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Book I
Meet Dusk Noir, a unicorn stallion from Canterlot. He attends Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, has a liking to learning and reading and has a unique magical talent. He seems like he would be happy, but there's just one problem: he doesn't have any friends. It's not that he doesn't want them, but he just feels that he wouldn't be worth the time of anypony. He sees himself as unremarkable, a waste of space and not much to bother with. There's only one pony he'd even consider being good enough as a friend for and he doesn't even know how to say the first word to her. It seems like he will always be alone.
Until one night, when he discovered by the Princess of the Sun and is sent to Ponyville to meet her at last. Can he achieve the goal of earning her friendship and much more besides or will he be simply left alone?
This is a story that I began as a sort of creativity outlet when I discovered how much of a fan I was of the series. From there, it just kind of grew and I enjoyed continuing it. Doubtless, you probably know what it's going to be about before you even read it and would even be tempted to point it out. I won't try and change what you think, all I ask is that you give it a chance.
There are two more stories following this, both of which along with the fuller version of this one, can be found on my fanfiction account. Just search my username and you'll find them, if you really want to read more that is. I'll try posting on as regular a basis as I can. That is, if it's received well.
This first one isn't my best, I'll admit that much, but I certainly did try my best with this one and what I had planned for it. I hope you enjoy it.
The cover was by Quillin Words and he did a fantastic job, thanks dude!

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IT'S HERE:heart::heart::heart:
Maybe I can finally start building that tvtropes page up to standard

Twilight, you're with me:twilightsheepish:

Oh, it's so s-sad. But, I like it, if you don't mind me saying so. K-keep up the good work. *squeaks*

Oh yes, thank you Fluttershy. I'm glad you like it so far
@alexphoenixwing Pleasure to see you on here my friend. That sounds like a good idea. Pinkie, what do you think?:pinkiehappy:

Yay! Light in the Dusk is up! (Sorry I'm late...) As you are well aware from Fanfiction, I love the story. I'm glad you've finally branched out :twilightsmile:

At long last...

I like this chapter. ANOTHER!

Oh, I'm in it? What an honor! :yay:

Been following this since the first chapter on Fanfiction, and I love it. Good job, Alpha!

So, a new enemy, and Dusk is becoming more open bit by bit.

Sweet Celestia, I can't believe I've never read this before.

Your story is AMAZING. I really enjoy it. I especially loved how you weaved your OC into the episodes while maintaing your own plot line. Very well done; few writers can do that, myself included. Can't wait for the next chapter!


Quillin Words

I like this. Take them. All my thumbs. Have a Mustache Good Sir.


ahhh the old classic fake message leading right into the enemies hands. I would like to know exactly how he mimicked the letters. It seems like something that'd very hard to do. You'd have to forge her handwriting and send it to spike. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to send them without Spike's fire. So he'd have to steal his fire somehow and forge Celestia's handwriting all while not leaving the forest. Hard yes, impossible no. I'd just like it explained. He'd have to have an inside source. (Maybe Blueblood?)

Dusk Noir is best Owlowiscious. :)

I don't know if I feel more sorry for Dusk or Dash. He leaves her in the middle of a field next to the Everfree Forest with a concussion! :derpyderp1:

Ouch. That has got to be a confidence destroyer.

2048969 If you would be patient, I promise all will be explained throughout the coming chapters.

Flowing the glowing outline of Applejack. He's got a plan (be afraid be very afraid).:yay:

Great chapter, mate. Loved reading it. I did notice a few grammatical errors here and there, as well as spelling, but hey. Nopony's perfect.

Starting on the art cover by the way. I'm hoping to get it done by next week, with full color.

Great story, more, more, more, ect.:moustache:

Dusk following AJ's outline thingy remindd me of Harry following Snape's patronus to Gryffindor's sword

2052971 I'm not sure about grammar, I may go over it, but spelling will probably be because I'm a Brit. We do things differently.

Ooorah, this is going to get interesting!!!

"Well, that didn't work," noted Scootaloo.

For a moment there I thought the story had jumped into Hard Reset. Not that Dusk would mind being stuck in a timeloop with Twilight, I'm sure! XD

Yay, more! I love this Dusk, he is such a cute skittish character.

