Dadonequus Discord (Book 2)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 16 - The Nighttime Meetup

Upon falling through the portal once more, you take a moment to calm yourself and warm up on your enchanted bed. Rubbing your body along your blanket like a cat. “Ok, ok...No reason to be upset. I just got these powers and I’m acting unreasonable about it. Don’t do that, Anon, don’t be a sore loser just because you haven’t mastered the mechanics yet.”

“Yes, agreed. If you got angry at me at all because you somehow couldn’t manage the most basic magic possible then I’d suggest a visit to our ‘favorite’ bug colony. I hear they provide excellent group therapy sessions for even the most pathetically natured being.” Discord said as he started to rise from your floor door, dressed in a red suit, a blue vest over it. He was speaking in a rather condescending tone as he looked to you with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah…” You stand up on your bed and look at him, a little annoyed by his words and your own foolish shortcoming. “It was just tricky having to handle some low level spells, that’s all. I already have it down, so no problems. I mean, even then, you don’t have to be an ass.”

“Kind of hard not to when you’re audibly narrating your failure…” Discord continued act like a asshole, but then he took a few steps towards you, stopped, and gave you a warmer smile. “So then, with that out of the way, why don’t we go see Mr.Rich and find out what exactly lies in store for you tomorrow.” Discord holds his paw out towards you.

You just stare at it, then raise an eyebrow at him, looking at him silently as you grew suspicious of what he had in mind.

“Come on, Anon.” He wiggles his paw at you, getting annoyed at your inaction. “Just give me your hoof, I’m not going to rip it off or anything. How long have we known each other that you can’t just have faith in me?”

“I dunno, was there another draconequus who threw bowling balls at me this morning? Or caused this mess in the first place?” You say, in a way Discord actually finds quite mean.

“Well, that’s a little rude…” But then he chuckles to himself “Even if it was rather funny. Alright, Anon, you have my word. No tricks, no bowling balls, and no lies, on the honor of our friendship.”

You thought about making him promise on Fluttershy. But again, he gave you an upgrade on your horn, so pushing your distrust that far could honestly hurt his feelings if he was telling the truth. It’d probably be best to trust him, if only to use this moment as an example in the future should it be, in fact, a trick.

You place your hoof on his paw, causing you to immediately feel a pull on your mane. “W-what the?! Discord, you said-”

But he raises a single talon upwards to shush, closing his eyes as he then straightens his own vest. “I’m keeping my word, Anon. But this isn’t really a social visit, so I thought you should be dressed a little nicer for this little venture.”

“W-what, huh? Woah, I can feel my mane being pulled back, and getting kinda slick. And...Hey…” You raised your right hoof to see a blue sleeve. You now realized what was going on. Discord was slicking your mane back with his magic, and dressing you in an attire matching his, but with the colors swapped. You had to admit, you looked pretty good. In fact, it kind of reminded you of an ensemble you’d see in the south. “Oh, I get it. Isn’t it a little late to walk the walk though? Mr.Rich already likes us.”

“I know he does.” Discord clears his throat, and starts talking in a southern accent “But as a young southern Draconeequs, I feel that ah need to play the part proper. This is official business after all.”

“Heh, you sound pretty debonair like that actually. But I think I’m just gonna keep it straight. Why are we even seeing him again? It’s night, I’d think this could be saved til tomorrow.” You asked. To you, it did seem rather odd to still go to see him when it was this late in the day.

“Ahh, but then it’d be too late to see the fruits of his wife’s work. We’ve been invited for a sneak peek at the little ole’ obstacle course you’ll be runnin’ tomorrow.” Discord said as he opened the portal door to the town square. Odd, usually he’d just teleport you both to where you need to be. “Now let’s get a goin’”

Yeah, Spoiled Rich. Diamond had made it out to seem she was going to go all out to make you look good. Then why were you both even meeting with Mr.Rich? Why at the town square? And obstacle course? Geez, if it had to with her...Well, actually, you couldn’t think of what it’d be in terms of difficulty. All you knew is that the presentation would be top dollar. “Wait, so we’re not just going to teleport to him?”

“Nope. Where we need to go is outside of town, and in the direction he’s heading. And being the gentlecolt that I am, I’d rather, I say, I’d rather not spook the stallion none” Discord said as he nodded, and raised his head slightly to seem dignified as he slipped through the door.

