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She smiles at him every time she comes to visit the stately home where he works as a gardener, but Dilly Daliér has never spoken to her.

Nor will he ever.

Because he's a mule and she's a unicorn, and those are the rules.

Written as an entry for the WBA April Writing Contest

Reading by ObabScribbler and co

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Woaaah, mind blown. Yeah, definitely need more fics exploring this! Wow. :twilightoops:

...And Twilight's family tree expands a little further (more like a spoon in this case than a fork, so to speak). Interesting story because of the racism aspect, and the actual affair. I'd think a donkey/pony affair would be terribly looked down on regardless of whether it results in offspring because of the mere possibility of offspring, but of course having the actual proof would no doubt be worse.

Just want to be clear: You are referring to Star in this aren't you, or is the mother another (passed away) relation to Twilight? The mechanics of foal descendency seemed pretty complicated before this...

EDIT: Also, mules with donkey as father are pretty much sterile, aren't they? Why would this cast doubt on the bloodline in that case? Or is it simple politically-driven racism?

2426620 It's a different pone. The relationships are complex and honestly not worth dwelling on for this beyond "they might be related somehow".

2426622 Ah, thank you.

"Aye, well, point is it weren't her. It were them daughters. Havin' a donkey as a lover weren't a thing even then, but if she foaled a mule, well, that meant ponies'd start wonderin' how much it had gone on in the past. These thoroughbreds is all about their bloodlines, see. If they had donkey in em,"

Suspending disbelief here for a moment, it's impossible to have more than one generation of donkey in the bloodline. Mules are sterile.

2426799 A wizard did it.

With a donkey.


Then it's okay!

It'd be nice to see a longer-form story taking on the subtle-yet-heavily-implied racism in Equestria. When your two resident gods happen to be a certain race, it's probably hard not to feel superior to everyone else.

2426825 I've seen some stories deal with it in the past but usually in terms of the three pony species. I've always thought donkeys got a pretty rough deal in Equestria.

Also I could have mentioned Hinnys. They're sometimes fertile. Dunno what sort of offspring they'd have though...

Very nice, I always have liked stories like these, with the whole unobtainable love interest and what have you. Also a very good use of donkey and mule breeds as well. I'd planned on using them in one of my stories at some point, and this gives me something to consider should I ever get around to writing it.

Grumpy old fart, eh? Yeah, he certainly was grumpy enough. Nice story-telling, all in all. Well done.

Statistically, you can say "most mules are sterile", not "mules are sterile".
Besides, this is a magical world: for all we know, ponies, zebras, burros and gryphons can all interbreed with no biological problem.

This does raise an interesting thought Ive been batting about for the past couple years.
If the three pony tribes can merrily interbreed with the results being one or the other or even what an ancestor contributed to the dice roll, certainly a mule having pony genes might actually be fertile given a chance. I suspect "Da Roolz" are in place because it can happen due to the looser, magical genetics of Ponykind, unlike a mere crossing of Donkey and Horse

Brilliant story, very sad.

BTW, he is going to be PISSED when he finds out she's with someone not even in the same genus.

real world problems aside, is there any chance of seeing a small continuation of this? :rainbowhuh:

2706563 The offspring of a female donkey and a male horse, as opposed to a mule which is the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey.

I always heard that the mother would die in that case because the baby would be too big.

Of course since ponies and donkies are the same size in Equestria that wouldn't be a problem but I didn't know it would work in real life.

Ow, the irony, it burns us. :facehoof:

Interesting one-shot, I'm always up for a little world-building (even if it does deal with the nastier parts of society), and it was interesting to see a unique interpretation of what Donkeys and Mules deal with living in Equestria (I can't imagine it's much better for cows, being treated almost akin to farm animals). In my opinion people tend to ignore races like Donkeys, Mules, Buffalo, and Bovines, in favor of more "cool" races like Gryphons, Changelings, Dragons, and Minotaurs; but I think they have just as much to say as the other more "interesting" races, the truth is most often in the details after all.

I've seen your avatar many times and never even knew you wrote. This is wonderful. You've got "publish story on EqD" on your bucket list. Send this one in.

How'd you do Slowpoke's dialect? Have you lived in the country? Ireland?

