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Discord has found Tirek, and is about to parade him back to his friends for their love and adoration. But an offer is made, an enticing offer... He'll need to talk this one over with a friend.

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The plight of the chaotic neutral: everyone else is so caught up in this "right-or-wrong" nonsense that they lose sight of what's truly important. Namely, fun!

An excellent analysis of Tirek's offer from Discord's perspective. Chaos tends to preclude foresight, but this instance of Discord has at least managed a bit of self-awareness. Well done. Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

Hm, it doesn't quite lend itself to his super-revelation of friendship, does it though? Although, this does keep his naturally chaotic nature, which is, I guess, equally important to his character, if not moreso. Also:

More than the standard thirty pieces of silver,


Yeah, silver just ain't worth what it used to be.

Silly Discord.

To be fair, he only fell for the trick because he had become familiar enough with the concept of friendship that he COULD extend trust to others, but he was still sufficiently self-centered to not understand that friendship is mutualistic.

I was thinking that too. Discord did seem rather trusting of someone he knew was capable of stealing magic. Oh that and someone who asked him to betray his friend is not likely someone who should be trusted....especially when they keep excluding you from their claims of conquering the world. Kind of a give away. And of course:


His all-powerful nature probably somewhat prevents him from seeing a mutualistic nature to any realtionship. His relationship with ponies involves them asking him for things and him giving it to them. I'd say this is why he had a hard time becoming friends with ponies in the first place.

Hmm iintersting story. I liked it:pinkiehappy:

4374947 I had the exact same scene flash through my head

Well, clearly he isn't that all powerful; Discord plus all of Equestria was apparently about equal to the four alicorn princesses.

Possibly why he only messed with Celestia so much at the time of, rather than confronting her directly.

This is Discord demonstrating clearly just how certainly he gives not one single solitary fuck.

4375234 that i think is the truth of the matter. discord is very powerful but he is not quite as powerful as we believed him to be. he may be based on Q in some ways but he is much more like Genie from aladdin in his abilities. his chaotic nature makes him difficult to harm and frustrating to fight. he is not invincible, for if he was he would not have needed the plunder seeds.

i do like in the episode that they prove that discord, largely, only cared about fluttershy. even after he betrayed her he did not have malice towards her at all, it almost seemed he expected her ot understand.
what i think people misunderstand is that chaos is not equal to evil. and discord, while dangeorus, was more selfish than evil.

Funny that, Discord doesn't really want to be stabbed in the back. Funny how he sort of "tortured" Fluttershy and then gave Tirek the middle finger anyway.

Go Fluttershy! Nice twist. :yay:


No, I'd say he's close to ultimately powerful in regards to the physical world, but he can't defend himself from magical attacks, particularly the Elements of Harmony, as well as Tirek's dementor shtick.

As for the simple addition of magical power in Tirek, well, that's all debatable.

4375234 No id say that Discords stronger than both tia and luna combined, cuz remember both together couldent stop his reign. Not to mention thet said it themselves that they couldent stop Tirek while discord was helping him meaning that they wernt powerful enough. I would go so far as to say that all of equestria together only equals to a little more than 2 alicorns worth of magic. Discord supplied the other two worth's.

Personally my HC is that Tirek could only take his power after 1) draining all of equestrias power to get near his level and 2) gaining his complete trust

Well, evil is ultimately about selfishness. Discord is definitely evil, and has more than a hint of maliciousness to him.

But evil doesn't mean you eat babies. It just means you don't really see other people (especially people outside of your monkeysphere) as equals at all and don't take them into account when you do things. That's Discord to a T.

Discord is deeply evil, but he isn't pointlessly evil and he doesn't kill people because broken toys aren't any fun to play with. It doesn't mean he is any less evil than someone like, say, Sombra is, it just means he is very different in how he expresses it.

4376169 there is a little something called character development dude. and that is what makes me like the villains so far. with discord he is selfish, and he goes after what he wants, and what he wanted was companionship. and he wanted it more than to just wreck chaos as he wished. so he had to compromise; probably why 'befriendhing' tirek was so tempting for him, for he could have that companionship and still wreck havoc.
chrysalis was arrogant and cruel but there seemed to be motivation beyond pride. her species needed the aiblity to feed, and taking over the ponies and turning them into livestock would be a perfect solution for that.
Even tirek has traces of that kind of humanity, if lesser tahn even the others. he cared for and trusted scorpan, so much so he could not see scorpan betraying him so utterly even when scorpan began to sympathize with the ponies. hell the entire time we see him he is focusing on overpowreing and dominating the ponies, not once showign a desire for revenge against scorpan the entire time. at most he called him worthless, yet did not show much fury, mostly disapointment. it is almsot as if he blamed the ponies far more than he blamed scorpan.

the only difference here is discord never had companionship to begin with. tirek had it, but was betrayed by the being he trusted most. chrysalis has her own species to look after. discord's antics are of a lesser evil in scope, yet appear a greater evil in scale.

4376169 ...... actually also, i find that the greatest evils can come from selflessness. when it goes too far nd morality is blurred.

