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When a magic-devouring plague comes to Equestria, not even alicorns are immune. To ensure the sun will rise again, the only wholly non-magical citizen of Equestria must put aside his personal feelings and serve the crown.

Part of the Xenophilia: Further Tales chronology.

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Okay I have to admit, the part where Luna was taking those foals away was... aagh. Screw manly tears, I was almost bawling my eyes out. That alone was beautiful. The whole thing was beautiful. I have no words.

Wonderful stuff, dude. Very powerful.

You are so right. I had thought about Granny Smith, but the thought of what would be happening to very young foals had not hit me until that part. That is some powerful writing.

Exquisitely done on all accounts, from the joy to the sorrow to the sweetness. Thank you for expanding on this.

Also, the fae appear to have done more than they knew when they switched magic and hemoglobin. They made a wholly nonmagical intelligence, apparently unprecedented. Neat.

Again, thank you for this. I loved every moment.

Dat ending. So adowabu... :pinkiesad2:

2970423 All that worldbuilding. I'm so very jealous.

"Cadence looked just a trifle disappointed. And curious."

Oh Candence, you naughty girl! :trollestia:

Holy crap, a (relatively) decent Blueblood, that's a bit of a rare breed.

Oooooo, interaction between Lero and Shining. I could be forgetting something, but I'm not sure I remember seeing that in a Xenoverse fic before.

Okay, so much for the aforementioned interaction. :twilightoops:

"Thy tormentors, human. They who took the magic from thy blood and replaced it with iron, bound you to the death-metal." She made a small, pained sound, and her body shuddered. "Or art thou their creature, holding me thus bound?" Then she quivered her head. "No. This is not thy gift. I yet live. Thou slayest immortals for their game, not magic."

Now that is interesting, very suggestive as to why humans are magicless.

Definitely a good thing if Spike is making it through with just standard sickness symptoms, having someone that's going to remain fully sapient in Ponyville ought to help.

That, was awesome...and Spike is a hero in my eyes. Little guy rose to the challenge in a big way, and I once again re-affirm him as one of the best characters to come out of MLP, especially due to the fans!

Well done, and thanks for a wonderful tale.

Very well done, and excellent characterization.

"Thou has destroyed them, human?" her voice rasped. "Thy blood and iron and will against their power?"


I REALLY WANT TO WRITE THAT STUPID FIC NOW! Stop it, you're making me get ideas.

Minalkra tearing up. Difficulty level: Master. Success!

Man, you actually got a tear to come to eye about those foals - and I skipped listening to the song with it because that would be ACTUALLY too much. Congrats.

"'Do what thou wilt' shall be the whole of the law."

That does seem to be the case when it comes to the Internet, at least. If you want to get that idea out, go ahead!

I much prefer 'As it harm none, do as thou wilt.' Besides, LaVeyan Satanism and I never mixed.


Hmm. I never researched the quote that much; I thought it was intended to be more along the lines of "you can do anything you want, once you're the kind of person that anything you want will be good." And on the Internet, the bar for 'good' can be fairly low. Lots of crossover with 'hurt no one' though.

It's LaVeyan Satanism's 'Golden Rule.' If you've the strength and power to do something, do it ... just accept the consequences of that action as well. 'Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.' Le Vey adored Crowley too much and whatever good Crowley did for the occultism movement was always overshadowed by his drug fiend lifestyle.

Sorry, got a bit of a tangent there. 'As it harm none, do as thou wilt' was one of the earlier Wiccan (I think, definitely pagan though) sayings which was more of a positive message. Do whatever you want so long as no harm - emotional, financial, physical, etc. - is caused by your actions. A rather nicer ideal then Le Vey's works.

If that iron was a reference to my story then I highly approve. If not, still really cool.

Well done story. Lero deserves that stain-glassed window. What a champ.
Speaking of champs, way to rise to the occasion Spike.

I can proudly and not so proudly say i did not tear up about the foals, but it did make me a little depress, at least it wasn't "Dreaming with Ponies" sad:fluttershysad:

Some very interesting new tidbits about Lero (and humanity's) interaction with the fae, there. I'm not sure if I'd want a story *explicitly* telling what happened, but I love nibbling around the edges like this. I was especially interested by how Celestia was terrified by Lero. If humans have a unique capacity to kill fae, it was implied there that he might also have a unique capacity to kill alicorns. Very interesting indeed!

We were able to nudge you into writing more before, perhaps someday you'll write a chapter with Luna's illness, yes? :)

So many different feels! I've laughed, almost cried, ect. This is definitely amazing. Can I use it in the backstory for some of my Herdmate Oneshots? The character development here would go a long way to helping me explain how some characters join the herd!

Someday, perhaps. It'd be a very different story, though. The palace is substantially back on its hooves, Celestia is well-used to ruling alone and managing both the sun and the moon, and Lero has Canterlot-native Twilight awake and functional by his side when he's not with Luna. I have some thoughts on things that might happen, but unless plague-crazed Luna goes running through the halls to deliberately re-infect everyone, it's not an epidemic story anymore.

... Hmmmm.... :unsuresweetie:

Ahem! Anyhow. Probably not, unless I get a sharp burst of inspiration.

Fine with me! It does mean you're getting the rest of XFT along with it, unless the Herdmate One-Shots are themselves Guideverse AU, or TQM and archonix decide to pull it into Guideverse canon. ;-)


I'm not really setting the stories in any one universe. Each one needs a different background (or combination of backgrounds) to explain why each character acts the way they do.

"I'm so sorry human. I heard your cries, felt your plight, and still I did nothing. I couldn't help a race so far away without risk to my ponies." Celestia rambled once more. Lero just listened, it was all he could do.

