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Prince Blueblood is a useless noble. He's always been a useless noble. The Blank Plague made him, briefly, a useful noble. He needs someone to talk to about that, but who's got enough rank for him? How about the one-time Viceroy of Canterlot? And will it do any good? He is Blueblood, after all.

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This is pretty fun. This sort of reinforces my perspective that Lero's really good at reading people's personalities, and prodding them into useful directions.


*Checks your profile*

...Wow. I was unaware Blueblood fans actually existed

Check this group some are blueblood fans and is a good place to find any blueblood stories WHICH ARE RARE him being good not snobby RARER!!!!!

Lero shouldn't worry so much about what Rarity might think or do once she finds out he had a pleasant talk with Blueblood. She herself spent some cordial time with him during her Canterlot tour, after all--if she faulted her human friend for having the same, it'd make her a hypocrite.

Aren't umlauts German? I always thought Aloe and Lotus had French accents.

I watched the bit where Lotus speaks. I'm pretty sure they're Scandaneighvian. Swedish does make some use of umlauts, but obviously I went wild with them as a joke. :raritywink:

I would say no, but that's what I said after putting up Blank Plague, and then I went ahead and did Plague's End anyhow. But I am planning on giving NaNoWriMo a go this year, writing in an original setting, so I'm not expecting to do a lot of pony-writing for the next month or so. We'll see how that goes.


The thing I liked about Blueblood is that he was downright relatable. Pompous... but relatable. There's a spoiled innocence to him.

Well, if you just watched it, I'll take your word for it. I haven't seen that episode in well over a year. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, I brought it up specifically to see what kind of accent she had. Research! If I had included footnotes to document it properly, Twilight might be proud of me.

Okay, this was really, really good. A nice way to make Blueblood grow in the Leroverse.


This was very good. I always like stories that make Blueblood more than the cardboard cutout stuck up prince he is in the show, and you definitely delivered here. There is also a lot of room to expand on this if you want, although it definitely works as a standalone piece.

Delightfully Monty Python-esque.. and still... a glimmer of hope for the bliss-ninny... (Epona save us if he's ever in charge of anything before he makes any progress in growing up...)

You went fucking nuts with the umlauts. That early part was a struggle to read.

Pretty sure Lero was also the only non-pony to rule over the courts. Not like it mattered.
I would like to see more of your Blueblood in the future. Character growth is always fun.


If the fic about him meeting Celestia and Luna´s mother (aka the Creator) counts, Lero´s talent (besides interracial sex) is to offer new perspectives to equestrians, like a magic mirror who can talk back.

Diacritics are not decorations that mean "this person talks funny". Diaereses/umlauts also each have very specific meanings--this is not reflected in your usage, which is honestly annoying and not funny to read. If you want to use diacritics to alter the way a character sounds, by all means do so; just use the right one(s) in the right place(s).

I know you intended it as humourous, but it comes off, to me at least, as trying way too hard. I had to put your story through a character set convertor to read it.

The story was interesting, though, and I am glad I read it. I would like to see what becomes of this Blueblood throughout the rest of the Xenophilia timeline.

*Applauds gently* Very lovely. This was an excellent gentle and introspective piece between two excellent characters.

Huh. Blueblood shows an excellent balance of self-possession and willingness to grow and learn. He's been shaken, yes, but he's still the same pony that spurned the advances of the Bearer of Generosity. Excellent characterization there.

My only complaint is the umlaut saturation bombing in the beginning. I was able to filter them out (having read Homestuck helped,) but any humor died off rather quickly.


3423829 :facehoof: Å Ä Ö yes, ï ë ü nope, only in foreign name's.
en.wikipedia.org/Swedish alphabet

(and no im not in any way associated with this vid, only needed a swedish speaking female.)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxlJhqCYjAw 10 Swedish SWEAR Words :twilightsheepish:
And yes i'm from sweden. :pinkiehappy:

What, me, self-referential?


Fortunately, Blueblood was still talking.

what an odd turn of phrase


Fortunately, Blueblood was still talking.

Never before has this thought been expressed.

People fail to realize that Il Principe can be read as satire.

Lero had to come up with something on the spot, and there's probably good odds he hasn't actually read it, just knows the common idea of it.

While it can be seen as satire today, it was not and wasn't meant as such. It was more or less objective representation of Italian politics during renessance era.Idea that it was satire, comes from misunderstanding term "pamphlet", which today is associated with satire. Modern pamphlets can be satirical, showing "what's wrong", or "how not to". But Il Principe is believed to be a "how to" for Medici.

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