3294171 I was born and raised in the most rural bits of rural Derbyshire, but around there all the countryfolk talk like gentlemen and squires, and these days my accent has migrated out to somewhere in Lancashire anyway. I just went for a bit of a generic West Country sound instead. Seems to have worked. :derpytongue2:

Well, it's kinda horrible when you put it like that. I suppose that's just landed aristocracy and inheritance laws though. It was hard enough with just one species to keep a track of.

Brilliantly written, and very sad indeed. I loved this a lot; it brings up some interesting ideas and handles them superbly.

Aw man, This fic is something special.

One way or the other, Dal has an ugly truth to contend with. Either he faces the fact that he's not good enough for the mare he may only think he's in love with, or he will taint her status among the elite. If ponies don't even accept interbreeding between their fellow equines, that doesn't say much for a reptile's chances with a pony who specifically aspires to be part of high society.

Ahh, sad, but nice. I liked it.

But yeah, if she was related to him, even distantly... let's try not to produce any two-headed equines here, a'ight?

Some minor corrections:
> "That doesn't answer the question dad,"
Should have a comma before "dad".
> When she were younger she'd had pony's lives torn apart
Plural - "ponies' lives"
> then pardoned my pardon for hearin it so.
hearin' - needs to end on an apostrophe where you cut it off.

I wonder how the ponies of the Xenophilia Equestria would react to the offspring of ponies with zebras?

Question: What is Dal's mother name. I not use I undersand how SlowPoke is say it.

I'm found asking myself questions about who "her Ladyship" is. Implications seem to be it's Twilight Sparkle, but others indicate it isn't. it is a cosine, or daughter, a descendant from several generations in the future, an ancestor, her aunt?

5183876 Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

5198347 I took a picture of a threstral (likely from Harry potter), and added my trademark curly neon green and blue hair, favorite hat, and French horn cutie mark :)

Comment posted by Banchoking deleted Oct 28th, 2014

The mule. He supposedly can't be with her because he's a mule. Yet she's with a human.

Where did you get the story image?

This was beautiful

No! Don't give up!! You've got more spirit than that! :applecry:

I wrote a critique/review of this story; it can be found over here.

I'd been looking for a story about species prejudice in Equestria, and when I saw this on the RCL it seemed perfect. I enjoyed it a good deal, too, especially the fact that it isn't just a case of "oh, everything would be so much better without this prejudice". It's a bit talky, but I'm happy with talky stories (I love Yes, Minister, the talkiest hit sitcom ever!) and I liked the conversations betweem Dilly and his father. Slowpoke's voice grated a little, but overall, great. Have a fave.

Yeah, i don't really like the fact of "ponies master race" thing. it just..not Equestria at all...hell even later on in later seasons it proven wrong.

Well, I liked this one to be sure, but I did have some thoughts.

So reading this, I have to say... I mean, I get it, but this really doesn't seem to be something Celestia would allow. Oh sure, there'd be tongue wagging and guff, but I'd imagine she'd deal with the matter as well as can be expected with an alicorn in the room. Namely with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer.


"You're highness, I simply must protest!"

Sighing, Celestia slowly pulled her pince-nez glasses from her muzzle (which she didn't even need but took thrill in indulging in given the prevalence of regard her Guard had for the Hot Librarian thing) and regarded the mare.

"And as stated previously, your protest, along with the nigh endless stream of dullards before you, has been noted. But by the powers bestowed upon us by the Principles of Go Fuck Yourself, I have bestowed upon good Dalier both title of Baron and land. I would have settled for some patch of swamp just to get the noble niceties settled, but no. You all had to have your tails in a twist, so mines and the rights there in and a dozen hectares it is."

Sputtering indignantly, the mares face turned beet red as she turned her ire to the dark coated alicorn sitting at a desk next to the Solar Diarchs. Shrugging, Luna merely continued her work.

"We tried to go Constitutional Diarchy and wanted our role to largely ceremonial, but no. You speciesist putzes couldn't see your coveted prize be diminished could you and don't have either the power nor fortitude to remove us. As such, Celestia is well within her rights too..."


For a moment, there was silence, even the guards stunned by the declaration and gaul before them. Slowly rising, Celestia drew a pair of opera glasses from her drawer, and walking to the noble, raised them to her eyes and scrutinized the mare closely. Nodding resolutely, and drawing back, Celestia flared her wings in mock shock.

"Sister mine... I believe I've spotted a cunt!"

Brandishing her glasses with a flourish, she said pleasantly "Good day madam."

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