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Octavia and Vinyl have been dating for months, but neither has had a chance to introduce their significant other to their families. Vinyl always dodges the issue, but when Octavia is insistent, they have a fight. This leaves Vinyl with no other option than to have Octavia over to meet her parents.

Maybe she should have told Octavia who she really was?

Dramatic reading by Goombasa available here.

Now in Russian, translated by Hopeless.

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Lovely OctaScratch story, well done.

Please, please make a sequel where they meet Octavia's parents. PLEASE!

Wait a second... That ending... Could it possibly be that... Octavia's parents are part of or even actually run the Mafia in Equestria?! Okay, probably over analyzing, but I like the possibility. Anyway, Very nice CelloStep story, really well written. And Vinyl's mom is an absolute bitch!

Make them an offer they can't refuse.

After reading this, I'm guessing that Vinyl's brother is Blueblood

sequel where Octy's dad is the head of the Mafia and puts out a hit out on the Duchess for how she treated his sweet little girl yes please

That would be kind of hilarious, but overly cliched.

That would be nice. :twilightsmile:

Something tells me Celestia would be seething if she had seen that whole display, at least canon Celestia would be.

Sequel!!! Vinyl meets Tavi's folks and they love her lol that would be hilarious

If Vinyl's mother does anything against Octavia, Vinyl probably has enough pull to file a complaint against her directly with the princesses. She could take action to punish her own daughter, but blackballing a commoner is clearly an abuse of her position.
Even if Celestia or Luna can't act directly against the Duchess, they could certainly apply pressure to counter her efforts and convince her that this battle isn't worth fighting. They could, for example, knight Octavia; as a knight she would be a minor noble, and it would send a clear message that she is under royal protection.

5167644 I've read stories in which nobles have had their status and lands revoked. It makes sense. The concept of a noble, is that they helped build the country, so they are rewarded with land and status under the promise that they set a good and noble example to others and to help with governing the land. If they do not live up to this, I see no reason why they should be allowed to continue they're nonsense.

That was great :twilightsmile:

That last paragraph made it for me!

I demand Octy´s parrents being Istallian Mobsters! :rainbowlaugh:

Okay I dont demand anything, but it was hillarious!

Fantastic Story! I can say nothing but give it my like and my favourites :pinkiehappy:


Historically, the monarch would grant nobles land in return for their support in wars. The first nobles were mercenaries paid in land and serfs. The land was supposed to keep them loyal, but the number of rebellions throughout history showed that this didn't always work. What you are referring to is more commonly known as noblesse oblige and didn't really come into vogue until the 19th century.

Basically, the earliest nobles were thugs with better armor and weapons than anyone around them, or the money to buy the same.

"[I killed] a lot of peasants, but they don't really count, do they?"
"Only in the event of a tie."
--The Black Adder, Series 1, 1983

5167576 In my head when Octavia basically fucked her name in Canterlot, I said to myself: "Dumbass, that's like meeting the very top of the mob, and dissing him. You would not wake up the next day."

Cliched isn't necessarily bad.

Octy, Octy.... come here my child.
Yes godfather?

Nice story. Just to complete the set, have Octavia be the runaway daughter of the Don of the Fillydelphia Mob. Then have the Don get wind of what the Duchess of Canterlot did to his little princess. Have the two dodge Mob hitponies fighting assassins hired by the Duchess, and the actions of both groups draw Official Notice from the Princesses.

I think Octavia's parents should be mobs and get revenge on Vinyl's snobby parents. It'd make an interesting read.

Holy damn! :pinkiegasp: Octavia's mother is going to be the Dona of a crime family and her father an assassin or something in the sequel, aren't they! :pinkiehappy:

Can it be multi-chapter? There will be incentive, if you know what I mean. :twistnerd: *rustles skittle bag*

5168149 i like that idea

Amazing story and I'd love to see a sequel where Vinyl meets Octavia's parents but still an amazing story.

I thought it was cute.

“Let’s see, my parents are royalty, so let me guess, your folks are like mafiosos or something.” Vinyl laughed a bit as she looked over at Octavia. She just looked away. “O-Octy, I was joking!” Octavia kept her gaze averted as she continued to walk in silence. “Come on! Say something!”

I'm really wanting to see Octy's parents now! it would be so funny if they were Mafiosos!:rainbowlaugh:

Well not bad, but i was mostly on Vinlys side. I know there was no right or wrong, but i understood her somehow, Vinyl i mean.

Well good story. Lately i read more of those with just one chapter, normally i do not, because i always want more if they are over.

So now we know how human Vinyl could afford that sound system...

Tavi's parents better be mobsters and then family feud!

I would love to see Octavia's parents now, especially that they'll have to be getting out of dodge.

I think it'll be More than interesting to see Octavia's family now :pinkiehappy:


Short, sweet and funny. Most excellent my good sir! :pinkiesmile:

5168475 They've gotta be. Like Romeo and Juliet. Tavi's family goes all out to keep Tavi in the Orchestra. (Concrete horseshoes, Protection rackets, the whole lot.)

Now you have to make a chapter concerning Octy's parents.

You can't leave us hanging like that.

Had a huge post about a potential meeting between Vinyl and Octavia's family but, eh, that's tacky to write something like that in the comments of a story I think. So ...

Author GET ON IT

Enjoyed it. Great oneshot. One good/bad though. That last paragraph, those closing lines. That alone turns this from a oneshot to something begging a continuation. Heck, maybe even a full on story of feuding families over the romance. An inverted Romeo-Juliet story?

All of my like. Extra fave.

That was short, but awesome.

The Duchess will be lucky if Celestia doesn't hear about what she said as far as an earth pony being "beneath" her daughter. That kind of triblest bigotry would not sit well with a pony who embodies all 3 tribes in herself. She could very well find herself banished from Canterlot for that remark. On the whole a good read and I am hoping for a sequel.

Wait, what if Vinyl was right?

5168830 I can picture Octavia's dad whiping out a gun at Vinyl's mom for badmouthing his daughter.

5169120 ponybot.net/pix/4771.png
You thinking what I'm thinking?

But Duchess Whats-her-face wouldn't go anywhere without her personal Guard so it'd be a face off. The Guard on one side, Capo's stallions on the other and the pair of mares in the middle - looking back and forth at the two sides staring at each other with murderous intent.

"Vinyl, I think this 'dual family reunion' idea isn't working out as well as we'd hoped."

"Yeeeah. We may have started another Guard-Nostra war ..."

5169158 Think about the Godfather and this will make perfect sense.

5169209 Who are they firing upon? Is Vinyl loyal to her family or is she like the rest of us and think that Vinyl's family (sans Vinyl) it is a family of bitches and bastards alike.

5169209 Would you like a birthday cake, Duchess
Here's the candles.

5166816 We already KNOW the sequel, though. Her parents run the most influential Mafia family in Manehatten, and are currently second-highest in Las Pegasus as well.

5166816 Octy was SUPPOSED to establish a hoofhold in Canterlot, but due to the... mishap, she will have to report to her parents that she failed in her secondary mission.

Octavia isn't in the mafia... Big Boss Bass just runs a few side buisnesses in his retirement...

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