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Spider-man is dead. A young boy named Miles Morales is tasked with taking his place and continuing his legacy. But Miles hardly has any confidence or experience. And when he has to save a whole other universe from total annihilation, it'll put his abilities to the ultimate test.

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The Autobots have awoken from a deep hibernation, with wounds from a battle they don't remember. If that isn't worse enough, they're also in unfamiliar territory, a whole new world called Equestria. With almost all of their forces either dead or missing, the robots in disguise will have to earn the trust of this world's inhabitants (which is mainly made up of a bunch of talking ponies) in order to find out just what happened to them. Many will fall in this tale, but who? And how many? Generations clash when two of Hasbro's most well known toy franchises come together in a story that will leave both worlds in pieces! Cover image by http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelrally/

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Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie, Fluttershy, and Spike have been sent to a different world, a strange one with aliens, bounty hunters, and even... ghosts? Now they must team up with its champion, Ben 10, who also seems to be having problems of his own. Will they get home? Or will Rainbow Dash's and Ben's egos get in the way?

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