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Greetings! I come from the farthest reaches of the Internets to share my mediocrity with you all!


Discord approaches Twilight Sparkle with a peculiar question: How many animals are incorporated into his physiology? When she fails to answer correctly, she gets a thorough education on Draconequus biology and a lesson on addition.

Chapters (2)
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I was wondering what was up with the lack of "Discord decides to be an annoying little snot, but not actually bad enough to be justifiably imprisoned" fics.

Thank you for this one.


at the end twilight should yelled"THERE ARE OTHER KIND PONIES IN THIS TOWN FIX THIS MESS "

i bet celestia put him up to this:trollestia:

You forgot the tuft of reathers on the tip of his tail.

2190232 No... with the tiger blood, that makes 43 different critters.

Forty two. Is. The. Answer. Also my favorite number.

I was reading this thinking to myself "How is this related to Charlie Sheen in any way?", but then I saw the 'tiger blood' ending. :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the good work, whoever you are! :twilightsmile:

2193252 what? was i not random enough? in that case...

This story was very dangerous to read, particularly where I was at the time of reading said story! All those times I laughed at whatever I was doing in the library, some snotty person would tell me to shut it. (Not as rude as that, but I wasn't even that loud and he always came over) This was a very random, funny story. Good job on this one! :heart:

The trolling, oh god the trolling. Discord should have said the antlers from the Eastern Dragon were from a Wolpertinger.

Loved it :pinkiehappy:

This had to be written.

Yes, yes it did.

It's more than just that. It's actually BI-WINNING!

So discord has 42 parts (if you don't count the tiger blood and him going back 2 numbers at one point)

Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, anyone?

2193090 That's what I've been saying! Finally, someone agrees!

2240565 we need emoticons of all the villains not just these trixie ones :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:[they suck anyway]

Almost the answer to the question of life. Meh.

2238759 well he went from 35 earlier to 33.
not sure if the writer lost count or if its deliberate but he did go back 2 when talking about his torso part meaning its actually 44.

"“Of course not,” replied Discord, “We’re not done yet.” He thrust the pointer back to the diagram of himself, aiming it at his tail. “As you can see, my tail is also from a dragon, though it differs in color. Four more parts gives us >>>>>>>>>thirty five.<<<<<<<<<” The serpentine spirit suddenly took to the air, taking back the pointer in his paw as he righted himself. "

"“Yes I am,” he replied, “At this very moment I’m teaching you that I have the body of a lind-worm--A special kind of dragon with parts from a lizard and a snake--which gives me two more parts, giving me >>>>>>>>thirty-three<<<<<<<<<!” His cheery smile clashed against Twilight’s ornery frown. "

What about his wings? Discord has wings. That brings the total to 45 at least.
Otherwise, good story.

And with my like, you now have one dislike to onehundered likes. This was brilliant. So factoring in the mathematical error you made that was already mentioned and the tiger blood, discord has 47 animal parts. Also, well done on following the classical description of an Eastern dragon.

“Nine plus thirty-three is equal to forty-two,”

:rainbowlaugh: Even if I was waiting for that particular number it was still really amusing, great work. :pinkiehappy:

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