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A series of oneshots based on suggestions from fans for who they think would make good additions to the herd. If you feel the need to dislike, give a reason why.

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Comments ( 57 )

Well executed AJ shipping for fun and profit. :ajsmug:

Thank you very much!

About time AJ gets some fan love. :ajsmug:

I'm glad to see you are doing this. Have fun with all those requests.

It will certainly be interesting. I already have an idea for the next one!

Looking forward to more one shots. It was definitely a fun read.

I like it, plain and simple.

Uh, hey girls. Just wanted to apologize fer keepin' Lero so busy. But everything's taken care of so I won't be keepin' him late anymore. While I'm here I wanted to invite ya'll to dinner Friday. If yer all free that is," she was sweating bullets.

Needs an opening -"-

Also, each of your segments in X-----x or (-----) need to be expanded into real paragraphs, rather than simple "stage directions." It would immensely raise the quality of this.

Finally, instead of repeating X enough times to choke a grammar teacher, use

or {hr} with ]/[. It creates a scene break


What do you mean opening?

I wasn't really sure how to expand the background scenes without it being confusing.

How do I make a line? I didn't quite get the instructions.

I meant opening parentheses. "----" is missing the first "

You use "hr", but replace the parentheses with brackets. [-hr-], without the dashes :rainbowhuh:

You would still do well to work on those sequences. It seems unprofessional without them. I suggest just mention that AJ is watching or remembering Lero go about those actions.

Also, I suggest you wittle it down to 3 Genre tags. The more you have, the less people will be interested in your story.

Alright, I'll get right on it, thanks for the suggestions.

There, check it now.

Awesome. Much better, you get a favorite

On that note, you still have an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxx left near the bottom.

Tasty little story, I cannot wait to savor more. There is one minor error that I noticed. In the first line you put Rainbow Dash as one word, you might want to correct that.

Thanks. I'll fix that. Glad you like it! And thanks for the fave!

Ok, I Starred and Thumbed up this one earlier, so let me give a few comments (read: exhaustion induced ramblings).

I really enjoyed the premise of this (idea?) I hesitate to say "story" I don't have any clue as to how much inter-connectivity each chapter will have, and it doesn't feel right calling it that.

Anyway. onto a real point. I feel like Applejack's Xeno-verse portrayal is spot-on here. The juxtaposition of her into Lero's herd despite the fact that she doesn't quite get what makes him tick, still feels extremely awkward. It was somewhat cringe inducing to watch AJ struggle with "should I, or shouldn't I?". You made it work, by playing to AJ character traits and using them to justify admiring Lero for his values and deeds, rather than what he does or doesn't bring to the table in a physical sense; but it still seems to me that intimacy of any kind other than familial will always be the elephant in the room.

Really well constructed over-all, I look forward to more.
A very tired,
- Lunar Brony

Thanks for the fave and thumbs up, and especially for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy it. And you're right, as far as my headcanon for this goes, her lack of physical attraction to Lero will be an issue, similar to Rainbow Dash's lack of interest in mares was in the beginning.

But rest assured that she will eventually adjust and come to love Lero for what he is and how he appears. Those magic hands of his will see to that. :raritywink:

Heh, she thinks those hands are nice wait until Twilight comes up with the spell to turn him into an Earth Pony temporarily, I read about that happening in one of the "possible future/possible AU" side-stories they got going on; needless to say the mares approved, they approved very, very much.

All joking aside I actually like this idea, Xenophilia is an absolute favorite of mine and the thing that really got me considering the whole "pony x human" relationship dynamic with an open mind (while I didn't really consider it "disgusting" or "wrong" before, I did believe most of the genre to be mere flights of fancy with a dash of wishful thinking); I'm really curious to see how the other relationships go, especially considering the various things that might get in the way (Rarity for example, not only is she not attracted to him in the least, she might just find the idea of having a relationship with a non-pony a little squicky on a personal level, that's not even beginning to mention how Spike would react).

The thing I like about this chapter is the way she went up to him and asked, that blatant rejection of Equestrian gender stereotypes struck a very positive chord in me and speaks a great deal about Applejack's character. I also like the way she remains completely honest with him, and the way she maturely dealt with her growing emotional attraction to Lero (well... except for the bit where she made him work on the farm while she came up with a way to talk to him :raritywink:).

Oh yes, she's going to be very interested in that little spell.

I agree. To be completely honest, Xenopjilia is what introduced me to the fandom to begin with. I wouldn't have ever even seen the show without reading it first.

I'm glad you caught that. I wanted to show that her affections were for him and that he was the one she wanted to deal with.

Saw your comment, remainded me that I forget to click "like".

Coupla questions.

So are you just doing one story per addition, or will characters get building chapters?

Are you only going to add your work or will you take other peoples work like Shotglasses does?

One story per character unless I feel the need to do otherwise. Only my stories, but you can suggest any character in the forum thread and I'll write about them.

Always good to see new Leroverse stuff.

For suggestions; perhaps Mayor Mare, Princess Luna or :yay:

Luna is already on the list but I'll add Mayor Mare and Fluttershy. If you want to make more suggestions, head to the forum at Xenophilia HQ.

2907323 Noted.

Oh, and Bon Bon.

Already on the list.


So when's the next one coming?


I've got it a third of the way written.

Hopefully a new chapter will come out for this soon. I really enjoyed the one with AJ!

Thank you very much! I'm just waiting for my muse to come back to me and I'll be right on it. :twilightsmile:

Then hunt that sucker down like a dog you just caught in bed with your wife! :pinkiecrazy:

The phrase "lero felt touched" seemed to break the flow but otherwise good

Thanks. There was more there but it didn't fit, so I removed it and sorta broke my rythem.

Since I'm using a cell phone, and because of that I cannot access the Xenophilia forum (a shame), Can I give my sugestion of the next mares here? If so, here it is: Rarity and Celestia

Rarity has been added and Celestia was already on the list. Thank you!

Eventually. Sorry I'm so slow to update.

I would like to see vinyl scratch in this. That would be interesting.

She's already on the list. Thanks for the comment by the way. I love comments on my stories!

when are we going to see more of this?

I'm dying here man!

Sorry for the wait. Inspiration is fickle and likes to play hard to get.

4015054 Well slip something into inspirations drink and get on with it!:trollestia: lol

... Why is no one commenting on Applejack being launched from a slingshot by Applebloom?

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