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Hey all I'm Spy AKA SFL AKA whatever you wanna call me, anyway I like to write and draw, and here's where you can find my pony stories! I hope you're entertained and if not oh well I tried!


Discord gathers the Mane 6, Starlight, and Spike together for a single reason. Pinkie dared him to switch their races around for a day. So he does. Hilarity ensues.

Join the fun as they go through twenty-four hours of weirdness. Twilight fights doors, Applejack fails at apple bucking, and Starlight's newly acquired alicorn magic goes to her head and she attempts to stage a hostile takeover of Equestria. And so much more! And if you're wondering about Spike? Let's just say he's gotta go fast.

I felt like writing something silly and this is what I came up with. I'll be honest I kinda lost steam toward the end and the whole thing might be pretty disjointed but... I had fun and that's what matters. I hope y'all enjoy it too. Cover art by me, except for the background which was nabbed from a collection of show backgrounds. Because I'm lazy.

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You really have Starlight out of character here. She is probably the purest of heart in the series and was never power hungry ever. Even when she ran the village, she still lived the same way everyopony else did.

Plus you kind of lost all credibility saying Rainbow of all ponies is purer of her at then Starlight. Rainbow I would actually believe trying to take over Equestria if she got alicorn powers.

Discord was a complete ass in that episode and Starlight was completely in the right.

'was never power hungry ever'

What show are you watching? Do you not remember Starlight messing with time itself to ruin a few friendships? Or that she founded a cult because a friend left when she was like eight? Or her violating bodily autonomy multiple times, like making Big Mac unable to stop talking because she found the silence awkward, or changing the friggin princesses' cutie marks without permission? Those aren't the actions of a stable person who can handle power. Rainbow just wants everyone to pay attention to her while she does her thing.

More importantly, this is both a comedy and a fanfic. It doesn't have to make sense in canon, and it's pretty entertaining in my opinion.

That's fair, Starlight does get pretty ridiculous in this, but then again so do most of them. I was mostly just writing it for fun and Starlight going mad with power was the funniest. Though I do also have to agree with Silver, she's definitely had her fair share of issues since her redemption. I'm proud of her development, but she's still shown herself to be careless at times, to not think about how others feel and instead try to do things purely how she wants to, even if that means she has to brainwash her friends to make them easier to handle.

But in the end it was just a dumb fic I wanted to do and any portrayals of Starlight I do in serious stuff is much more true to her actual nature. This just took her worst parts and amplified them For The Lulz. :moustache:

OOH! I've always enjoyed these types of stories, but sadly most are never finished. Thanks for publishing a "Complete" story.


Ye, I refused to post this until I had written the whole thing, since I knew if I tried to make chapters out of it it probably won't get finished. Staring at an unfinished long-shot tends to motivate me though. :')

she wiped it off on the bottom of a table and walked away

:twilightangry2:Starlight, you monster!!

Discord was definitely going to have to do this again.

Such as after the 24 hours are up, when he promised he would put them... back?

“Why do I have a sudden urge to go fast?”

Because you're too slow.

So c'mon! Step it up!


"and Pinkie would become a chaos goddess to rival myself"

Is that a reference to this?3.bp.blogspot.com/-7sJUYAWlhSI/Wr_V2UQKgnI/AAAAAAAC-l4/fJc1IMmSknckr_tG_tp7Gpto0CG0Rz3xgCLcBGAs/s1600/Capture.JPG
(Yes this is a real thing)

This fic reminds me of another just like it ('cept without starlight)

EDiscord's Day
Discord gets his way. And everypony is enjoying it. Mostly.
SpinelStride · 4.2k words  ·  1,130  10 · 14k views

I don't quite know about THAT but in one of the comics Pinkie actually does get into Discord's dimension and well
So I definitely had that in mind :') And yeah I had a feeling I wasn't the first to do this concept but ah well

Huh, I need to find that comic... do you have a link for it?

Spike looked at his new paws, then his quills, and said, “Why do I have a sudden urge to go fast?”

So is Spike a regular small chubby hedgehog or is he a tall anthropomorphic super fast hedgehog like Sonic?

PS: has anyone else ever wondered who would win if Rainbow Dash and Sonic had a race?

Celestia help us all!

Well problem solved

I imagined him as looking like a normal hedgehog except purple and running around on two legs for some reason.

As for Rainbow vs Sonic, Sonic would win in an on-foot race and Rainbow would win if allowed to fly. :V my view on it anyway, I didn't watch the video.

someone hasn't watched the show at all in the last few seasons.

>Tries to take over Equestria
>Was completely in the right

Great. You have watched the show, you are just a starlight-fanatic that can't seperate your waifu-love from the show or stories.

She kicked open the door to the throne room and grinned at Celestia and Luna. “Hey bitches, I'm taking over for the day!”

Ohhhhhhhh crap.....:pinkiegasp:
Welp...this won't end well....

*much further into the story*

Yeah....no. You're doomed....*cringes* crap, the Princesses are pissed....

“Make her listen to Pinkie's yovidaphone practice!” Rarity said.

“I believe that would fall under cruel and unusual,” Fluttershy mused.

:rainbowlaugh:This nearly killed me!

Discord was definitely going to have to do this again.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahah...*stops laughing abruptly* Wait, WHAT??! No! Bad idea!!! Very bad idea!!!

And btw, how does Discord get out of this with zero consequences for his actions???

Or Pinkie, for that matter, for daring him to start with?!!!!

So not fair, dude....just so not fair....

“She did WHAT?!” Celestia demanded. “Twilight, everypony, we need to stop her, now! Before she burns all our work! It'll take months to rewrite all that!”

Well, no negative consequences of doing that were ever presented.

I know the power is intoxicating, how do you think I felt when I became an alicorn? I didn't let anypony know, but I wanted to take control. I felt like I could do anything, that with my new magic I was unstoppable.

And then she met Starlight :rainbowlaugh:

Spike looked at his new paws, then his quills, and said, “Why do I have a sudden urge to go fast?”

Well, thanks mate! I nearly woke up the entire house...:rainbowlaugh:

I'll be honest. It would've been even funnier if Starlight had turned out to better at runinng Equestria, and no one wanted Celestia and Luna back.

Love it as is though.

The same day, in a universe far from MLP's, a certain blue dragon was experiencing the taste of gems for the first time. His angry red friend and panicked yellow multi-tailed friend were trying to convince him not to try emeralds...

Thank you for the funny story!

Np, glad you enjoyed it. :')

“Okie-dokie!” Pinkie jumped out of her stand. “Show's over, everypony! Go on! You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!”

Oh you... that’s subtle. That’s really what I call subtle :rainbowlaugh:

Paper Mario color splash reference btw ;)

Now there's something I like to see.

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