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Twilight, as an alicorn, now has both pegasus and earth pony magic in addition to her well-practiced unicorn abilities. However, she has little idea how to use these abilities, and thus seeks tutors.

Applejack and Big Mac are busy with the zapapple harvest. Granny Smith tends to nap in the afternoons. And Pinkie Pie is... well, Pinkie Pie.

Fortunately, there's an Earth Pony with a free afternoon who's willing to give teaching a try... especially if it might lead to a cutie mark...

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Nice, nice. Gives a good cover of Earth-pony magic, very believable and makes sense. Good job. Maybe do another with RD covering flying and weather manipulation, would like to see how you think they do it.

Love your depiction of earth pony magic. I wonder, if a dozen earth ponies all stomped on one edge of a field at the same time, could they "flip" the soil, tilling it instantly?

I have never seen such detailed description of Earth Pony magic, hell most seem to want to ignore that Earth Ponies have magic of their own. You did good with this, you did real good.

Excellent. I'm glad others are picking up on earth pony magic too.

It is also my theory that in "Hearth's Warming Eve", when AJ held up that clump of dirt and a plant grew from it, that was not a stage prop, but an actual use of earth pony magic. :ajsmug:

A bit on the short side but the flow of the story is nice. The little time jump at the end is also a good touch and the whole thing feels like it matches the tone of the show quite well. Also, I'm very glad to see a nice description of what exactly Earth ponies can do with their inherent magic. Very vivid descriptions that do well in giving the reader a good idea of what makes them so special.

Well done.


Pretty good, have a thumb up !

I just realized how dirty that can sound... I regret nothing :derpytongue2:



Flight lessons:

:rainbowdetermined2: Pull up! Pull up!

:twilightoops: HOW?

:rainbowhuh: What do you mean, 'how'? Just pull up!

CRASH! bang wallop thump shatter tinkle tinkle tinkle

:rainbowderp: Oooooh, that looked painful. You okay, Twi?

:twilightsheepish: I'm fine!

:rainbowhuh: Um... maaaaybe we shouldn't have been practicing right next to the Ponyville Musuem of Valuable and Fragile Objects.




That is a very good question. My headcanon says 'no'; I see Earth pony magic as a form of life magic. It can only affect living things; healing, encouraging growth, that sort of thing (and since Earth ponies are living things, they can use that on themselves to improve their strength and speed to some degree). Magically ploughing seems more telekinesis, which would fall under unicorn magic.

Besides, Big Mac's been known to pull a plough, and he doesn't seem the sort of fellow to waste effort needlessly.


Thank you.

It is comments like these - and the thumbs-ups that I get - that tell me that I have little to no idea of what makes a popular story. I honestly did not expect this story to get such a high ratio of thumbs-ups to views.


That fits. Though I'd imagine that she'd need to have had a seed hidden in the hooffull of soil in order to do that.

You're welcome, as I said no one has gone that in depth into Earth Pony magic.

Applebloom was just so cute in this, and the description into earth pony magic was well thought out.

Oh, just thought of something. If plants feel different from each depending on species, what would plants like marijuana feel like you think?

I think a story's popularity has a lot to do with dumb luck. Get a few views and thumbs up early on and you end up in the "popular stories" list, then more readers come to give it a try, bumping it up...

Why that particular story gets a thumbs up ? It's a relatively original topic (I think I've seen the subject of earth pony magic only two or three times in all the fics I've read), the writing is pleasant to read, it was amusing and I'm in a good mood because it's Friday evening. Weekend ! Woo ! :pinkiehappy: (sorry to all the folks in the wrong time-zone)



I don't think we have the right adjectives. If we were to ask Applejack, she might say that it's swaunkier than an apple tree but craunchier than a grapevine... the problem comes in when trying to define those words. It would be a bit like trying to describe colour to a blind man...


You raise some excellent points. I can eliminate a lot of the luck effects by dividing by the number of views (at 26 upvotes over 136 views this is, proportionally speaking, my most popular story so far; narrowly beating Changeling, which has around six times the upvotes but close to seven times the views). However, this does nothing to resolve the "I'm feeling good 'cos it's the weekend" effect.

poor Twilight! she tries SO hard and manages on the first time more times than not but... there are the times like this that show what she is REALLY capable of:rainbowlaugh:

Pretty cute. Short, but cute.

Heh, A well written little story.

