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The Autobots have awoken from a deep hibernation, with wounds from a battle they don't remember. If that isn't worse enough, they're also in unfamiliar territory, a whole new world called Equestria. With almost all of their forces either dead or missing, the robots in disguise will have to earn the trust of this world's inhabitants (which is mainly made up of a bunch of talking ponies) in order to find out just what happened to them. Many will fall in this tale, but who? And how many? Generations clash when two of Hasbro's most well known toy franchises come together in a story that will leave both worlds in pieces! Cover image by http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelrally/

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ooooh nice crossover, lets see some more

My first thought: oh like the episode of deathbattle.

Second though: epic!

Of the three Transformers X MLP:FiM fics I read, this is definitely one of the better ones.

92258Wow, I'm honored! This was just an idea I had one day that I thought had to be done! Thanks:twilightsmile:!


this ought to be good...gaint robots with guns ending up in ponyville...this does not bold well

how can it not go well THERE THE AUTOBOTS!!!!!!
what are the ponys going to do panic?
its not like they can hurt the auto bots...
Twilight struggled massivley to pick up that ursa minor and the auto bots are way stronger and heavier then it...
the only ones who could possibly hurt them are probally celestia and luna..

Well if starscream if there rainbowdash can kick his shiny little a$$ ( yes i watch Death battle)

104107Me too!:pinkiehappy: (That's not where I got the idea for this though.)

Aw man, I can't believe you killed off Swoop.:fluttercry: He can be rebuilt though, right?:fluttershysad:

Man, I really want to know what's going to happen next. I'm glad you spruced up the chapter by adding in some Grimlock pwnage, but I really wanted to see the ponies and other Equestrians interact with the Transformers more in this chapter. Plus, there are far too many flashbacks going on at the same time, and it's obviously much more than you can handle.

I'd have thought Swoop would be more resilient. But then I ALSO always thought of him as the weakest of the Dinobots, whether or not canon wants to back me up on it. I AM slightly disappointed that all chance of Bruticus appearing went out the window when Swindle got killed off.

And now I'm wondering who the spectral form Twilight saw is supposed to be. My guess is either Primus or another Prime (one of the Thirteen?), the former being the more likely option. As for HOW she was able to see it, all I've got is her proximity to the Matrix in Optimus's chest, assuming what it's doing to her is something like what the AllSpark did to Sam in Revenge of the Fallen.

I'm geeking out over Transformers. On FIMFiction. This can't be healthy.

138457It's ok. I've geeked over things on fimfiction that arent related to mlp too. But then again, you are THE FALLEN. So, uh, you sort of have an excuse to geek over transformers...

137004Sorry about the flashbacks. I promise their wont be as many from now on, and trust me, the ponies and transformers will meet soon.:raritywink: I had the flashback with the Dinobots for a reason, you'll find out that reason soon enough. Also, I wanted to introduce Starscream to the story

136931Uh... it's ok! He's not dead. He's just sleeping... all over the floor...

143372Uh... no... that's not true... uh... SMOKE PELLET! *drops smoke pellet*

143377 *takes his Franchi SPAS 12*
I demand an update in this week or...
*chssk chssk*
...there will be some unpleasant... things...

My guess is either Vector Prime or Alpha Trion.

COLGATE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!My faverate toothpaste based pony!My reaction:

Dirty pool, mister. Dirty pool.:ajbemused: Just for what you are doing to Colgate, I'm only giving you two stars on account of the awesome crossover.

I wonder who this Decepticon is? I would think Soundwave, but he's not normally this emotive or casual.

195180 Shockwave, I think. Just going by the one yellow light/eye.

Poor Colgate! I hope someone stages a rescue soon.

Bumblebee and the Cutie Mark Crusaders . . . yeah, that just seems RIGHT, somehow. :scootangel:

Wow, that's painfully obvious in retrospect. Go reading comprehension!

Still think he's a little casual for Shockwave.

Huh. This came up as me having already read it when it updated, and it now that I second-guessed it ans checked it out, I definitely hadn't seen this before. I'll go ahead and blame the SOPA protest thing, since it makes as much sense as anything else.

Oh, Shockwave, you beautiful bastard. Welcome to the fic.

203381This came up as already read on your tracking list?:rainbowhuh: That can't be good...

Good thing you put the note at the end I was confused

Awsome I love transformers I just wish they would stop using gen 1 I don't know much about those ones but super awsome storie please make a new chapter soon :twilightsmile:

which con is colgate with

3 years since a chapter... You sir should not even be a writer.

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