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This is a group dedicated to the original character and mane six shipping/romance stories. I made this group because I did not see one when I looked through the lists. Clopfics and general romance stories are allowed. Adventure stories as well. You can even put in stories with a mix of the two!

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Howdy there! I'm SuperSonicGoldenKirinGod, and I joined Fimfcition a few months ago and I hope to make some friends here! I joined this group because I have a little more than a few ponies that I think would be great shippings for the Mane Six and my OC's:ajsmug:! I'm nowhere near that point yet, especially since I haven't even written the story of my additional OC's yet, but I'm gonna get there soon enough! Until then, nice to meet you all:twilightsmile:!

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