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Depressed from boredom and being envious of her friends having found places in life they are happy with and of course Twilight being an alicorn princess now while she's still trying to get somewhere in life, Rainbow Dash is not in the best of moods, and the arrival of a certain draconequus chaos god isn't making it any better! After reluctantly doing him a favor, Rainbow is offered any one wish she wants, with a pinkie promise of following her wish to the letter as a chance for him to further show how redeemed he is! What can possibly go wrong?

My try at slice-of-life humor as opposed to the long-runner 'adventure' fics I've done

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Zis looks very good, I might just have to throw you a like and favorite.

Awesome start.


*Likes and favorites story*


Thanks everyone! :twilightblush:

Damn it Discord!

Love the story so far :pinkiehappy:

Just one question.
The narrator says "The pegasus took to the air and began to fly, she immediately landed on a cloud and lay down, hoping he’d leave her alone."
Right after, Discord says to Rainbow Dash “You hoped wrong! Now tell meeeee!”
My question is "Was this some kind of 4th wall joke about Discord being aware of the story/narrator?", because Rainbow Dash never said out loud that she hoped he'd leave her alone.

Maybe I'm over thinking it a bit, it doesn't matter. The story is great and I can't wait to read more!


Thanks, and yes, yes it was. This is Discord we're talking about after all!:pinkiehappy:

I was just about to say this idea is similar to a fan comic. Oh well I'll just put it up anyways for shits and giggles. :twilightsheepish:

(Wow guess you guys can't take a joke)

Comment posted by Tech Reel deleted Aug 12th, 2013

3034256 And that is why I love Discord :rainbowlaugh:

I always thought Discord would entertain himself by doing the Evil Genie Routine and justifying it as teaching valuable life lessons. And I'm very interested as to where you'll take this.


Yeah, it seems like something he'd do, doesn't it? Gotta troll ponies somehow!

Let me guess...Twilight is now Rainbow Dash.

This looks very promising......I am now hooked :rainbowderp:


Nope. Rainbow just now looks like another Twi. The real Twi's away in Canterlot

This can only end well.

First chapter was alright, but this second chapter is definitely the hook for me. Now I can't wait for the third chapter! :rainbowkiss:

Well Rainbow Dash all I can say is:

Can someone help me? Theres a hook stuck in my cheek.....

.-. I-I-I... ( PLOP ) xP

Personally I'd be thrilled to turn into Twilight, seeing as I'm a nerd and all.

All the same, I'm now incurably entangled into lurking here for more...

Rainbow should drain Twilight's bank account. Identity theft is magic!

Rainbow should learn that you should not make a deal with Discord- even reformed, he is trouble.

Love this story!


Oh come now, is this the face of a draconequues who'd set you up?


Yes. Yes it is. Let's hope Rainbow learns her lesson- don't make deals with mischevious demigods, even if they are reformed.

I have to admit, this fic is hilarious- i love it! But i still would not trust Discord as far as i could throw him...


LOL Thanks, I'll be working on another chapter when I get back to it. I've already got half of the next chapter planned out; tho I got my PEV fic I also gotta work on as well. Glad you're enjoying the story tho :twilightsheepish:

I like the story very much. Your dialogue and staying in character scenarios fit the story and they style of your writing perfectly.

Now, with that being said, I only have 1 small, tiny, itsy bitsy problem that I saw in your writing. Punctuation.
It's a small fix, no doubt, I just wanted to let you know in case you ever wanted to correct it, ok? :pinkiehappy:
For a great story, :moustache:

Oh RD, you're so [REDACTED] NOW.

I guess you could say the disguise was a...BRIGHT IDEA :facehoof:

:rainbowwild: NOT THE HOOFICURES!!!!
:raritywink: I know you love them, Twi.

I still hate hooficures. .-.

Uhh, I don't anymore!

Ah, this grows more and more awkward with each chapter, and Twilight hasn't even gotten back yet!

Maybe Rainbow can use poison joke as an excuse?

Well, this is what you get for not trusting your friends, heck it would probably be easy to make Pinkie Pinkie swear to not tell anyone. But thinking was never Rainbow's strong suit now was it?
PS: Element of Loyalty, loyal to her friends to the end. Don't trust her friends to do the same. Somewhat backwards logic she got there that RD.


It's more a matter of Rainbow wants to get out of this with as little embarrassment as possible and leave nopony the wiser as opposed to not trusting her friends to help her. She does have her pride after all :rainbowlaugh:

I guessed the wish, almost word-for-word, from nothing but the description. Perhaps I should see if I can apply to become a genie.


What Rainbow would wish for or the outcome that Discord gave her? :twilightsheepish:


LOL Discord just wants to show how reformed he is by rewarding a pony's good deeds by granting their wish! :trollestia:

Hmmm -- the lesson is you can't win against Discord at his own game?

Really though, RD doesn't need a transformation. She just needs an illusion. And Twi's body shouldn't be in THAT bad of a shape. She did come in 5th at the running of the leaves. Certainly not up to RD standards but...

That her hooves were still ticklish should let her know that she is still herself in there and any mental shifts are in her own head.


Rainbow's body is at probably the equivilent of an olympic-level athlete, so it would feel far more shocking and restraining on her to suddenly have a body that isn't in that range as Twilight probably just exercises to keep the weight off her body and thus would not have the endurance Rainbow does even with the alicorn upgrade(she also won the place she did because she just trotted until the other ponies were too worn out, then she started running so she didn't really use much energy till near the end). Plus if it were an illusion, she wouldn't have the mishaps with Twi's magic that she'd have to watch herself with :trollestia:


You misread my comment then -- What I said is that she needs an illusion of herself in the meantime. She should be able to cast that.


OHH okay :twilightsheepish:

We'll see what developments bring in the future :trollestia:

I knew it! Rainbow Dash has ticklish hooves. :rainbowlaugh:

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