Huh… Out of town, huh? How fucking big was this course? Well, you’d find out soon, you guess. “Hold on, I’m coming!” You say as you trot after Discord.

After you both pass through the portal door, you both wait by the fountain, awaiting Filthy’s arrival. “So...Discord, what do you think about the wedding. And be real with me, ok?”

Discord taps his nose, causing a white southern mustache and beard to grow out of his face. “Truthfully, Anon, I’m all for it. I normally abhor such things as I am not much of a believer of love. But that marefriend you have has such an attachment to you that if she had access to my home, she’d probably never leave. And that, to me, is quite precious.”

You let out a light groan “Because it stresses me out so much, right?”

Discord chortles a bit from that “A tad, Anon, a tad. But…” He walks up to you and pats your head “I can always see that you’re happy in her company...Most of the time. Your self control over your human side has been quite good when it comes to her, so it makes your actual relationship quite admirable. Besides, seeing Fluttershy happy at that wedding would be a definite plus...Ahrm…” Discord suddenly enters a depressive state as he looks ahead with blank eyes. “If she can actually attend, of course. And, if I may add one more thing… I really do think you’ll make an excellent husband to her, just as I think you’d make an excellent father…Should that ever happen anyway” A single tear came down his cheek as he thought about it. It was a normal tear too, as if the very thought made him purely happy.


You walk up to him, and actually nuzzle your head at his side “She’ll manage it, don’t worry. Relax, ok? Everything is gonna be ok.”

Discord reaches down, and gently scratches his talons behind your ear. It actually felt quite nice.

“Well, don’t that beat all…” Comes a voice from behind both of you.

Goddammit, you didn’t even need to hear the accent to understand who that was. You both turn around to see Filthy Rich, beside the fountain, giving a warm smile towards yours and Discord’s show of affection.

Discord immediately removed his talons from your head, and slapped his tail at your butt hard enough to send you careening into the fountain as he let out a nervous chuckle towards Mr.Rich. He didn’t want to be seen as compassionate, at least, not at the moment. Why he cared? Even you don’t know, he’s just fucking random like that. Something that wasn’t good for your head at all. “I don’t even know what you mean by that, good sir. Ah was just tryin’ to keep the colt from knocking his noggin on that there fountain. He thought he saw a parasprite he could keep as a pet. Silly little colt, that Anon.” Discord then looks at you and waggles his talon “Boy, how many times I got to tell you to not go goin’ after yer imagination.” He had resumed his southern impression.

...You’ll fucking kill him, you swear.

“Oh, well, there ain’t parasprites around for miles…” Filthy Rich says as he looks around, then whispers closely “And let’s hope it stays that way. Nasty little bugs, them Parasprites.”

“Indeed.” Discord says as he straightens his vest.

“Indeed indeed. In any case, since we’re all here, I suppose I should be taking you all to the colisseum my wife is having built opposite the train station.” Filthy Rich explains, but then he takes a look at Discord and gives him a polite nod “But before that, allow me to compliment you on your attire, Mr.Discord. It’s looking mighty fine, mighty fine indeed. And that includes Mr.Anon too. The perfect pair, you two”

“‘Course” Discord picks you up your still recovering form and sets you down next to him as he points out your mane “As you can see, Anon has become quite taken with the southern flair. As have I”

“Ugh…” If Filthy wasn’t present, you’d chew Discord out for his shitty little push. But you really did have business to attend to, especially with...Wait, did he say?... “Mr.Rich, did you say a colisseum ?”

He nodded “Mhmm, just on the other side of the train station. Bewildering, I know. But when you’ve got the money and the means, you can get anything done. Specially if you hire in bulk…” Suddenly he seemed a little nervous “C-course, it may have been a bit more than what I personally would have done. But it’s my wife’s little venture, and I wouldn’t want to upset her none, especially with my little Diamond wanting to see you, Mr.Anon, earn such prestige among the eyes of the elite.”

Oh god, you didn’t even need to ask him what that meant. Essentially, his wife used a shitton of cash to set up some ridiculous colisseum just to show you off to her fucking “friends”. The madmare really did it. It was actually scary to even know that she was capable of setting all of that up at such short notice. You wondered what it fucking looked like.