Nice. I was wondering how strong Twilight's earth pony magic is after she became an alicorn, considering that with unicorn magic she can levitate 40 tons of weight.
But I didn't expected this. Well done.
Will you consider writing next chapter, or at least a sequel?



I did consider writing two sequels - one for each of the other Cutie Mark Crusaders as they try to get their alicorn-teaching cutie marks. (Sweetie Belle would be at a definate disadvantage - Twilght already knows far, far more about unicorn magic than Sweetie does).

They're both still on the list of 'stories I'd like to write at some point'. There's quite a few other stories on that list as well.

With Sweetie Bell you can do it other way around where Twilight teach her how to use magic.
There are many comics in devian art where Twilight try to do this, and every time Sweetie Belle set something on fire, even rock.



But how will that give Sweetie her alicorn-teaching cutie mark?

(I have to wonder how useful such a special talent will be. I mean, there's not that many alicorns around to get taught, after all...)

I think with Applebloom it works the best because she knew someone what Twilight didn't.

With other crusaders it won't work because:
Scootaloo cannot fly and Dash already trained Twilight in fling, while Sweetie Belle know nothing about magic.

With Scootaloo you can go on with teaching Twilight how to use a scooter, but with Sweetie Belle it will work only if Twilight will teach her instead, because from my point of view, Sweetie does not have much to offer outside of singing.



There's ways around both of those problems.

Maybe I should prove it by actually writing one of those sequels...

Twilight + giant dandelion = :rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes it pays to second guess your teacher....:rainbowkiss:





Sometimes it does, indeed.

You should totally make a squeal to this :pinkiehappy:, just saying :scootangel:



So noted. :twilightsmile:

Well, I saw that coming. Totally adorable though! :pinkiehappy:

Thank goodness Applebloom had her practice on something nice and soft like a dandelion. Imagine if she'd jumped in with all four hooves and gave her an apple seed to work with...



...ouch. That would probably not have ended well... though I'd expect a tree to grow more slowly, so perhaps Applebloom would merely suddenly find herself surrounded by branches instead of launched through the air.

Complete? Complete!?!?! The fic has hardly even begun and now it is over. This needs to be at least ten times longer.

Hah, I do love Earth ponies being given proper magic... now we just need it in the show proper, like this. I could see something like this being a funny episode, actually. Totally in character.

This was a fun read. I can definitely see something like this happen in the show. :pinkiesmile:

Now I want to see an episode actually explain Earth Pony magic, but I'm afraid that far too many headcanons would be damaged if that happened... :ajsleepy:

Also, now I have to look up the word "Abseilers."
EDIT: Ah, so that's what it is... Yay for learning something new every day! :twilightsmile:



Well, 'complete' does not mean I can't have a sequel one day.




Well, they could just go with something along the lines of 'Earth ponies can do X', without saying whether or not they are unable or unable to do Y, Z and/or Q.

...though I don't think they're going to be making any attempt to explain Pinkie anytime soon.

4692944 Well, if you ask me, Pinkie Pie does not need to be explained. At all. "She's just being Pinkie Pie" already explains EVERYTHING. :pinkiehappy:



But is it possible to explain Earth ponies in the show without someone immediately attempting to apply the explanation to Pinkie?

4693452 Uh, you've got me there... There's always someone.

Nicely done. I really liked your take on earth pony magic. Apple Bloom's accent was a little thick, but she was still understandable.

Well, that was a cute little story, with a nice take on Earth Pony magic :twilightsmile:

That should be a episode.

Applebloom: "Be generous. Just zap it with a great big jolt o' magic"

Me: oh where's my popcorn this gonna be goood!! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Aww.. poor AB. She tried at least. Very amusing and nicely done. It felt a bit rushed and perhaps spreading it out more and talking more about the sensations and such would've added to this. Honestly though, this was adorable. I love Bloom's voice, you captured her perfectly.

Now to figure out what uses a thrifty earth-pony family can find for a really big dandelion. :ajsmug:



You know... that's a very good question...

Maybe they can hollow it out and make a house in it?

use the seeds as parachutes?
the leaves as parasails/boats/unbrella's?

Leave it up to the CMC?:trollestia:



...ouch. I can't imagine that ending well for anypony concerned.

This felt so natural to read. It was like a scene strait out of the show. Nicely done.




I 've been expecting Twilight to get Earthpony magic lessons since her ascension.
Maybe in season 7.

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