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I know I told Fluttershy that I'd be good, but it's just been SO boooriiing ever since I "reformed" Oh sure, a whoopee cushion or two on Celestia's throne helps pass the time, but I need a REAL diversion or else I'm going to go MAD...
-er... madder than usual that is.

Wait, WHAT was stolen? And she escaped through a Mirror? No one knows where it leads or what to expect?

and you think I'm going to sit still through this? Not a chance. Twilight! Stand back and let ME handle this. No no, don't thank me, it'll be my pleasure. Don't be silly, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, what does trust have to do with this? It's not like you can work the elements to stop me anyway, but I'll meet you halfway and bring Spike along. Toodles!

Chapters (2)
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I came. I saw. I laughed me ass off. Now I need to see a surgeon to get it replaced.

I think Discord would be able to sympathize with the issue of detaching body parts.
That said, I feel it should be noted that all lawyers who have looked into the matter assure me that I cannot be held responsible for any posterior leprosy that may result from the act of reading this story.

Amusing thus far. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

Needs a cover pic, and it needs it NOW! :applecry:

Well, I figure no matter how good or bad the movie turns out, Discord'll be the perfect guy to lampoon it.

I know! But I'm still not sure exactly where the story is going to go just yet; I'm basically just pointing Discord in a direction and saying "go crazy, dadieo" and I'll use the movie to decide on how I structure it based on what the movie does or doesn't do.

I don't want to hit up an artist for something I'd end up replacing once the movie is out.

Tempting, but I'm likely to go for an entirely different character design and/or situation for him, so I don't want to confuse readers.
As I've hopefully established, Discord has been itching to get his revelry on, old school style, and I'm still debating how much I want this story to be Discord antagonizing the human world and how much of it will be the human world antagonizing him.

Well, here comes the first chapter that actually mixes in with the events of the movie, hence why the previous chapter was just the prologue.
I seriously crunched almost all of this out in about 4 hours, so there are probably a few spelling errors or typos, but I wanted to at least get up to the entry into the mirror before the movie has been seen by the general fandom.

Oh, and if I get enough upvotes, I'll make sure to put the full "Dashton" musical number up for perusal.

The whole bit with the flailing Applebloom had me in stistches!

Not bad, but the four hour creation period definitely shows. You've got inconsistent capitalization at beginning and end, and even an instance of "Rainbowdash." Don't churn these out if the haste means you don't bother to edit.

Nitpicks aside, quite amusing. I'm looking forward to more.

Which capitalization issues are you referring to? I sometimes use non-standard capitalization to try to show words that are specifically being stressed in what someone is saying. I suppose italics might be better for that. Were their any cases outside of dialogue that you noticed?

Also, pony names that consist of multiple words piss me off. Rain Bow Dash Apple Jack Apple Bloom, grrrr.

You seem to have fixed most of them, but the "but" in "but fun" still needs a capital B and you still call Spike "the new rainbow dash." Aside from that, you're good.

Comment posted by GreyAcumane deleted Jun 17th, 2013

Thanks. I cannot stress how annoying Pony names are when trying to write properly.

And particular thanks, in this instance, since I intend to submit it to Equestria Daily once I figure out a fitting image, what are your thoughts on this one?

I'm enjoying the story immensely thus far. Good luck with EQD.

This story pleases me.... I must have more chaos!

Ah, this was good. It shows both that Discord is chaffing under the bit from the lack of weird things going on, to the fact that he's still a god of mischief.

Something tells me that somehow, Twilight might end up going on in anyways. Though I have to wonder, has Discord's tear had any effect on the Human world, or the mirror itself? I mean, I could see it making it so the mirror is always open or some such.

Also, I look forward to how you portray Discord. And to how he might react learning that he (might) not be able to use his magic.

I suspect Discord will be laughing his ass off at the fact that Spike becomes a dog.


Originally the tear had just been a throwaway piece that was meant to imply Discord was responsible for the Mirror's activation in the first place. Now it's basically a pre-established "get out of jail free" card to play around with the plot.

Like I said, most of it is going to need to wait until I can see the Equestria Girls movie. it's nice to know that it is supposedly good, but I'm still not going to go further than my own local theater to see it.

In the meantime, I think I really should officially put this story on hiatus. Until I see the movie for itself, and how different things can be interpreted, parodied, etc, I'm not going to be able to make any real progress here.


Antagonizing? humanity is all the chaotic Discord could dream of AND MORE. He may even consider stay a while and learn.

I think you're seriously overestimating the amount of chaos in the average day-to-day life of humans. There are a wide variety of rare events he might find entertaining, but you're talking about someone who can't even be satisfied with the sun rising and setting on a set schedule when he's in charge.
I wouldn't say good. I'd say "not bad, which came as a big relief". There are still some weird forced bits, like Twilight Sparkle assuming without being told that the specific crown she's seeking is being used for a school activity just because it uses crowns (as if they couldn't have their own). And Twilight Sparkle's idea of how to run a political campaign is ... bizarre. Oh, and the writers troll the viewers with the concept of incest. That was funny.

