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Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.


He had shown her what it meant to fall, taught her to follow her heart no matter where it might lead. She loved him for it.

A Xenophilia side fic.

For the record this Lyra is not the Lyra of popular fanon. Not quite.

You might also want to listen to this. Just because.

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Just a little something that I've been trying to finish for months.

It's important to remember that the term "xenophilia" applies in both directions in these stories. The ponies' love is directed towards a creature that is just as alien to them as they are to him.

In any case, you did a magnificent job with Lyra, balancing the Still Way serenity and casual joy with the uncharacteristic nervousness of courting her way into such an already happy herd. A great portrayal of one of the best alternate portrayals of the character.

Also, I love the Nanny Ogg/Granny Weatherwax contrast of Twilight and Lyra. One has incredible power. The other doesn't, and thus has had to develop incredible technique.

In short, thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

Nice to see you finish this one. It is a lovely story.
Lyra is the weak, but killed to Twilight's overwhelming force.

One of my favorite books as a child spoke of power versus understanding in magic as well. Every wizard they encountered was vastly powerful; they could crush diamonds with barely a thought. But the one who wins is the one who knows how to cut the diamond along its fissures, for what worth is a crushed diamond?
Of course, :moustache: wasn't around in the world of the book to answer that rhetorical question, but it definitely seems like it would gel with Lyra's philosophy.


"At best, power without control is impotent. At worst, it is dangerous."

It's like my wish was granted...

The human raised his arm in mock defeat and levered himself upright. "Sure, lets leave these two sleeping beauties alone."

"Lets" should be "let's", since the context implies you mean "let us".

Lovely story. I'm glad you could push it out.

You just pretty much defined industrial diamond.

Awesome! I remember reading an early draft of this!

Yes, it was the musings of a fantasy author for a pre-industrial setting...

And then thing started to get a little warmer and a little louder, especially when Twilight joined in.

"thing" needs to be pluralized.

Though some earplugs might come in useful in future

Hah. Oh Twilight, don't ever change.

Congrats on getting the SFW feature box.

I've been waiting for this to be finished. Finally Lyra gets some sexy time. And more character development.

Fantastic! Lyra totally needs more of these. :pinkiehappy:

Very nicely done. :pinkiehappy:

A very sweet little piece.

Oh god I think my heart is going to give out from the sugary sweetness of this fic...HNNNNNGGGGG...

Loved Xenophilia, this is a fantastic addition the universe. Especially so close to when Lyra joined the herd, I've been looking FOREVER for more details on how she got involved. This was adorable and FANTASTICALLY done. Nice work. Nice, nice work.

Just want to mention how much I love what you've done with Xenoverse Lyra. You took a fantastic idea and ran with it, making "The Weak Lyre" (which I'm actually considering knitting into one very long tapestry, I just think it would be beautiful. At least the first and last sections, anyway.), and I'm certain this piece will be just as beautiful and inspirational. If only it wasn't so late in the evening... Glad I have a day off tomorrow.

2933724 It's a dichotomy I really like. Immense power can breed a strange sort of laziness - or perhaps a better way to put it would be a lack of discipline. The cliché that weakness can be your greatest strength is cliché because it's so very true. :twilightsmile:

2933826 2934137 Yes, yes exactly! :pinkiehappy:

2934152 :raritywink:

2934734 Yes, she's quite the, ah, orator. :twilightblush:

2936802 Well thankye.

2935107 I must confess I wanted to run longer and add in more, er, detail but I keep hitting the problem that I'm just no good at writing certain things. I think it came out quite nicely anyway.

2938047 A... tapestry? Do tell me more! :raritystarry:

Hmm. This story, it does nothing for me. It's not bad, but it's just not very interesting. I don't necessarily need clop in a xenophilia story, and I think we've all been wanting to see some Lyra in here....but, I don't know...this story is just kind of boring. It's not bad enough to give a thumbs down, not good enough to give a thumbs up...just....*shrug*

What this story really should have been was heartwarming. But it isn't. It doesn't succeed at exploring the emotions of any of the characters beyond showing the Lyra is a bit uncertain. But "a bit uncertain" isn't a terribly interesting emotional state. So this ends up being, instead of an emotional piece...mostly just a lengthy description of magical TechnoBabble, followed by a waterfight. The technobabble just isn't very interesting, and the waterfight isn't enough to carry the story.


