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Discord has a problem. He has a tendency to not think through his actions all that well, poor impulse control, and no ability to figure out how others will feel about what he does. Even with a friend helping him, sooner or later he's going to do something that'll get him stoned or hit with a reforming spell or whatnot. So what's he to do? Ask the smartest pony in Equestria for a solution, of course!

He probably wasn't expecting to get "Have Celestia let you rule Equestria again" for a response.

No one else was probably expecting to enjoy it.

Now with a reading by Crafty Arts!
And a Spanish translation!

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I like this idea. I like it very much. And the story's incomplete, so there's more! Huzzah! I look forward to it. :twilightsmile:

4305123 Like it? Love it! I want some more of it!

We need to rope an artist into drawing seapony Celstia and Luna frolicking together.

Seventeen days, seventeen hours, seventeen minutes and seventeen seconds wouldn't be a subtle reference to the seventeenth letter of the alphabet, would it? :-)

I loved this. Discord and Twilight's interaction together was perfect, and the idea of the day being not about chaos but other ponies being better than you, thus generating jealousy, even as you yourself are better than them, thus generating satisfaction and happiness, was brilliant. I, too, think that the disharmony part of Discord's life purpose is as important to him as the chaos, which is why he is an epic troll and Pinkie Pie is not.

And I thought it was really sweet that Fluttershy, Luna and Celestia all got something that they could be unequivocally happy about, without having to be jealous of somepony else. He may draw power from discontent and conflict, but when it comes to his personal life (as opposed to his "job", his metaphysical raison d'etre), Discord can be a sweetheart when he wants to be. :-) (On the one hand, I wonder if Fluttershy would have been jealous that her friends all got to go off and have fun with their abilities while she had to stay behind and watch over ponies so they didn't get hurt. On the other hand... this means Fluttershy is still fulfilling her life purpose, the thing she is best at, and she's even better at it than usual because Discord made her a temporary alicorn. So there's nopony she can look at and say "She does my special thing better than I do," she's still the undisputed Queen of Kindness. And I don't think she'd have been happy going off to have fun if she thought it meant somepony might suffer in her absence. So I think what Discord gave her was the best thing he could give her.)

This is disturbingly brilliant. Bravo.

Very fun to read! Discord was a blast, but I loved the last line at the end, about how Celestia and Luna could just be sisters, for once.

A very fun read and totally in keeping with the character's personalities! Kudos!


I can see it feautured in Equestria Daily in future.

I considered using the one from Shotglass One-Shots, but it seemed like it might've been a bit of a giveaway about what was going to happen...



True, though I wasn't necessarily talking about a title picture- the image was just too adorable to pass up.

I. Am. Prophet!!! Yay!

Actually, I hadn't thought about submitting it to EqD until your comment - so not so much 'prophet' as you are 'instigator.' Thanks a bundle! :pinkiehappy:

Lol aw i loved this it was so awesome :rainbowkiss:


Are...are you a wizard?

Bloody brilliant, mate!:pinkiehappy:

I have to stop thinking about why I like things. And how to comment on the things I like.

Equestria Daily's response time has really improved then. I'm sure the reputation used to be that it would take weeks or months to get on.
This took around 5 days; maybe less.

Best DAY EVER!!!!!!!!

This was actually a pretty darn awesome story. I don't know what I was expecting when I came into this, but this was awesome!

Discord's Day. And Fluttershy is the safety measure to prevent anyone - especially the really young ones - from being traumatized by it, being the Order that balances Discord's Chaos and makes it safe. That was really great!

This was genius

That was... quite something :twilightoops:

This was very well written, and I think that you've captured Discord's manner of speaking perfectly.

Good job, well done! An up-vote and favourite from me. :pinkiehappy:

Yes... just Yes... that is all.:rainbowlaugh:

I liked the idea of the story but found the actual holiday itself and the "lesson" delivered by Dash at the end to be a let down. The whole event didn't strike me as being very "Discordey" either (if that's a word). I guess I expected more than just talent and tribe swapping considering we're talking about Discord. It didn't seem very chaotic at all actually. Especially if it's the same every single year since that's repetitive and the ponies would get used to it. If it's something you expect it doesn't strike me as being Discord. So this felt untrue to the character, reformed or no, given the context of the story.

As for the moral of the story, there's a lot more impact emotionally when you have a dream you strive so completely for being lived by someone you feel hasn't deserved/earned it and especially if they can't, or don't, appreciate it nearly as much as you feel they should. So, it was grating to see Dash talking to Twilight like she understood how Twilight felt even though Dash admitted to not feeling jealous at all. It meant their situations weren't really appropriate or equal. A more appropriate situation would be if Twilight was the greatest flier ever and a Wonderbolt captain for the day while Dash is left with the knowledge that she would never be a captain not be that good at flying. Dash also felt a little OOC since she's typically far less observant nor introspective but that could simply be a blame discord thing. Though Twilight's personality wasn't altered while Rarity's was (given that she's getting down and dirty on a farm) so that's up in the air I suppose.

Overall, pretty cute but it bugged me when the time for delivery came. The sisters enjoying a day in the ocean at the end was also a pleasant touch.

Really want to see Fluttercorn with a tiny Discord crown now. :yay:

This is actually... Wow! I didn't think it was possible to do something like this with a Discord story, but here it is! I frickin' love it!! :pinkiehappy:

You can have your cake, eat it, enjoy the taste and feel satisfied and unsatisfied about the experience. Wow.

"The only thing they needed was to be sisters together for the day."



I love it. Discord gets to plot and scheme for a year or perhaps ten minutes with him who knows? And Fluttercorn acts as a safety valve.
Genjen look at it this way there is always next year, who says Rainbow will be that happy then.

Daww that ending... :scootangel:

Rainbow Dash is going to be so upset when she discovers that Discord Day is different every year, and the future/past timelines that she was interacting with that day were completely fake/hypothetical/powered by chaos magic.

That was magnificent, so simple, yet everypony is guaranteed to be butthurt for a looong time about being beaten at their own game. :rainbowlaugh:

Fucking brilliant. Just... Wow.

So good! I love this story!

That smile was getting almost as annoying as seeing her horn and wings on the wall next to him. "Giving the Cutie Mark Crusaders complete access to all of my powers."

You monster.

dammmmm man you rock

This is very creative and absolutely hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

Like, Fav and my recommendation group.

brilliant! wished it was an actual episode :)

who exactly are king cranky and queen matilda?

The donkeys from A Friend In Need. Discord seems to have felt that it was time for donkeys to get a turn ruling Equestria. And by the effects of Discord's Day, they're probably really, really good at it...


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