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Desperate Dawn

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Vael and Sid is just a typical Dark Souls player, one was an average Casuals that just want to play the game while the other was a troll rage-inducing-level type of player that finishes the game at least once or twice. However, the two didn't expect to get thrown into their own (Chosen Undead) character into the worlds of MLP, as if that wasn't bad. Turns out they both were thrown to the bad old days of MLP, which is literally the beginning before Generation Four. Oh and also, it was during the Crystal War.

Isn't that was too generic for a fanfiction...? Well, for Vael case anyway.
(And perhaps a little from the author)

01/28/2019[10:00 UTC+07]: Decide to add Oscar as cover art

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And also don't forget to PRAISE THE SUN!

This was... An surprisingly enjoyable experience. Good job!

Will you be keeping the story pure aka no cross-overs with other Displaced? Or do you plan to do some? Depending on which way you go, you will attract different kind of readers.

Hmm, I'm going to keep the story pure for now. But since thou hast tempted the Author, there shalt be consequences!
And that might be Ornstein being thrown into the mix. But there is no guarantee though.

Ha ha ha. As long as your readers are happy with your choice.

There is grammar errors in the bio...
But this is awesome please continue

I hope that one of our Dark Soul's fanfics make it somewhere, best of luck from me to you.

You have a good idea here, however you definitely might need an editor. Still, good story so far!

A dark souls story, i hope it doesn't die like the others.

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