I've seen the movie since that comment, and a lot of what you're saying about it doesn't really make sense. Twilight Sparkle assumed that the Crown was the one she wanted because she found out from Fluttershy that the crown in question smacked her in the head while she was sitting behind the statue that Twilight came through and gave it to Celestia on the assumption that it was the Crown for the Fall Formal. Fluttershy also mentioned that Sunset Shimmer wanted it, and Twilight already knew that the crown for the Fall Formal was left back in Equestria.
Since Twilight knows that the crown popped out of the back of the statue, looks like the fall formal crown, but ISN'T the fall formal crown, AND Sunset wants it, there's pretty much no other crown it would be.

I too agree that Twilight's political campaign is bizarre, but you could basically sum it up as "We're f***ing terrified of Sunset Shimmer, we don't like her at all, and this Twilight person is totally standing up to her AND bringing the school together. Heck, she's only been here 2 days and she's already gotten her own impromptu musical number? This chick has PULL."

And I really have no idea about where you're coming from on the incest trolling unless you were one of those people who assumed Flash Sentry was the human version of Shining Armor, which is established pretty thoroughly from the very beginning that he's the guard from the Crystal Empire.

Still, you want a REAL plot hole? Ask yourself this: Why did Twilight need to sleep on a pile of BOOKS when the portal back to her homeworld was still completely open? She could have gone back home, slept as a pony, brought her friends up to speed and even talked to Celestia about best plan of action to take.

The Shining Armor thing. He looks like human Shining Armor and he doesn't get named (thus leaving the possibility open) until several appearances in at which point I said "Did Celestia just call him Flash? Well, that's a relief." There's really no reason for him to look so much like Shining Armor (you'll notice that the guard is orange, but unlike most of the humans he isn't wearing primarily his pony version colors, but a white shirt instead, making him a white shirted person with blue hair who talks a little like her brother and has a shield on his ches). Anyway, that one wasn't a complaint just a statement.

No, the crown thing is still weird because Princess Celestia never states that the crown on the lawn was the one for the Dance thing before Twilight decides that winning the competition is the way to get it. She just mentions she found a crown on the lawn and doesn't know how it got there and then Twilight sees a bunch of people getting crowns. And before you say Sunset Shimmer being interested means it was, she wanted the last few dance crowns without them being Elements. Ah well, perhaps I just missed a line of dialogue there.

Oh, I do agree with you on why Twilight won, I just thought her idea of campaigning being "I'll sing a song at lunch" to be very odd.

You're right about the sleeping in the library thing. Here's another: If Sunset Shimmer needed the dance to happen that night, why didn't she make a show of also helping in the cleanup, along with her minions, instead of lurking in the closet?

Anyway, despite my petty complaints, like I said, it wasn't actually bad. That was better than I thought I'd get so it's probably worth watching once.

The line of dialogue you missed is that Celestia didn't just find the crown. Fluttershy gave the crown to Celestia, on the belief that it was the crown for the fall formal. This isn't stated explicitly, but is implied by fluttershy telling SS that "it isn't really yours either" implying that Fluttershy knows/believes the crown to belong to the school

As for SS not helping, she was laying low, having just falsely accused Twilight of causing the damage via edited photos. That places her as primary suspect for the real person responsible. Hence, she's staying out of dodge until the heat dies down.

I do agree that the movie had issues, but still worked out to an overall enjoyable experience, but I definitely still think the whole "humanized and in high school" concept can burn in a fire.

When I tried to think of who the Discord of Canterlot High would have been, I decided that he would be not only the previous Principal (with Screwball his Vice Principal), but he would now be the head janitor. He knows every nook and cranny in the school, but is incredibly lazy about actually doing his job (which is why the mess in the gym would have delayed the Formal a day). Also, being the oft-ignored janitor of a school would be a good way to have Human!Fluttershy be his friend, because she cares.

Your Discord is very well written. I do hope to see more of this.

Please make MORE!!! :pinkiehappy:
Omg, 'Old Yayer'. My sister has been watching it constantly.:pinkiecrazy: [btw, that kid shoulda been mauled by the momma bear...he deserved it...for being so ungodly annoying]
"Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube mare!":rainbowlaugh:

So long ago I can't remember much of anything about it.

5800908 Yeah, me too! But being serious; I only just have gotten into a place where I can start working on this again. I love all the ideas I have for this way too much to abandon. I just need to rewatch the movie and reread my notes to get my head back in the zone. Not dead, just hibernating.


5802261 Trust me, I get it. Sometimes you just have to step back for a while, even if you don't want to.

I got to rewatch the movies as well, working on my own EG fic.

But please, I need more sir!

Please, sir, can I have some more?


The Dr Seuss is strong in this one.

"Nooo ooonnne trots like Dashton!"
"Takes cheap shots like Dashton," Dash sang alone.
Scootaloo finished the verse, "No one's got half as hot of a plot as Dashton!"
Everyone in the room joined in as the song was wrapping up.

Take my yes. ALL OF IT!

"Must.... BUY!"

Well, that IS right up Discord's alley.

That one gave her pause for thought, so I pressed my case before the other, more experienced princesses could come to her aide, "Besides, would you be okay if it were Starswirl you were sending out to get the crown?"

Guess Discord was Starswirl back then.

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