This would have been a great, but far shorter, episode. I even imagine Discord giving Fluttershy baskets of puppies that lick her face and are super adorable.

Oh Lordy, I wanna see more. :D

I love it! Ah, so easily things could've been avoided, but hey, hindsight is 20/20 and all that. Have a like.

Short but funny, and a more thoughtful Discord is fun.

I always thought a more intersting story would be that everything was part of Discord plan to get the finale key since he could not banish Terik at first (the chains was his attempt to send him to Tatrus) and a lesson, sort how Q in Star Trek gave painful lesons to the crew of the Enterprise, like the value of how much Pride can destory you by making them meet their most deadly advesary, the Borg. In this case that forgivness and walking the higher path can be more rewarding then choising what is easy.
I also thought it would be better if Celestia had her ponies evacuate Equestria, tell Twilight to go into hidding and form rebellion with their allied nations while making sure the cycles were working. They would also lie and make Terik they hid their powers in the sun, moon or crystal empire to give Twilight time only for it to fall apart when Terik reveals he can track other magic once he asorb similar magic, like Twilight and tries to go after her. I wonder if anyone is doing a Rebel Princess story with Twilight. Too bad I don't have time to write one.

They need something like this for the show. Discord actually having a moral conflict and asking for help. Since hey he wouldn't understand the lines of good and evil just what seems interesting.

Fluttershy makes for the best shoulder angel. I actually kinda wish this is how the actual episode went. Sure the two betrayals in a row was interesting. Discord having what trust he had for Tirek was broken interesting. Though very saddening for me. Only cause I understand that want for a friend that wont force you to change or go by their morality but enjoy time with you.

Seriously having a moral compass of orange and bacon is a pain when people expect everyone to have the same morality of good and bad. Seriously I hate being dragged into something they have personal between another, have me do something or forbid me from doing something. So the thought of freedom of self and a friend that will enjoy it is a nice thought.

4374688 This is a very good point, it seems to illustrate "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" Discord had learned JUST enough friendship to try and trust others and view friendship as valuable in and of itself, but he still viewed friendship through a lens of what he got out of it.

There's also the fact that no one other than Fluttershy seemed like they genuinely enjoyed his company (understandably), so he saw himself as having exactly one friend no matter which side he chose.

This. Why couldn't it have been this?

Or, have Discord pretend to betray them to distract Tirek from Twilight to hopefully give her more time to find the key... cuz she needed more time to find her key, and so this would have made perfect sense plus being in character for Discord's trickster nature... and the fact Tirek is 'predictable' and 'boring' to a spirit of chaos.

And, furthermore (and LOTS of fans, and one coworker of mine have made this exact same point which we all came up with independently and were astounded when we discussed it and realized we ALL saw how it would work) make Discord losing his power to Tirek a part of Discord's plan... because Tirek wouldn't be able to make use of Discord's chaos magic since it was so radically different from pony magic... making Tirek's actions self-defeating and buying Twilight and Company even more time to get the key back to the forest while Tirek struggles to rid himself of the useless chaos magic.

But no, that would have taken a minute's worth of effort.

Kinda the same as not having Tirek use Dark Magic at all... which could have been used to tie up all the dangling plot threads we have with NMM's mysterious Dark Powers, Sombra's Dark Powers, the dark 'alicorn' magic Twilight used with the potion... you know, make her battle with Tirek come down to her refusing to use Dark Magic to try and overpower him... which would have actually led to Tirek's victory since he'd have been able to seize her power once she willingly tainted it.

And that refusal to use the dark magic and rely on her friends instead awakens the key, , Discord uses his trump card to screw up Tirek for a while, they get the New And Improved Deus Ex Rainbow Laser... yadda yadda yadda.

So, yeah... I wasn't exactly pleased with the episode, to say the least.

4378496 I loved it, but I appreciate how deep they went at all. Considering it IS still, in the end, a show for girls 5-12

Tirek is in a bird cage! I love it:rainbowlaugh:

4378496 you seem to continually go into these episodes wanting to hate them.

Fluttershy want's revenge...

This can't be good.:flutterrage:

Do you think you will ever write a story about when discord actually visits the griffons? I would read that!!!

Did anyone notice that discord had been helping them all along. He may be a chaotic being, but he's similar to pinkie in his chaotic nature, but rather than be helpful immediately, he instead makes a joke about anything while setting up contingencies within contingencies all over the place, or did you notice the tabbed book or his extremely direct hint that Twilight should give up her power so that she can get her last key for the harmony chest, while everypony else was giving seemingly good advice not to surrender the alicorns power to the centaurian soulstealer? :facehoof:

Or when the plunder seeds came? when he tricked Twilight into doing the right thing and returning to her friends when they needed her.

anyway I like this discord.:twilightsmile:

Hah this was great.:rainbowlaugh:

4378640 Revenge is a strong word. She's just found out that the nigh-omnipotent god she's friends with can and will consider betraying them all if he gets bored. This is less about petty vengeance than it is feeding the predator so it won't eat her other friends. The fact that Gilda would deserve it is simply making it an easier decision.

