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A Finnish small-time fanfic author, having been around the brony community since November 2011. And still here after over five six years.


Due to some unforeseen events Cloudsdale Weather Factory has run out of water to make rainclouds and Ponyville pegasi are asked to raise water from their local highland reservoir once again. They have less than a day to accomplish said task, and Rainbow Dash is more than willing to give quick refresher training for Ponyville pegasi so they could create the needed tornado in time.

But there is one new pegasus in Ponyville, one that is hesitant to take part in the tornado duty. Or rather an old resident of Ponyville who just recently got her wings. Rainbow Dash insists that Twilight Sparkle must assist in creating the tornado, but the young alicorn isn't confident with her flying skills. Not confident at all. But lack of confidence has never before been a good excuse for Rainbow Dash, and it isn't this time either.

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XD I guess thats why you stray from the middle of a water cyclone

Good story, I liked it.

Twilight lives at the library, wouldn't she know?

Yeah, I'm sure she's going to be fine though... it's not like a thousand-feet high leap into the air in a massive pillar of water is going to do any damage to her, right? :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Wouldn't she know what? Would you care to elaborate?

:twilightsmile: :totally worth it,
You earn 5 moustache:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I can definitely see a similarity to fluttershys first time and twilights first time, it was the fear of actually flying as fast as possible without over exerting them selves, but that's where the similarities end as for twilight she just got her wings not to long ago where as Fluttershy was born with them. So generally it is about learning new things and conquering fears.

3391946 That is quite much what I thought while writing this. Both Fluttershy and Twilight had fears about flying in the tornado, but what exactly made them afraid was different. For Fluttershy it was performance anxiety and her discomfort of being in large crowds, whereas for Twilight it was distrust in her own flight capabilities with the recently acquired wings and some fear of flying related to that.

3391990 okay maybe that is what I didn't see but the truth is that they both had learned things that the never thought they would when they did and now that its clear for Fluttershy it was as I will put it a lack of courage whereas for twilight it was her distrust in her ability to fly. Am I correct.

It would be really fun if there was a sequel where
1)Twilight dose the cyclone again years later and doesn't collapse then afterword she and her friends (including Starlight) laughs about it(maybe it could include Trixie and the other three princesses)
2)Princess Celestia rescues a soaking wet and exhausted twilight and lectures Rainbow dash on throwing friends in situations that's mentally or physically impossible for them.

7922764 I'm not planning to write any sequels to this myself, but some thoughts about the ideas anyway:

1) Appropriately a sequel set years later, seeing that I wrote this story over three years ago. Could work, but I feel it would need some more substance to it than just having fun remembering past events, some kind of unexpected twist or something.

2) I don't feel that Celestia would really be a lecturing type; she is sometimes kinda mischievous, but most of the time she seems to be calm and understanding. Besides, even Celestia herself occasionally sends Twilight on dangerous missions where she could push her limits. On the other hand, Twilight herself might have a few stern words to say back to Rainbow...

7923592 Okay how about this alternate ending idea.

1) Do to falling in the tornado Twilight brakes both her wings and Rainbow dash gets a stern talk from her friends. you could put it at the end of this one and name it alternate ending.

8068511 This was supposed to be a comedy-ish slice of life story, and I feel Twilight breaking her wings at the end wouldn't really fit in with the overall lighthearted theme. Besides, the story was all about Twilight preparing for her flight in the tornado, building up leading for that moment right from the beginning, and continuing the story for long after the tornado itself would have felt just superficially dragging the plot. I prefer a quick wrap at the end after the main conflict of the story has been solved, and leave whatever happens afterward open for the reader.

8068605 Could I make a AU of this story where exactly that happens.

8068608 Sure. I'm leaving this story as it is, but you're free to write any sequels, alternate endings, or whatever you like. As long as you don't straight up copy my story (or parts of one) and publish it with minor modifications claiming it's your own story, it's fine by me.

One more question does this take place before or after equestria girls?

8069042 After, I guess. I mean, this was written a few months after the first EQG movie, somewhat inspired by Twilight's brief flight attempt during the opening scene.

There was no resolution to events here, no falling action, no denouement. The story simply stopped, nothing having changed.

Comment posted by Zubric deleted Nov 18th, 2017
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