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Wanting to impress his best friend and bolster his own reputation. Discord takes a human from earth and changes him into a colt. But not just any human, a human who knows about the show itself. Thus begins a symbiotic relationship where Anon gets to experience life in Equestria as a young child while Discord can use him for his own plans. Of course, the information of Anon's origins are to remain a secret. And this of course, along with Anon being quite the manchild, creates all sorts of hi-jinks for both him and those around him. Though, considering his adoptive father is Discord. Chaos is all part of the course.

The story is mostly slice of life. Especially at the beginning. But as it goes on, things become more chaotic and life tumbles down into chaos for our good Anon. Everything from dealing with the queen of the changelings to even getting his own chance at soviet Glimmer. All that and more in this story.

This is a reformatted version (reformatted by ShobieShy) of the greentexted "Dadonequus Discord" written during mid season 5 by myself.

Cover Art by "Bunny". made specifically for the story

https://pastebin.com/u/Erf1111 link to the original version

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Let the hijinks ensue :rainbowkiss:

:pinkiecrazy: is going to be fun

Comment posted by Totally Not Good deleted Oct 21st, 2017

The picture shows him as a unicorn is the earth pony

yes, it does. The story was completed sometime ago. That horn will come into play in about 30 chapters and will be a main story component

Damn 30 chapters how long do you want to story to go If you stay at 3000 word to chapter it should form out just nicely

like i said in the description. The story is already finished and just needs reformatting. The original version of the story is well over 2 million words

:twilightoops: that’s a lot I hope it develops into some tale of Debauchery here in there:yay:

there are lewd momenta but nothing major

wew, all those negative ratings with no idea as to why. how disconcerting

Comment posted by Russian Bank Teller deleted Oct 24th, 2017

You can't troll the Princess of Trolling xD

Beats me, but I love this story! I'm reading ahead on the Pastebin original!

I'd suggest waiting. If nothing else, then for the quality of life edits that Crazed is doing after my format. I'm also formatting these pretty quickly. Currently almost done with part 14.

This is good I can barely breathe I am laughing too hard

*Looks at cover art*
Huh, his face and hair reminds me of Midoriya from Boku no Hero Academia. :rainbowhuh:

The story is awesome can't wait for more.

Story developing well

"bitches behold! For it is the bitch queen! The lady of cuntery! The shitty and bad! RAINBOW CRASH!"

Oh, just wait for bugbutt to be a permanent side character. Though, when i wrote this the throne wasn't a thing yet. so, yeh

It be the little shit nuggets!

Boi u dun fuked up

He done fucked up so hard the dick went in his ass out his mouth then back in his ass

I like it good story building

"Superior Human Intellect"

Well....red ink? I was expecting some cliche shit where discord somehow inexplicably dies and you get his powers and I don't know why I thought that...onto the the next chapter then.


also fist viewer/comment

not bad
i shall track


I try to keep all the characters within the confines of their portrayal on the show. So aside from our boy Anon, there's nothing too explicit about them Until Chrysalis learns of human ways

The fact our species is pretty much always in heat? Or our genocidal tendencies to eat anything edible?

Things are improving quite a bit and I am enjoying the story. Even if some things seem a bit off.

well it's a conversion of a 1.3 million word greentext from 2 years ago. Unfortunatly some things are going to get muddled, especially the parts that got CYOA. I just want the story to be seen as comfy even though it gets somewhat retarded later

... just finished reading this from the pastebin.... this story touched me. Can't really spoil people here. Made it to read all of this in two days so... meh. The ending was good, even though it was unexpected as fuck. How many words is the story again? Cause I'm pretty sure it is way above 300k, or close to it anyway.

Thanks for bringing this story, and the other anon's to me.


according to someone who formatted the pastebin for a word count. It was around 2.3 million words at around chapter 300

Also, your very welcome. Despite some major fuck ups within the story itself. I did my best with it. Thank you for enjoying, that's all I want from this. is for people to enjoy it

lol rekt
have a thumbs up

did ya forget about silver spoon m8?
she got the same treatment as diamond yet not even mentioned after she ran away

still nice story doe

last chapter had a strange icon around a quote though

I didnt forget. She's just not important. Theres a loy of cartoons that do a mass taunt but only one of the bullies get punished. its based off that and another trope

This is gonna be a recurring theme isn't it? Where Discord does whatever to the MC because he's incapable of retaliation and holds over the fact of being his "Dad", is his benefactor in living there. Emasculating the MC at every opportunity due to stubbornness propagated as an adult and causing one-sided friction as the MC tries to retain any modicum of personal pride while being reduced to a child, leading to his reluctance to repeating the hurdles of childhood with characters he'd otherwise would like to avoid.

This'll be interesting, how long can I last to read, watching him try to last

It sounds like to me she has a crush on him and just want to Reason for him to be around:rainbowkiss:

i see, i can appreciate that.
after reading The Silver Standard my liking of silver spoon went up by alot so i was kinda hopping shed have a roll here too

its not like im sad or anything

Well never mind, it seems Anon has relented and realized the weight of what it meant to being brought there, and the price in simply being a son.

To a living amalgamation of the multi-verse' memes...

Hmm, I just realized, there hasn't been any definite signs so far, of when this universe is, there was mention of Tirek, yet no mention or appearance of others like Starlight. Maybe further in the chapters will more details turn up.

*Wait, Trouble Shoes was mentioned, that's in season 5, Starlight's season

Order now, it comes free with arrogance and inflated ego *Ego does not come inflated, must be pumped by thoughts of superiority*

An evil, conniving little cunt :twilightangry2:

She's practically a human :rainbowlaugh:

Yeesh, that tone of disappointment, watching your kid totally having everything in the bag but then fumble like a idiot when unexpected variables appear. Well it couldn't be helped, she was toting that gender card real high up with the threat of tears and those photos of him "Falling to her charm".

But still

Such a devious cunt :ajsmug:

I'm waiting for someone to actually be tentacle raped

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