Yay! Another great chapter!

I'd imagine he could be a very good storyteller with those outlines of his.

Suspense be killing me! I loved this chapter!

OH MY GOSH!!!! You need to write a chapter where he reveals his talent to them! I would love you forever!

Btw, are you planning on submitting this to EqD? I got a feeling that it would make it.

Oh, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting too often. :fluttershyouch: But, it was really good. I enjoyed reading it and I hope you write more...if you don't mind.

2076570 It's fine Fluttershy and thank you for taking the time to, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry, I intend to start posting the next one soon enough.

2078231 Yes I am, I'll start posting it soon.
As for that... well, you seem like an intelligent fellow. You tell me :trollestia:

2078257 ER MER GERD! Sequels!!!!!!!!!!!! *high pitched SQUEEEEEEEAAAAAAAL*

^_^" Hehehehe....anyway, you did an amazing job. By the way, the art cover is finshed, and if you'd like, I'd be happy to do one for your sequel as well. :twilightsmile:


Quillin Words

"Aw, it doesn't look that bad Dusky," Pinkie voiced confidently. "You look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark!"

Her comment caught him off guard. "Um... Pinkie... what's a gundark?"

"I dunno," she shrugged, still grinning brightly as everypony laughed.

I'd give you readers an image, but Lucas would sue.

Poor Dusk...
Also we all know RD can shake of a concussion and how do you know that it is a concussion!?

if dusk could make bacon appear out of thin air this would be the best story ver. one might say it would mae the story 20 per cent cooler....oops

...dusk look out your not the only non canon character in equestria!!! RUN!!!!!!!

2037922:twilightangry2: how dare you! that was my line. also mr author sir:derpytongue2:sir remember what i said a running romance gag gets old quickly. i may be alittle late now but, TAKE SHIPPING SERIOUSLY YOUR RUNNING GAG IS GONNA ANNOY THE BUCK OUTTA ME!

2202871 I'm sorry, sir, but my story is set out as it is. I prefer effective pacing and realistic romantic development, not just slapping them together because I can. You want to see further development in their romance, you'll have to wait. 'Gag' implies humor and believe me when I say, I take my writing seriously.

i just had a brainfart. from what ive heard from memes and so on is that fluttershy isnt a virgin and shes too shy to be in a relationship. rape is off the list due to her STARE. so the answer is...BESTIALITY! bear or manticore?


celestia doesn't steal dragonfire and she can send letters. therefore there is probably a dracomessaging spell. NOW WITH GREENER FLAMES!!!


not what i implied. you made romance jokes several times, tis annoying also when it comes to shipping i like good pacing, i also know you have a sequel which last i checked isnt finished. so basiclally i didnt say should just 'slap them together' i take offense to the fact you think i would imply that...patience is my brotherfrom another mother now Do it(slowly) BECAUSE IM THE READER JUST AS THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT I MUST BE WRITE! pun intended :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Lord Etters deleted Mar 3rd, 2013

Oh man, looking over the first chapter of this amazing series again gave me a wave of nostalgia. I remember when I first read this story. It's come such a long way and I just want to say thank you for writing. This story has helped me a lot over the past months. :twilightsmile:

Aww, Dusky's first day in Ponyville! (Well, kind of at least.)
I love how Pinkie Pie calls him "Mr. Psychic Pony". It's just a cute little friendship thing between them that has always made me smile.

Oh first impressions... :rainbowlaugh: Those are always fun. I love reading this again! So. much. nostalgia.

:yay: Dusk met Rainbow Dash! I think it's just awesome that Dusk can use his magic to help her.
:fluttercry: Reading over Dusk's failures that day... super sad. That's one thing I love about your writing, you are great at expressing emotion through your words. Still, now my empathy is acting up for Dusky.

Aww, Fluttershy and Dusk meet! I love how similar those two are, or were I suppose, in personality. Reading them talking to each other for the first time made me smile a little because it was just so cute. :rainbowkiss:

Yay! Amends have been made and things are looking up for our little Dusky. :twilightsmile:

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