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Twilight Sparkle never meant to do anything wrong. But then again, all magical mistakes are caused by ponies who have no idea what happened. That's why they're called mistakes. The only difference with Twilight's mistake is that it accidentally sort of turned her into Princess Celestia. And now she doesn't know how to change back.

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good idea, I've wanted to see something like this for a long time... I'll read it later when I have free time

Celestia has a changeling double? Seems legit.

what has science done?

Seems like a brilliant idea, just kinda wish it was longer.

It is kinda short right now, but I'll be adding more when I have time. I mean, we haven't even gotten to the real Princess yet!



You are the reason I read this fic, I lol'd SO HARD I just had to... :rainbowlaugh:

This is priceless, i can't wait to read more. On another note, the changling idea makes sense to me, i mean why should i go about with such a busy day when i can have someone look just like me and do it for me? Totally wish i had one of those for certain occasions.

Oh GOD. OH GOD. I'm laughing so hard I'm CRYING and NOSEBLEEDING at the SAME TIME ;____;

PS: Faving, Tracking, Watching the Author, and Upthumbing @___@

Sounds interesting, will read after I fave a story I read earlier.

This is so headed for the Favourite box at this rate!

*strokes mustache* Proceed. :moustache:

Well, I think Celestia calling Twi ugly is a bit much, but when you've occupied the body that is used as the basis of equine beauty and perfection and beauty for who-knows how long, anything else would seem sub-par.

The premise, I think, is a bit stretched. I mean, I've seen quite a few variations on the subject here on the site. That being said, the story is well done, though towards the end it started getting a bit strained, kinda like you were trying to extend it to get it as wordy as you could, but you weren't quite sure how to do it well, so you just settled for writing whatever came to mind instead of thinking your sentences through. But like I said, overall I enjoyed it. So I will be following this for later. :raritywink:


Seems like an internation relations disaster. I would expect to use magical projection or something.

SO FUNY!!!!:pinkiehappy:I:heart: IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can expect this to be a good story. Doesn't sound all too relevant to my interests, but good nonetheless.

One thing, though.
Unless I'm using 'thine' wrong, in which case your sentence would be just fine.

Other than that, I don't see all that much wrong with this story, except maybe the occasional lack of italics with all caps instead.

what is this i dont even


just wut

You know what? I think you're absolutely correct. I was having trouble with Luna's uh... canterlot voice when I was writing this, so thank's for pointing that out! :pinkiesmile:'


I've been studying old english recently, actually, so if you need some help feel free to look me up. :twilightsmile:

Oh my god I love stories like these.
And when they said that Celestia was all whiny, oh my god.
That was hilarious XD

Funny. Can she trust the changeling though?

... That was actually pretty damn funny.

1345373 Your profile picture is amazing. Just thought you should know that.

LOL, InB4 featured, me thinks. The premise is just so amusing and hilarious.

While the character of TS seems a bit off, and there are a few minor quirks in formatting that I find puzzling, the execution is BRILLIANT.

Moar, please. And I beg of you, DON'T SCREW THIS UP. This concept is too good to waste.


Featured, congratz.

i thought you would go with the idea that the invasion was all staged to make the wedding more memorable. considering most celebrations in canterlot seems to be very boring.


LUNA IS BETTER THAM MOLESTIA!!!!! :moustache: :trollestia: :pinkiesad2: :trollestia:

LUNA IS BETTER THAM MOLESTIA!!!!! :moustache: :trollestia: :pinkiesad2: :trollestia:

LUNA IS BETTER THAM MOLESTIA!!!!! SHE ALSO LOOKS SEXY IN SOCKS!!!!! :moustache: :trollestia: :pinkiesad2: :trollestia:

Well, this is going to get interesting. *insert generic MOAR comment here*



Why you spam? :fluttercry:

Funny stuff! Looking forward to more :yay:

Fucking. Up. Vote.
Fucking. Fave.

I can just imagine Celestia, after she calms down, abusing the HELL out of being Twilight to not be looked up upon.:trollestia:

Please accept this voucher for one (1) internets, to be redeemed at any time, for the service rendered of making me laugh. This has a lot of promise. :coolphoto:

Love it! And as Dokrok said above me, Celestia-in-Twi's-body will soooo abuse her standing in the community.

Oh sweet Celestia YESSSS!!! This is amazing!

I lost my fudge the moment Twilight called her 'Queen Couch Potato'. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This is going to become something that will forever be on my list of 'must read again and again', without a doubt!

That's pretty much what I thought of as soon as I read the description of the story

It's 3:21 AM here and I can barely hold myself back from laughing out loud, this story... this is amazing, you dear sir earned my so precious, only for one use BUCK! Congratulations!
No, seriously this is so good I can't find words to describe how awesome it is!

While perhaps not the most canon story I've ever read, I got some laughs. You've got me interested. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png

This is hilarious, good job.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I'm expecting this to be just one big troll on Celestia's and Twilight's part:trollestia::trollestia:

The grammar hurts me bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad.

It's a wonderful concept and I look forward to its continuation.
Oh, and please don't stuff in pointless filler where you don't have to, or cut things short when you want to explain them more. Pacing is important and that's really the only minor flaw I see right now.

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