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A series of random glimpses into the Xenophilia universe from a diverse collection of authors and Xenofans - some moved over from the Xenophilia forum, others brand new and fresh from the stables - all stored here for your enjoyment.

But is it canon? Fanon? Head-canon? Who knows? That's up to you to decide.

All ficlets used with the authors' kind permission.

Chapters (84)
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This is something I would love to see more of: the monogamist's position in this universe. Being looked at disdainfully, perhaps even hated and shunned by some, just because you happen to find just one soul mate. It would be a very interesting story, one of the main six coming out in a monogamous relationship and how the rest of the girls react to it.

In retrospect it should have been obvious that this would have happened. Twi sure comes up with the best worst ideas.

"...it had not been so long she'd forgotten that particular texture!"

Wait so that means Luna....Oh. Well then.
Great job Velvet :heart:

Aww, the italics were lost when you copied it.

You're right. Bugger, I'll go stick them back in again.

EDIT: They're back. Not sure what happened there.

Wow... I can never look at Pop Rocks as a simple candy ever again... :twilightoops:

Mine too - though you got it third-hand so maybe you never saw them to begin with. The only one that i can think of was the word 'monogamy.'

I think they must have got lost along the way. It'll prob' be easier if we try and get everyone to send them to me direct or send me a google docs link that I can upload from.

They do get lost - text editing via PM's and such on this site are plain text. No formatting is saved in the text itself - which makes it a bit of a hassle doing things like this but makes it simpler to upkeep and ... well, a bit less prone to being abused.

We could always use a modified BBCode to send info. Instead of using the direct [-u] (sans the - of course) we could instead use <u>this</u> to specify. I don't think the text parser will try to interpret that and the receiver can do a find/replace <u> with [-u] and similar with the </u>

But it's up to you on how you want things to go.

EDIT: Testing an idea... This is a [u]test[/u] Didn't work at all.


Besides the sexual connotations of Pop Rocks... are there other magical candies in Equestria? Personally, I would think it's a foregone conclusion. Of course there's magiced candy to be had.

Stealing relentlessly from Harry Potter, there's a whole buffet of enchanted confectioneries to abuse in FiM fiction. Muhahaha! :trollestia:

Oh, but pop-rocks aren't magical again - they just taste magical!


I suppose it would be simply awful of Bon Bon to try making her own versions of the Whizzo Chocolate Company's flagship product, the Whizzo Quality Assortment box. :twilightsmile:

Lol. This was good.

Hey, how can I contribute to this? I mean, how can I submit for yor approval. :)

BWAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

If thou cast yon eyeballs towards the Xenophilia forums, thou shall find the instruction thou doest seek.

Damn. Now I want some bloody pop-rocks :rainbowdetermined2:
Wait... :twilightblush: not what you thought I was implying, I genuinely want real pop-rocks, not... That.

Who am I kidding I want "that" too :pinkiehappy:

where she had been furiously trying to catch up on her grading while her students gave their presentations.

:rainbowlaugh: IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!

Oh my Goddess! These are so good. :rainbowlaugh:

Tube steak apocalypse.
That is all.

The moment I read 'small white unicorn' I facepalmed... It hurt.

(jimmies successfully rustled)

Not sure why but your story idea has scratched the itch that I have had ever since the first crystal empire episode was released. As my comment has already blatantly outlined I really like this story idea and would absolutely love to read more of it, plus I without a doubt believe you have skill by the bucket-load and are capable of writing something very impressive with this.
Interested to see how this plays out if you continue. :raritywink:

I facepalmed again... and this time it was a double, with drag-down!


:twilightoops: I felt a great disturbance in the Fandom, as if millions of jaws hit the ground and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

And all the Cola i was drinking is suddenly covering my screen. ^_^ :pinkiehappy:

2589530 I second this! that story line has to be completed.


I would pay to see this expanded.
I'd pay in pony checks.

Oh BOY! New herdmates, yay!

As I had Lero say in the thread, at least they don't have the Internet.

Please tell me this is cannon in this universe! This needs to become official.


2585934 Well pop-rocks done by Twi,Lero and Bon-bon have some magic in them apparently if Twis horn was sore : P

There's a difference between putting magic in and using magic in their production. :raritywink:


Well. Lero made someone more than happy again... I'm horrible to said it but Octavia at least should invite him to dinner before this, or pay him after.....

2590458 i agree and i feel like she might want to "be the music” again, if she passed out and continued dreaming of it.


2590489 Now I'm curious when Vinyl came up with idea to "Mix me hard, mister handy!"

2590495 O.o oh boy! Well then he would have 3/4 pony types (until twilight transforms) and 3 unicorns.........


2590507 Fingers. Thats why I'm against HiE with ponified humans :P

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