“Well, erm, so that’s what we’re going to check out, right?” You ask, curious.

“Yes indeedy. Captain Spitfire and our resident element of loyalty are overseeing the project personally as well. Though, part of me says they ain’t likin’ it too much.” Filthy says, as if he himself was truly unsure on his wife’s machinations.

“Why is that? I mean, I’d understand Spitfire. But wouldn’t Rainbow Dash find something like this pretty cool?” You asked, it seemed weird that Rainbow wouldn’t like any way to hog the spotlight.

“Perhaps, but it’s cuttin’ in on her sleep apparently. Not to mention the both of them have some reservations on the opening script.” Filthy explains as he starts leading the both of you towards the colisseum.

Opening script? “Uhhh…What do you mean by that?”

“Mr.Anon…” Filthy looks back at you with a grimace “Let’s just say that you being the star of the show is an understatement.”

Holy shit, Spoiled. What the fuck did you do?! “Ooook then...I guess I have to be really ready for tomorrow, huh?”

“For all our sakes, son, for all our sakes. The missus really did put her integrity on the line for this, so I politely ask that you give it your all tomorrow, Mr.Anon.” Mr.Rich’s voice was a little timid when he mentioned how integral it was for you to perform well.

You pump your chest with your hoof, and give him a reassuring smile “You can count on me, Mr.Rich! Not only for this, but in making your daughter really happy too. Speaking of which, what exactly is planned for, ‘wedding’ “

“Ahh, well. We decided that the town hall will be the venue, and made sure to have some ponies stationed outside to keep away the princesses and the elements. Cancelled the wedding cake with well...erm, the Cakes.” Mr.Rich said, the last one catching you off guard.

“Seriously? I thought Mrs.Rich was friends with them, y’know, after that whole class thing” That was odd.

“You misunderstand, Mr.Anon. The wife feels their work is too perfect for our little wedding preview, can’t be havin’ anything that might not be able to be topped y’know. We also cancelled the reception, and made sure the guest list is small. It’ll be the most imperfect yet adequate fake wedding this side of the continent!” Mr.Rich seemed pretty confident about that. Heh, you thought there’d be some flair to the wedding in some parts, but it seemed he really was going for mediocre.

“Well, that just sounds so…boring.” Discord then hesitates on his next words, as if he was subtly admitting it was fine either way. “It’s a good thing I’ll be there to liven things up, if only by a little bit anyway.”

“Not about you, Dad.” You let out, still a little upset from when he bopped you.

“I know…” Discord says, with some infliction of regret in his tone. Did he realize you were a little mad at him? And did he actually care? Goddamnit. If he was, it meant he was being genuine with his words. It also meant that him bopping you was just his retarded “I’M CHAOTIC!” reflex “I just thought having me around would make things better for you, that’s all.”

You let out a soft sigh, and put aside your petty grudge one last time. “...You will, it wouldn’t be a wedding without you, y’know?”

“Heh…” Discord quickly regains his confidence and straightens his vest as he changes his accent once more “I say, son, you do know the things that you know.” Discord then looks to Mr.Rich as he gives you a head pat “Truly a colt to be admired, if I do say so myself.”

“Too right, Mr.Discord, too right.” Mr.Rich says with a hearty chuckle.

And then you saw it. Across from the train station was a fucking massive colosseum, golden in color, with lights around it more for the construction team than for the colosseum itself. It didn’t really look roman, more like some sort of crude baseball stadium, and that was just from the outside of it. You could see that some of it still needed to be filled in with concrete and such, as some of the scaffolding was still visible. There were tons of fucking workers moving in and out of the colosseum. They were getting tools, having breaks, and some of the pegasi ones were flying about to work on the upper areas of the colosseum. This was impressive as fuck given this was all in one day.

“And there it is. Not the best thing ever built, to be sure, but it’s good enough for tomorrow…” Mr.Rich then gulped, nervous about something “...How much is this gonna cost? I wonder…” He said silently to himself. For his wife, you, and his daughter, this was all worth it. But it still pained him so that his wife may have spent more than he realized to get this all done.

You were just wondering what it looked like from the inside.