I, personally, would have loved to see more detail, I've missed the lovely, intimate and sensual stuff AnonAuthor did. But it's understood if it was beyond your grasp, writing good erotica is hard, and sadly, a rarely developed skill.

2938807 Hmm, that's an interesting analysis of this one-shot... I on the other hand thought this was a lovely, emotion-exploring piece. That particular point where Lyra sees the predator in Lero's eyes, and she gets both scared, as wells as hot and bothered, was particularly nice in my book. Perhaps it is merely because Lyra's is a different kind of passion, but I don't think there's any lack of passion here. Granted, I think I speak for many of us who want some lovely, sensual Lyra play, but Archonix has made it very clear that he does not feel comfortable writing such a piece at this time. So, I choose to enjoy this for what it is. A fun, tender moment between Lero and his herdmates.

I for one very much liked this glimpse at the quartet! :twilightsmile:


Well, tapestry in a loose usage of the term. I can't weave worth a damn, and tapestries are traditionally woven... But I've been playing with letter knitting patterns for a while. Somehow, the idea to take bits and pieces of "The Weak Lyre" and knit them into a rather large wall-hanging piece just popped into my head and I went, "Hey, I should do that." I'm still working out the details (and looking for the right needles. It's hard to find decent bamboo needles with specific (or specifically, odd) measurements where I live.), but I'm actually really excited to start it. I've found yarn in Lyra's colours, too, which made me pretty happy.

2940763 So like some sort of wall scarf. Sound nifty. :twilightsmile:

I feel like I should use words to describe it, but with cute, lovely and adorable being quite close and not feeling anywhere near accurate enough, I don't know what to use.
Beautiful, perhaps? Elegant? I... don't think I can explain what I feel about this.
I guess... heartwarming? I just don't know, and it frustrates me.
I think.... I don't know what to think.
I keep trying to write something to describe and whenever I start writing what I think would fit, I realise it just doesn't feel right.
It's cute, but 'cute' isn't enough to describe it.
It's beautiful, but 'beautiful' isn't enough to describe it.
It's adorable, but 'adorable' isn't enough to describe it.
It's heartwarming, but 'heartwarming' isn't enough to describe it either, though I am feeling somewhat confident that it is the most suitable word that I can think of to describe it.
I could try and go through thousands of words, but I feel that none of them would be 'the' word to describe this.


I really, truly enjoyed this, Archonix. I think one of the one things that strikes me as most profound is this:

Lyra stopped and lowered her head. She took a breath, held it and let it out again, then grinned at Lero. "Weak as a foal. I've never been a strong mage. That actually gave me an advantage over a lot of unicorns because I wasn't relying on innate strength to overcome my other weaknesses."
"I've seen you use your magic a few times, you're hardly weak."
"I'm not nearly as strong as I appear, especially compared to a pony like Twilight.

She knows how to overcome her own 'weakness,' and still come out strong. To me, that's deep.

Magic is not a big truck, it's a series of tubes.

"Best call a plumber," Lero replied with another quiet chuckle, likely remembering the repairs he'd made to Bon Bon's pipework.

I'm fairly sure Lyra doesn't mind him inspecting her plumbing :rainbowwild:

Wonderful short story, and another lovely look into the love life of this happy little herd.

One small technical remark on the writing:
> "You okay Lyra?"
> "Any time, any place big guy."
Always separate addressing terms with commas. In this case, "Lyra", and "big guy".

What a lovely short story, thank you archonix :twilightsmile:

"Any time, any place big guy."

I think the correct version is "Anytime, anywhere". ;)

Very nice. :)

And then things started to get a little warmer and a little louder

Damn the [T] rating! ;)

Later that day, a few animals that lived near the watering hole showed up at Fluttershy's house and complained that some ponies and ape-thing had disturbed the afternoon with lots of noise and making a mess. A squirrel even went so far as trying to explain what they had done and even tried to repeat the noises the best he could to get their point across. Needless to say, Fluttershy could already tell that tomorrow's scheduled tea with the girls was going to be bit awkward when she passed on the the complaint.

A very cute short story.

Also I think this Lyra might be my current favorite fan fic portrayal of her. Much moreso than the screaming human otaku.

Thanks! Nice to know people are still reading this. :)

And thus I return to another re-read of this delightful little fic.
Gosh it's been some years since last time, and it still manages to make me feel a whimsical happiness of having been granted a brief window into the life of these characters.

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