"Human you fought well against those cruel monsters. Then finally it was silent. I could not sense that spark. Another race fell." Celestia eyes widened as her head jerked up. "Are you a ghost? Have you come to mock me!? I am not cruel!"

Lero felt the heat in the room rise again. "Of course you are dead. What race can survive without their magic within them? Instead of helping I wedged my kind behind a wall of thorns to ignore the pain others suffered. To ask for forgiveness is a fools errand. I deserve none."

The heat died as Celestia's head collapsed once more. "I'm sorry. You have every right to judge me, ghost of man. Why is it my hesitation hurts others?"

"I'm sorry, saith the fool. For what else can this fool say?"

[I just can't help it, Pinkie has struck me as the night wears on...]

"Uh, Lero? What the hay is Celestia talking about?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight Sparkle had her face down on the table in mortification.

"Something a long time ago," Lero told Rainbow.

"My sister never could hold her cider," Luna said smugly. "Innkeep! Another!"

"Jes' so long as you keep the bits flowin', I'll let you keep callin' me 'innkeep,'" Applejack muttered, and poured another round.

"It's sad I can't get her to talk when she's sober or well."

This story is too weird, but still a good read.

2971816 Celestia's connection to the Sun caused her body to heat up as it drew on that magic, and Cadence's connection to love caused love-magic-radiation effects. Luna's the Nightmare Princess. I can't imagine what's going to come oozing out of her runaway magic. :)

Luna's also the Princess of the Moon. So you know what that means will happen...

He sang along, just a little. "If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon..."

Is that an R.E.M. reference I spy?

Shining, you idiot. :facehoof:

Excellent use of Come, Little Children. And wow was that heart-wrenching.

Dash! :yay:

He was talking to the plague itself, and do you know what he told it? He said, 'Do anything you want to me, but I'm not going to let you hurt my ponies.' I do believe he's found a safe and altogether dashing outlet for his hoarding instinct. We're all his treasures.

I do like that kind of development for Spike.

Shining Armor took to having Lero bring letters in for Cadence from him; the guards themselves wouldn't let the white stallion get to the throne room anymore. He wasn't captain anymore, after all, and he'd already gone charging in twice. So he wrote letters. Several of them a day.

Now that's a much better plan.

That was good.

Great story, very well written. Kudos to you.

after all this

i wonder how honey dew will try and make an ass of herself once she knows that lero was personally the one who nursed the princesses back to health along with the influence that may bring

Have some sympathy for Shining Armor. Might as well face it, he's addicted to love...

"Yeah, well, still a big dumb monkey and it's just not right and I'm not selling him any melons," Honeydew grumbled. Then Big Mac bucked her in the face.

2971956 now that's haunting

I love it


i read that before this one

Brilliant handling of spike, he needs more love.

I really want to see lero follow up on the mumbling of celestia


But that's a different story.


Sometimes you have to let a Noodle Incident stay a Noodle Incident.

Feel free to speculate on how three+ tons of tapioca, six conifers, and a goldfish might be involved, though. :pinkiehappy:

So a delirious, uncontrolled Cadence gives people and ponies boners? That might just be the greatest power ever. :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on the feature Spinel.

Seeing more of the chemistry between Lero and Lyra is always a good thing.
A certain someone likes REM...
Now, onto the last chapter!

"Thou has destroyed them, human?" her voice rasped. "Thy blood and iron and will against their power?"

Lero stiffened. It wasn't Old High Equestrian, but archaic enough. And she still recognized him as a human. He wasn't entirely sure he liked the implications of that. Or what it might have said about that first meeting. "Destroyed who?" he asked.

"Thy tormentors, human. They who took the magic from thy blood and replaced it with iron, bound you to the death-metal." She made a small, pained sound, and her body shuddered. "Or art thou their creature, holding me thus bound?" Then she quivered her head. "No. This is not thy gift. I yet live. Thou slayest immortals for their game, not magic."

"Slay immortals?" The question rolled out of Lero. He brought her another pitcher of water, and she drained it dry before she responded.

"Hast thou forgotten, human? Thy magic, taken, thy iron blood granted that thy kind should bring new spice to their foul games. True death reintroduced as possibility, iron in the hands of thy kind. Little enough threat to such as they, but more than any other they permit in their realms." Her head dragged against the cushion of the divan as she managed a sickly smile at him. "In sooth, such might be kinder than whatever they have done to me this day."

Sons of bitches...

Just... damn, man.
I didn't expect much of anything when I saw this in the featured box, honestly, but I can see now that my expectations were completely blown away.
This story covers so many genres in just under 30,000 words and yet it does them all to near perfection.
From the comedy to the suspense to the romance to the sadness... it all felt natural, and well realized.
The scene with Luna and the children in the dreamscape is quite possibly one of the most moving and heartbreaking moments in fanfiction that I have ever witnessed. And believe me, that's saying a lot, considering how many sad fics I've come across in my travels.
The interactions between Lero and his herd, as well as the princesses, were both a joy to read as well as impressive by characterization as well as world building standards.
I know that we need more fics like this, not necessarily fics about the Leroverse or even fics of this subject matter, but fics that like to go out and explore different genres while also knowing what they want to do as legitimate stories.
"The Blank Plague" is the kind of fic I've wanted to write for a very long time but haven't gotten quite enough experience to do so yet.
With all that said, this deserves an upvote and a favorite from me.

i love that bit in the letter about derpy and how her love for dinky was so strong it cured her in an instant and shocked and awed the other ponies.
derpy as the element of motherhood is now my new headcanon someone needs to write a story about that right now

OMG you got a feature. Excellent word man.

God, the dream sequence hurt.

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