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The charming prequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story

The short tale of how I was trapped in a diabolical plot by a certain purple pony, and conclusive evidence that Twilight Sparkle may in fact be deranged.

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Not sure if I'm supposed to be here yet, but nevertheless I still enjoyed the read. Unreliable narration for the win. :moustache:

I didn't stop laughing all the way through.

My sides... :rainbowlaugh:

NSFW clearly.


People start to question why you're laughing so hard.

Tacos are awesome.

Best with vengeance. He's got the right idea.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Tacos are best served warm, unlike vengeance. Cold tacos, though, can be unfolded and served as vengeance.

"We were quite neutrally associated, her and I."
Hmm, bad Discord; subject and object pronoun together...

4098059 Unless they are actually burrito's in disguise.

Now, in fairness, I actually think that Twilight deserved the events of the other novel. What with "Everyone has a story to tell..."

Really I just wanted to see what would happen. :V

Also I guess it's ultimately better for this to be published than invisible.

Published 15th of march... why is this in the new stories list?

Oh..I've..already read this. :derpyderp2:

Good to see it alive..? I guess?:unsuresweetie: Fun times, those.

EDIT: 'Grats on the 1st spot on Fimfic!


Mostly wizardry. Also it was never actually published.


Judging by the lack of explosions, you got very, very lucky. :trixieshiftleft: Do be a little careful with time travel in the past, didn't you?

Huh. I see this wonderful bit of chaos drifted out of the mysterious eddies of the time-space continuum and into the realm of the published. Delightful. :yay:

I was very confused how this got so many upvotes so quickly, then I realized I'd already read it.

Also, grats on having the top rated story on the site. :trollestia:

This is shown as already read and a sequel to another identical story with different cover art which is also sequel to this one.

And yet it's "new".

Dammit Obs stop doing this to me :facehoof:

'Bout time! :twilightsmile:

Good story. I, unlike seemingly a lot of these commentators have not read it and enjoyed it a lot. This seems spot on as how Discord would tell stories, unreliably and hilariously. Good work.

I love this one. ^_^ I can just imagine Discord planning out a prank to pull on Twilight now.

Can side with Discord on this one. I hated story classes in school, it was a refined boredom. And as much as I like Twilight, we all know how she can be when it comes to something academic... So yea, she deserved it :derpytongue2:.

This story is close to perfection.

Comment posted by XANAVirus deleted Aug 26th, 2017

ROFLOL! That was perfect. I could just hear Discord speaking the way you wrote him. Favorited and I shall read the story this is a prequel for.

Discord is best non pony :moustache:

Ah, I always do enjoy a good Discord read. When properly executed, he's just so much fun.

"Tacos seasoned with vengence and a touch of hatred give a delightful disharmony on the tongue"

-Cooking with Discord.

Very interesting way to see how Discord views the world.

The only cooking show I'm here for

Me trying to remember what I was thinking when I made this comment xD

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