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Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie, Fluttershy, and Spike have been sent to a different world, a strange one with aliens, bounty hunters, and even... ghosts? Now they must team up with its champion, Ben 10, who also seems to be having problems of his own. Will they get home? Or will Rainbow Dash's and Ben's egos get in the way?

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cool... but uhh this sentence here...

Could you watck those three? I need to make sure these two don't kill each other."

See? something is misspelled here.. so far thats the only thing i see.. :pinkiesmile: :twilightsheepish:

All in all.. I JUST LOVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO BEN 10 And MLP!! :twilightsheepish:

Seems pretty good, although slightly rushed at the moment. Also, when writing dialogue, you're supposed to make a new paragraph every time you go from one speaker to the next.

what the hell is the Ultimatrix hate for XLR8 (ha i made a rhyme)

If Fluttershy gets sick in a car, I don't want to know about planes or starships.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

GO GO GO!!! BEN AND MLP ARE UNTIMATE~!! hate to see what they do to the forever knights though i wonder :rainbowlaugh:

There's one problem I noticed: I'm pretty sure the Ultimatrix is in fact capable of sampling the DNA of species that come from outside Ben's own universe. Case in point: Alien X; its species is only found in the Forge of Creation, which exists in the space between dimensions and, as such, isn't a part of any specific universe. I say go ahead and have him sample their DNA successfully; it's not like we're ever going to see all 10,000 of Ben 10,000's aliens, so how are we to say Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Spike aren't in his repertoire? Also, if he were to scan their DNA, he would gain the power of the epitome of awesomeness, Ultimate Rainbow Dash!

What about ultimate Fluttershy?:fluttershysad: She's awesome too...

She's more adorable than awesome, in my opinion. (I would also like seeing her and Pinkie's Ultimate forms though, now that I think of it)

Ultimate Pinkie? Dear lord... she would talk so fast!

Alright, some misspelling... but other than that... Ultra awsome!!! (And for pinkie.. for breaking the 4th wall again!! Yey~~) :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Sorry about the misspelling, I was going to fix that before this chapter was published but I must have forgot, whoops!:twilightblush:

Attention all people who're reading this story! I've updated chapter one to frindship is ultimate.:pinkiehappy: Some people thought it was rushed, so I tried to fix it. It features a slightly longer fight scene between Ben and Rainbow Dash. But if it still seems rushed, then I'm sorry.:fluttershysad:

Let's hope Pinkie doesn't break through the forth wall. AGAIN!!!!

Ben had to think fast, he turned over to a nearby car and grined. He extended Upchuck's massive tongue and rapped it around the car's door. He ripped the door right off and swallowed it whole, "Hope they had car insurence..."
These are some painful errors.:facehoof:

143658Yeah... this was my first story so... hehe...:twilightblush: (Thinking about rewriting it.)

Brony she would talk so fast that it would go by like the speed of light.If you have ever played Portal 2 then you would know how GLaDoS demonstrated that for you.:pinkiehappy:

Wouldn't Ultimate Fluttershy have the Ultimate STARE?:flutterrage: Also, in a rage she outran Rainbow Dash while carrying a hot-air balloon full of ponies. Fluttershy is secretly OP.

177795She would turn others to stone with her stare.:flutterrage:

This awesome, not wait this ULTIMATE AWESOME. :twilightsmile:

OK this was awesome not sure who would have won nice job:rainbowdetermined2:

Ben 10....and...MLP....so... much...WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rainbowkiss: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile: :yay: :trollestia:

i want to see xlr8 and upgrade before this story is finished or i will be pissed

great story by the way

maybe the celestialsapien DNA sample came from a celestialsapien who decided to come to our universe

52572 One problem with that statement about scanning DNA there would be two pegasi samples

Obligatory hero fight is obligatory

Ben 10, Great and Powerful Trixie brag off make it happen.

Maybe we get to see where Ghostfreak's Dna came from


Dr. Stable: This story needs an immediate editor! Stat!

dude update this and damn its funny when fluttershy used her stare to scared off sevenseven


its been a while now and its 2015 now its probally wont be going on or the writer is busy



178022 I love this story and chapters a lot can't wait for more uploads for this story I'll b waiting my friend

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