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When Twilight told the Princess that one of her long-time friends was actually a changeling drone, she expected shock, she expected questions, requests for proof.

She did not expect "Yes, I know. Was that all?"

Now with a dramatic reading by Alicentaur Br0ny!

...and another one by Voiceguy!

And a most impressively produced reading by obabscribbler!

(If you're just going to listen to one of them, pick the third one).


Translated into Chinese (by Chelicera) can be found on FimTale.

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I can't wait for the Skeeter the Lurker comment on this one, because this is bat shit hilarious.

:rainbowlaugh:That's absolutely hilarious! You can kind of see Twilight's hopes and dreams all crashing down around her at that point.

Love it! I think she'd rather let unicorns go extinct :rainbowlaugh:

MInd. BLOWN!!!!!

“And...the one male?”
“Prince Blueblood.”

:rainbowlaugh: I died right there.

Okay, I saw the ending coming a mile away but it was still hilarious. I can just imagine the spit-take.

“And...the one male?”

“Prince Blueblood.”


My reactions in order. This is going to get featured.
Also, Blueblood with Trixie and Twilight as wives?





Well, this was really just a random idea I came up with. I've got no idea where to take it from here. If I ever figure that out, then I have no particular objection to continuing... but I make no promises.

3001687 :pinkiehappy: How did you write this awesomeness?


Great ending X3

:rainbowhuh: so, Twilight, Trixie, and Blueblood are the last unicorns? And Pinkie Pie is fifteen changelings? And, unicorns all become alicorns eventually? We got a Trollestia who didn't bother to tell her student, "Oh, most the ponies you know are changelings. The only ones who aren't are me, you, Luna, Trixie, and Blueblood." :twilightoops:

There are at least five thousand separate changeling hives trying to take over Equestria, and none of them know of more than one or two other hives. It's like a flock of wolves, all trying desperately to pretend that they're sheep.”

City of Spies take up to eleven :rainbowlaugh:

Genius! :pinkiehappy: The only twist I did see coming was who the male was.

This is ridiculous, bonus points for being ludicrous and funny as well.

Honestly, I think Celestia is just messing with Twilight's head here.:trollestia:
Funny though.:pinkiehappy:

I knew Blueblood being the male unicorn was coming. From the second you said it, I knew it.

I actually predicted every single pony you said. I predicted that Trixie and Blueblood were unicorns. BUT BLUEBLOOD! HOW COULD YOU MAKE HIM A UNICORN!?

This reminds me a lot of "Changelings, Changelings Everywhere". But In a good way.

Yes. Just yes.

so much yes! have a moustache :moustache:

Pfffhaaahahaha. This is almost as bad as Changelings, Changelings Everywhere :rainbowlaugh:

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

You should have had Twilight leave... and then a few mintues later have Princess Celestia transform back into Queen Chrysalis and have her saying "Too easy..." :pinkiegasp: :pinkiecrazy:


“Prince Blueblood.”

And then Twilight decided she was never going to have foals ever

“Prince Blueblood.”

Eh, you could do worse. It's be difficult but you could indeed do worse.



I use a keyboard, and Libreoffice. :raritywink:

Of course, it helps to have an idea first... this particular idea I got after reading "The Irony of Applejack" and "When They Found Us" (the idea of Pinkie being multiple changelings came from the second of those) and I wondered... what if everyone were changelings... taking an idea and turning it up until the knob breaks seems to work out well. :twilightsmile:

I had to adjust that a little, of course.




To quote Roger Rabbit: Because it was funny.


Hey, someone else had the same idea first! Neat.


...maaaaaaybeeeee... :applejackunsure:

I also considered the possibility that it was all a dream (i.e. Luna was pranking Twilight), but I thought it best to leave that possibility... undefined. Neither confirmed nor denied.


B-but he's terrible! I think Twilight would probably come up with a spell to make her pregnant rather than marry him.



Nah, not necessary. Celestia's got all this cloning hardware just waiting for pegasus or earth pony DNA, and Twilight is full of unicorn DNA, so she can find another way to have descendants...

Uhh... Wut. :pinkiecrazy:


I still think that Twilight would come up with a spell.

The introduction in the very first episode does refer to Celestia & Luna as unicorns.

Therefore, this is now canon. :eeyup:

Not really... Changelings Changelings Everywhere is just way more over the top and ridiculous, whereas you actually went through the effort to make it a somewhat believable situation :twilightsmile:
Really. In Changelings Changelings Everywhere, everything and everyone, probably up to the background music, was changelings :rainbowlaugh:



You know... on further reflection... I think you're right.


Yay! Canon!


Oh, we took the idea in different directions, and did different things with it. So there's lots of differences in the final stories. But the basic idea, the central concept of "everyone's a changeling" was the same in both.

It's about the only thing that was the same in both... oh, that and that Princess Celestia wasn't. (Well, probably not).


Two things, one, thank you for saying as much. Secondly, HOW COULD THIS BE CONSIDERED CANON!!!!??! Also, if I remember correctly, they were depicted with wings originally.

I just checked and they were.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is more depressing rather than comedic?

“The last true pegasus died some eight hundred years ago. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell Luna, by the way; she's still trying to find some actual pegasi.”

Wouldn't it be better to tell Luna and bring her into the search for more DNA samples to recreate her species with?



Basically everything and everyone she knows is a lie. The only other female unicorn is Trixie. Also she has to mate with Prince Blueblood to continue on with her race. Thus, all her hopes and dreams have been burned to the ground to make more of her species.

Best troll story ever.

Hey, that second one is my story! Neat!

It really is the only way to make any kind of sense out of Pinkie, isn't it?

This story wins so much with its simplicity.


There's actually another story that uses the 'Everyone is changlings' thing as well, and goes even further than Changelings, Changelings, Everywhere. It's an amazing mindfuck.
Everyone's a Changeling by Aquillo

Can't get enough of these types of stories, and this one is a good addition!

No. Just no.


Roger Rabbit must be pretty evil.



If someone comes up with some convoluted reason to claim that one of my stories is now canon, I have no particular reason to try to raise an objection. :pinkiehappy:


A lot of comedy is, if you look at it closely. Just look at - well, just about anything Bugs Bunny stars in. And the levels of violence in Tom and Jerry... that poor, poor cat... :fluttershysad:


But then... Luna would be sad. Have you ever known anyone who would make their little sister sad? On purpose, I mean?


That it is, and it's a great story. But it still fails to make sense of Pinkie Pie; it explains some of the things about her, but not all of them.

It's also not the only possible explanation - I think one can do better with "Pinkie is a Time Lord". Of course, her TARDIS has a working chameleon circuit.


Wow. That is a very interesting take on the idea.


No, he's a toon. If you've never seen the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", I can heartily recommend it.


And thanks for all the positive comments! I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:


I am not trying to argue buuuuuuuuut....

But the reason wasn't sound! It was based on the fact that the two princesses were depicted as unicorns at the beginning of the show, but they weren't. Not to mention Moonstuck was a cute fully version of Luna, thus making her lower than an adult. That and the fact that this has an alternate universe tag. (Can't get out of that part, now can you?) π



Awwww... you're going to destroy all my illusions... :applecry:

Ummmm... insert long-winded and improbable justification based on laughably poor logic and highly unlikely assumptions here? :pinkiehappy:

...who's Moonstuck?

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