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This story is a sequel to KONO DIO DA!

DIO learns the perks of being a protagonist you know like, not being killed off as easy (glad he's not in SnK amirite), whilst a murderer with Stand power is on the loose! Will DIO find Higashikata Ambulansuke on time to defeat this monster and his Killer Queen?

Disclaimer: There may or may not be an ambulance.
If you don't get this joke, watch DiU. Please, just do it.

EDIT: Read blog for comical rundown. I'm placing the story on hiatus. This just means updates will not be in a timely manner, and that writing will dramatically decrease as it is hard to find the mood for comedy. Sorry guys.

EDIT: I should keep track of edits, I finished this story a while back.

Chapters (9)
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That's a good question, my dear reader.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
Jojo's unorthodox quest: The mineral referred to as Diamond is inseparable from itself.
A quite unorthodox and strange combination of travel and mystery referred to as an adventure but in the possession of a bloodline of people descending from Jonathan Joestar: The familiar mineral used in several rings and near the top most valuable mineral in existence referred to as the diamond, also referring to the stand of the protagonist of part four Josuke Higashikata's Crazy Diamond, improperly translated to Shining Diamond, is inseperable from itself, that is to say unbreakable.
jjba: ambulance kills the bad guy

DIO making friends is actually pree cute.

What have we here?

D U W A N G/10

I love you for this

Mmm, yes. Candy flavored.


Thanks though, I really appreciate all of this positive feedback, especially with how risky it feels to add my own spin to both franchises.

What if Kira Rero rero'd?

I've got to hand it to you, with the Kira/Lyra thing going on.

I s w e a r
By the by, I can't find the comments section of your user page unless I'm on my phone
maybe im stupid
but dont agree with me pls ty
So unless I missed something, I have to wait on signal here at school, so replies might be much later than usual.

I can imagine the scene where Kira licks the sauce off the hand and instead of making that salivary noise, he's just going
"Rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero lululululululululululululululul~"

The ponies have to rero too, y'know.

I shall prepare a chapter for rero rero.

This is nice.

And DIO and Luna talking about life issues was pretty cute before the dark twist.

Still kinda cute.

Well, that got dark.

I’ll be honest, not feeling this one as much as the previous, but I’m gonna stick with it for now.

The ride never ends!

I know, I've taken a break. Hard to write comedy when you being shat on by fate. Check my blog, it's a comical overview of how much things suck right now. c;

Yare yare daze. I need to work on this some more.

Guaranteed next story, DIO squeeo.

There's a fic where Lyra is Kira's Sister and her Sutando is Black Queen and their mother was a Sutando Tsukai.


Christ almighty that sounds fun

Thank, very slow progress on KDD3 but I'm doing my best.

She'd been living with Bon-Bon for about four years now, the two had been friends for the longest time. Even though Bon-Bon was always so helpful, she was never supportive about Lyra's otherworldly dreams. Lyra sometimes wondered if she preferred a friend who could put more effort into her dreams than her reality.

You DO realize they're married now, right?

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