Oh lordy, that ending. :rainbowlaugh: Poor Gilda. :pinkiecrazy:

4380314 That actually makes me wonder if Discord tried to help Twilight get her key earlier on with the whole thing with the Tatzlwurm.

4379223 You mean, because I can come up with a more solid plot with a stronger story in about 5 minutes?

Buddy, I was raised on Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Hiayo Mizaki, Peter S. Beagle, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roald Dahl... some of the best of the best of the best of fiction authors.

I do not just accept whatever is thrown at me, especially not when the flaws are so obvious I predict them with pinpoint, 100% accuracy BEFORE the episode even airs.

I was furious with the ending of "Lost" (as were many of the fans), annoyed as heck with the absurd developments of "Battlestar Galactica" (as were many of the fans).

Is it so much these days to ask that writers put a significant degree of thought into what is their chosen profession? Have many forgotten what Lauren Faust's goal was for this show? She wanted to take it to a higher level, to give it excellence in animation AND WRITING. Of course it's not always going to be perfect, but I expect better than lazy cliches and hackneyed scenarios which have characters not at all living up to the potential they've developed over the series, or acting like complete buffoons for the sake of TEH PLOT CONVENIENCE.

A competent writer will find a way to make the story go where they need it to without dumbing down the characters and throwing in fanbait ad nauseum.

And one can write cliches and get away with it, so long as they make sense and have a little something extra to spice up the tired old tropes.

4380819 I have to say, wouldn't Trixie deserve it more than Gilda?

Gilda was a jerk, yes. But she didn't try to hurt them nor take possession of a dark magic artifact.

She just left and didn't come back.

I'd say the fact that Gilda didn't bother seeking revenge is a point in her favor.

4383351 Hmmm, a point, to be sure, but Trixie actually apologized. Gilda did not. Also, we're operating on the assumption that the predator only needs to be fed once. I'm sure there are other deserving souls who could stand a lesson.

4383340 The only one I agree with being the best on you're list author wise was Haiyo Miazaki, Other than that there are some authors on this site that make your authors mediocre.

And Didn't you notice that Lauren Faust left the development team after the first episode aired in season one? They wanted someone to set the standard that they could follow and they couldn't even do that properly, what with the dev team constantly changing out fausts Idea's with their own, and diverging from Fausts vision as they went, I'm just thankful that they didn't go with the ridiculous Idea of Celestia being pink!

The only characters that have really seen development have been Two of the villains, and Twilight. Otherwise I don't see much of a change in the others.:facehoof:

Also Alondro, you should realize by now that some of the methodologies you come up with would never work in a real combat scenario. Like magic vs a magic immune being. All the mage has to do is pick up a heavy enough object and hit the opponent with it.

4383401 Well then feed it Chrysalis!

She invaded and didn't say she was sorry! :trollestia:

4383340 I can already tell your "idea" will cause the plot to end in under 7 minutes. Create an idea that can fit the 22 minute timeslot.

Also, you seem to continually ignore the problems with the older seasons. I could accept your opinions if your opinions weren't so SELECTIVE.

Furthermore if you can quote on quote do a make a better plotline, why don't you? Why do your stories have such bad ratings if you are AMAZING at storytelling? Come back to me when you have a story that has at least a 9:1 ratio of like to dislikes.

A short but sweet story. I especially loved when Fluttershy taught Discord how to recognize when someone's lying to him, and the contrast between chaotic and evil.

Oh, I am in the middle of a dilemma :O I´d love to see this actually happening, but then the season finale would suck D: What do I choose? By the way, great story. I love this kind of comedy. And when Discord plays the role of narrator, if it is done well, I know that i will like the story. Well done!
PS: Why was Fluttershy so upset when Discord caught her in the shower? It doesn´t make sense, unless she was.... :derpyderp1: Oh Lord

thirty pieces of silver? a biblical reference?:applejackunsure:

4375560 I very much agree with what you said about Discord. Even when he was a villain, he was never truly malicious, cruel, or sadistic. It was simply that he wanted to have fun and he **didn't care** what the consequences were to other beings. This is a very bad attitude (it's the classic psychopathic or sociopathic mindset), but it's still not the same as actual malice.

4383340 i respect your opinuen and can see your reasons for it. i kinda didnt care i was haveing too much fun enjoying it alot.

Anyway, then it turns out that Gilda actually runs a griffon orphanage and Fluttershy feels terrible when Discord turns Gilda into a rubber chicken that Pinkie ends up carrying around.

Because of timey-whimy stuff... :derpyderp2:

4374688 He also seemed to have forgotten that fact that, having known of Tirek, he also could have put 2 and 2 together and ended up with 22... which is the universal number for someone who's going to backstab you! (A little known cosmic truth!)

I expected more cleverness from the one who managed to turn the Bearers into the opposite of themselves.

I expected a Discord more like the one in this story.

This is an awesome story. I could imagine all of the characters doing what they did. I enjoyed it. Thank you for your effort writing this.

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