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Daring Do New Revision Edition Book 1

Legendary archaeologist Daring Do returns in this retelling of her original adventure. After crash landing on a Hayan island, Daring must make her way through the hostile rainforest as she tries to reach the legendary Sapphire Stone. At every turn, her enemies are ready and waiting to stop her and if she has any hope of getting off the island with the stone and her self in one piece, then she will have to pull out every trick in the book - and do it with one wing tied to her back.

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Darring seemed unimpressed. “I take it you have a map of this island?”
“Yeah,” Daring replied by reaching around to her saddlebags that were hanging from her chair and pulling out a worn and aged looking roll of paper. “Took me three hours in the Campus library to track this down.”
Darrin blinked in surprise as Daring stowed the map away again. “That long? Couldn’t you have got one of the pages to help?”
Daring gave a shrug as she started rummaging through her desk, pulling out various tools - brushes, spy glasses, a set of metal tools she used to chip dirt of artifacts, and the like. “The only one on call was Herpy, and with his track record it would have taken us five hours.”

:pinkiehappy: I was hoping to see this exchange get used. :yay:

No Doubt Teal Roper felt that, given Herpy's role in later books, it was prudent to keep the original typo as-is.

4503301 how often are we to expect updates?


Once a week until the story finishes, with the next story around 4-6 months after that. The next update should be in three days or so.


I was gonna do a few of the stories >.< hell I've already startedon griffon's goblet...


I don't exactly have a monopoly - Polo house and T. Roper have no issues with other author's doing adaptions of the vast majority of the stories. Don't let me stop you from writing your own version.

This is the best Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone fiction I ever read, it's just epic ! It deserves to be a published book ! It kept me hooked from the beginning to the end !


Well, thank you - as an author, there is no higher praise then such a comment.

I have yet to read this but I just got the daring doo box set and I'm looking for the other books on the list if this is good enough would you do me the honor of allowing me to print this out and make it into a book be warned I probably can't do it first thing I'm still learning and have a few other ones infront of it but hey like I said if you'd let me I'd be honored.
Oh but one condition I use the actual cover not the one you have there.


Tell me if I can buy one....

though I've spotted some spelling errors (autocorrect type ones) so a proofing may be in order first.


I would prefer you read this version before deciding on investing any personal resources into such a project - but if you still wish to do so, be my guest - I would be honored. Only caveat is that I (through Polo House) reserve rights for Epub and PDF version distribution and that it be a non-profit venture.

5309597 lol I have no idea what your talking about and these won't be for sale if anything I'd give them away first

Lol just realized you wouldn't see that other part so like I said if anything I'd give them away before selling them.

Oh and like I said only once it's done and I have others set before this so odds are I wouldn't be able to do this one.

Hehe. Its on my list now. :rainbowdetermined2:

Seems promising.:twilightsmile:

So we meet the first of the Daring Do Mane 6 Expies, Coco, or as I call her, best pony.

“Ah, buck it.” Daring cursed as she turned on the door and reared back.
The wood cracked and splintered with a thundering crash, planks and splinters flying inwards. Daring more-or-less dropped down into the space, skipping the stairs entirely, tucking into a roll at the bottom that she was careful to keep off her bad wing before rolling onto her hooves ready for a fight.

Was, that a pun? Because that is very clever.

Loved it absolutely incredible

6017787 it would be the second due to Daring is an expy of RD

I wonder if this Coco is a second Pinkie Pie or something. :rainbowlaugh:

This was great fun to read. I liked the part with the map very much especially Daring's reasoning as to what its purpose is.

I don't think the Coco mentioned here has a connection to Coco Pommel. The year count they use in this book was of course discontinued and replaced after the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration.

Those cats must be rather special if they can control a canoe.

7520177 She is a Pie so she must be related to Pinkie. Probably through Pinkie's grandmother Granny Pie, she's the one that taught Pinkie to Giggle at the Ghosties.


Read the Just For Fun Daring Do characters page for more information.

Or just read my copy paste:

Chocolat' Jasmina (Coco) Pie

An incredibly eccentric mint green earth pony who is Daring Do's go-to mare for anything from rare items to street gossip and even the occasional airplane. She is a traveling Sales Pony and is often seen at the bazaars and markets hawking whatever strange and interesting items come across her way, and she's also known for making killer sugary desserts. Her unlimited energy and kooky asides are things that Daring Do eventually got used to.

There are many stories you can do. In fsct no one has done Griffin Goblet yet I think?

Equestria has planes?

The whole concept of a treasure map was bunk. They simply didn’t exist. On the rare occasion that the intrepid archaeologist found themselves with the chance for field work, it was usually several long weeks slowly digging holes across a grid to finds a few pieces of pottery. If you were lucky, you might uncover a piece of jewelry; or better yet, a piece of writing. You never, ever, found something that basically said ‘treasure is this way’.

Obviously, nobody had told that to the Hayan’s.

And I love this part.

Darrin glanced briefly at his sister’s compass cutie mark. “Quite literally, as the case may be.” He sighed. “Guess the least I can do is lend you a hand getting ready then.”

Should be “lend a hoof.”

It’s not about fortune or glory, it’s about finding knowledge. Most ponies aren’t that impressed by most things you dig up at an archeology site. It’s just bits of old pottery - A bunch of broken dishes. Ponies wonder how those could be of any value, let alone worth the effort of digging up half a field in the middle of nowhere over the course of a month and a half. But those little pieces of pottery are a connection to a world that’s gone. They’re the last echoes of ponies that have long since come and gone. It shows us where we’ve come from and tells us about who and what we are. It lets us know more about are selves. I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty valuable, don’t you think so?”

So she is not a grave robber or gold digger, good to know.

Daring simply turned to her brother and smiled. “Of course I’ll be careful - when am I not?”

How about “every time you do one of these expeditions”?


Ah yes, Herpy.


Is NOT Coco Pommel.

Chocolat' Jasmina (Coco) Pie


I can't get past Equestria having planes, why not use hot air balloons or zeppelins?

Meet the arch nemesis!

You have to be a super villain to herd cats it seems.

Coco Chocolat is best OC pony in the series.

She really really could have used the help.

Yeah, bad day, uh?

*She watched the cats work as she kept moving upward, cats of gems being hauled or pushed ever upward*

carts of gems, not cats of gems.

Ooh, I like the idea of the story being rewritten, time and time again, over the years.

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