while also finding out the results of your findings on the changelings since I didn’t receive a letter from you”

Wut? “Another mission? Um, I dunno, I mean, the changelings weren’t up to anything at all, so that ended up being a bust. It’s why I didn’t send a letter… Because you said not to send a letter if I couldn’t find anything.” What is up with this guy? Seriously, not a word from him ever during every other incident, but a school opens up and suddenly everything not a pony needs to be dead, or something like that.  And was he really just walking around Ponyville looking for you all this time? Nah, he must have had some way of detecting you or having some idea of where you’d be. “And even then, aren't you an education guy? Shouldn’t these kinds of investigations be left to Celestia or Luna?”

Whatever humble or pleasant formalities Neighsay was willing to show went out the window with your line of questioning as his expression became a look of disappointment and annoyance. “Yes, well, we’ve all seen how well they’ve been able to handle situations like these as of late.  As for being an ‘education guy’, that is indeed what I am, but of a much higher order and a deep sense of preservation, love, and duty to protect our fair land of Equestria from those who’d see it destroyed. It saddens me to see you not taking things as seriously as I hoped, and makes me wonder how well a job you even did investigating the changelings, and your commitment to protecting those who need it.”

Now you felt insulted. You did a damned good job checking up on those technicolor pussies, and you already saved Equestria before, two of them in fact, so where did he get off?! “Excuse me, sir, but I put my hundred percent in making sure Equestria didn’t get taken over by the likes of the Storm King, or even Ponyville being destroyed by that gold scaled whatevertooth dragon...guy. Look, I went over there and they weren’t up to anything. Heck, I doubt they are capable of taking down a single rabbit with the way they are now. Without their queen, they are as weak and docile as a foal. You have my word on this. It’s not that I’m even defending them, they are just kind of pathetic, if you wanted my truthful opinion”

“Pathetic… I see.” Neighsay said with a nod, as he seemed to re-evaluate the situation. It seemed he didn’t expect you to say something so harsh, or as harsh a pony would expect. “Perhaps I was wrong about your commitment. Which is why I ask you to do this one last investigation for me, Anon, I need to make sure there isn’t some sort of hidden plan to destroy Equestria. And if the changelings are not planning anything, then perhaps the Dragons are, especially with some information I happened to pick up. Given your run in with the Diamondtooth, I imagine you’ll jump at the chance to see what the dragons are possibly scheming.”

New information? Dammit, you really didn't feel like feeding into this guy’s propaganda and looney conspiracies. But again, if Equestria has a chance of being in danger, and you’re in the know of it, then you can’t just say no.  “I might, I wasn’t aware they had the capacity to scheme at all. Always seemed rather dumb to me” You say this for two reasons; to stay on his good side, and because dragons did seem pretty damn stupid.

Neighsay’s tone becomes more pleasant to you, but he doesn’t chuckle or laugh arrogantly like you thought he would. “Indeed, but there is always that chance. Princess Twilight had sent a letter a few days ago to their princess. I don’t know the contents of this letter per se, but it seems quite suspicious to me. I want you to find out what it might contain, and what the dragons are up to, that is all. However, I want you to be discreet about this. We are trying to prevent a war, not start one. I assume, with your magic, you have a way of disguising yourself?”

“I do, and... “ Bah, he didn’t even ask if you actually agreed to it all. Whatever, don’t mention it and shift to something else “What if I turn up with nothing? Plus, I know I’m great and all, but don’t you have any agents or anypony that could have done this? At all? Like not even one guy?”

“No, and it shames me to have to seek a colt’s help for such an endeavor. But you aren’t just any colt, and have proven yourself enough for me to trust in your skills. I shall await your return by your aunt’s cottage. As I understand it, she’s not home, so it will be a safe place for a debriefing. Don’t let me down, Anon, you’re the only one I can trust.” Neighysay says, his tone showing that he actually meant it.

“No problem, I won’t let you down.” You tell him as you place the horn on your head, already figuring out your plan of infiltration “Just no more skulking around me after this, alright? It’s kind of creepy.”

“You have my word, as I’m sure we’ll be too busy dealing with the school soon after, should anything go awry. I mean it, good luck, and stay safe, those dragons won’t hesitate to attack you for stepping on their lands. In fact, I could, perhaps, quickly teach you how to use an artifact I own to make an escape.” He really did seem to trust you, as you’d think whatever artifact he’s talking about might be of great power. Then again, your horn was probably one of the most broken and overpowered ‘artifacts’ there ever was.

“Nah, I’m good, my horn is pretty all-purpose in that regard, even in escapes. Besides, I won’t be caught, so don’t you worry.” You tell him, feeling confident of yourself.

“Right, but I felt I had to take some precautions in case the worst happened. Well then, I shan’t underestimate you again.” Neighsay says

“Trust me, I got this, inside and out. I’ll just go in, check the place out, go out, no problem.” Really, it shouldn’t be that difficult with the proper disguise. Dragons really did seem rather stupid.

“I hope so”

With that, you bid Neighsay a goodbye as you focused your first magical charge of the day to take you to the dragon lands. And oh boy, what a place it was, exactly as you remember it from the show. Barren, volcanic, boiling, with the sea beyond the high mountains. You then took a look at yourself, to see the disguise you had donned on yourself during the warp. You were standing upright, and had bright green scales with charred black edges. You also had spikes going along your back with the same charred motif, though the spikes were a darker green color. Your mouth was longer and pointy, with sharp teeth, but most of all…

“Ahh dammit…” You say as you look at your puny claws and down to the ground, noticing how close it is. “I’m puny, I fucking overdid it”