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Ηi!Welcome to my page!Writter here on Fimfiction as you guessed(though an ammateurXD),anyways,hope you will like my future stories,and,yeah,Discord lover too,GO DISCORD!Mlp for life

Things about Me

: I love writing, though I'm not so good at it just yet...

: I love DOD(Daughter of Discord) and SOD(Son-in-Law of Discord) soooooo much!!!(They are written by DisneyFanatic23,you should definitely check her out)

: I was inspired to write by those wonderful stories
Even Chaos Can Feel
Discord's Family Reunion
(Though I was more inspired by the first one)

: My Favorite Ponies are Pinkie:pinkiehappy: and Twilight:twilightsmile:

:My favourite Princess is Princess Luna(duuuh)

: I prefer,for reasons, to call Celestia JUST Celestia than Tia or K.K.

: I like colours

:I suck at (and I kinda hate) drawing

: My favourite things about The Brony Fandom are;The Art, Fiction, audio-dramas, music, and pretty much everyrhingXD

: I have Hangouts, and recently I joined Equestria Amino!!! If you have any questions,or just want to have an online-friend,just sent me a message, don't be shy

: My dream career is to be a Translator

: I am a Discord Fan to the end

: Surprising as it seems;I don't ship'im with anyone

: You know what? You're awesome!!!

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No problem;)
Gotta add my favourite shipfics^^

Thanks so much for favoriting Questions & K.K.! and Donut Nights 2 :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Rebuilding to your unread list. I hope that you do get around to reading it some fateful day. When you do, please stop by the story page and leave any questions or comments.

I'm glad that you've found my story worthy of your favorites list

Just wanted to be gracious and thank you for adding my story to your reading list.
Thank you, and I hope you get around to reading it!
If you do and you like it, be sure to drop that thumbs up and follow for more stories

Thanks for adding some of my stories to your reading list :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for adding Sixty-Eight Reasons to Switch Placebos this Summer to your favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for all the favorites! :scootangel:

Thank you for reading The Book Of Friendship, my friend! Here's a follow, so I can read your stories too! I look forward to reading them! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for showing interest in reading The Book Of Friendship, my friend! :pinkiesmile: But in that case I should warn you that it is the most insane thing I've ever written. It's a big mess of lore, commentaries and unfinished chapters. In fact I was actually thinking it would be best to take it down completely. But I should give you the chance to read it and tell me what you think!

Thank you again, and I look forward to reading your stories as well!

And thanks for favoriting Cadance's Curse :twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoriting Too Much? :twilightsmile:

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