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While studying the Cutie Map, Twilight is accidentally whisked away to another alternate universe!

After spending much time investigating this new world, she cannot figure out just where the timelines diverged or what exactly is different compared to her own universe, but she does seem to be bumping into things more than usual.

But maybe not all alternate universes are so drastically different.

Maybe some are only slightly to the left.

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Wait, if everything is slightly to the left, wouldn't she be put slightly to the right instead? If she's put slightly to the right, that's the same as the entire world being shifted slightly to the left, which is what happened.


Well, she was already slightly to the right back in her own universe, when compared to this new one. When she was brought over, if she wasn't moved over to the left some, then she would still be slightly to the right, which would destroy all of reality, so she was moved to the right. Here, neither of the two worlds actually moved. She was just teleported between them, and then moved slightly to the left, because everything else in that universe is slightly to the left too.

I don't know.

Now, if she had stayed in the exact same spot she had been in, everything around her would've been moved to the left from her perspective. From an outsider's perspective in this new universe, it would've appeared she shifted suddenly to the right for no reason while everything around her stayed constant.

This looks funny, hahaha, nice job.


I think the key thing is that, since she's from a universe slightly to the right, she simply can't perceive things where are when they're slightly to the left. Given enoug time she can acclimate, but initially yes, she'd be constantly bouncing into/off things until she got a good idea of just how far "slightly" is.

Fine manipulation would be almost beyond her without some concerted preparation.

Just think if she falls in love with somepony. Holding hooves, kissing, everything would be awkwardly hard... :rainbowlaugh:

This... This is AU done right...

Never mind the story (not much of a story)… this is one of the best titles I've ever seen :rainbowlaugh:


Ah, that's too bad. I think I know the problem. See, you should've INSERT EXPLANATION HERE .

I smell a sequel. An alternate universe where Pinkie Pie wore a different color hat three weeks ago.

lol, Twilight saw the differences, she just didn't notice them...
Oh Twily.

Nice job!


One of my initial ideas for this story was an alternate universe where Twilight had something different for breakfast that morning, like oats instead of toast. There's plenty of alternate universes out there with equally mundane differences. I could do one where everything is the same, except the color blue is called 'jeel' instead. Or one where someone went and got a haircut a whole ten minutes earlier than they did in another timeline. The possibilities are literally endless.

Wheeeeeeeew, what a story this was, an interesting little tale.
I liked it, 10/10 DCS would read again.

Good show.

This fic made me smile a bit. The Cutie Map table got its subtle revenge on Twilight.

Fics like these make me feel that there should be an actual classification of fics in this fandom for 'High-strung anal-retentive Twilight is brought low by practically anything'

Sorry for the translation issues. Turns out when a story takes place in an alternate universe that is constantly screaming, the very text of that story is screaming as well.

Merry First of April, everyone.

I laughed as soon I saw the wall of text that was flipping screaming. The few paragraphs after were just the cherry on top!

BWAHAHAHAHahahahaha.... Sorry, Twilight! Eek! Forgot about the bad memories... about SCREAMING.


Believe you me, I laughed for a solid two minutes when I first thought of the title. And then again when I thought about what that would actually entail. And then again as actually wrote out all the screaming.

Wait, if everything's slightly to the left, doesn't that really mean it's all exactly where it should be?

Wow! This was some great work. Despite the rather mundane topic, as you noted, you turned it into quite an adventure! I vastly applaud your writing skills.

One would first have to define from which perspective "Left" is derived. What if simply all items, from their own perspective, move "left" a little bit? Then the castle goes towards Canterlot a small amount, while a bookshelf inside it facing towards the back would find itself further from Canterlot, for instance.

And when she rematerialized, she appeared in the same room, in the same castle, in the same town, in the same country, only slightly to the left of where she had just been.

Author, but, if everything is slightly leftwarded (now guessing from the perspective of Twilight), then wouldn't Twilight be slightly /right/ of where she just was, compared to everything else?


From this point in, every repitition of the word "right" was much funnier than they ought to have been. :rainbowlaugh:

The Cutie Map, on the other hand, was not at all happy about being used in such a manner, but had now begrudgingly resigned itself to its new purpose.

That's what you get for getting your self-righteous "revenge" on a poor, unsuspecting mare who didn't know you felt that way. It backfired. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

This is the most high-concept sci-fi I've ever seen. How did I miss this? :rainbowlaugh:

I found the culprit

It's the universe where R.L. took over.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

But mostly, be a responsible library patron who returns their books on time.

It was too much of a coincidence not to honor it.

I suppose the question is, what did Starlight do in this world?

Moving everything to the left or right shouldn't do anything. Or was it not everything? If the table is further left, then shouldn't the walls of the room also be further left? It should all be equivalent to Twilight taking a step to the right.
Also, left is right and right is left when you look from the other side.

this chapter made me think of how Batman tries to plan for everything.
offhand, i can only think of ONE thing he could NOT make a good plan for: if Wonder Woman turned evil.
his best plan was for Superman to deal with her.
he also had a plan for if HE turned evil. he never SAID what it was, he just gave Superman a box. Superman looked into it and was QUITE shocked. it's still a mystery.

this made me think of several gags in that "mlp time loops" collab.
thr ws n lp wr vwls dd nt xst. there was one loop where vowels did not exist.

Ha, this was a treat to read and I look forward to telling others about it.

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