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This could very well save you from... him.

I'll explain as quickly as I can.

(A quick one-shot I did because of an idea I had. My first attempt at something creepy)

Recommendations for getting the full effect:
1. Read alone, with the door closed. Even better if you face away from the door.
2. Read at night, with the curtains drawn.
3. Make sure it's quiet.
4. Keep the lights off.
5. Immerse yourself in the words on the page.

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Amiens, Occupied France, December 1940. A famous French musician takes a train in a bid to escape to the land of Equestria. Funnily enough, the mare she ends up with has similar plans.

Following German occupation, Occupied France has become a hot zone. Nopony is safe from the ever watching eyes of the Gestapo. The time has come for Vinyle Rayure, famous French musician, to take a train journey south to Viccy France, where she can catch a boat out to Equestria and be free of German rule. The mare she ends up sharing a compartment with has the same goal in mind, but they both have a long journey across the entire of France to get to Nice.

Not to mention the fact that the train is crawling with Wehrmacht soldiers, SS officials and Gestapo spies. German checkpoints scatter the countryside and crossing the border into Viccy France will be no easy task! But that's that risk you take for freedom.

Obviously, there will be a lot of Nazi symbolism here, so take heed now and proceed with caution. Please feel free to provide any constructive criticism (I do read it!). If you don't like it, let me know why, in a polite way. Many thanks.

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Cogwheel isn't from Equestria. His race is not well known, and vice versa. His superiors are curious, so they have sent him to this strange land to learn and record his findings. What will he learn? How many mistakes will he make?

Cogwheel hails from a steam driven industrial land north of Equestria. His superiors are curious to learn more about the Equestrians, to observe them and to expand their own knowledge. A program was put together, sending volunteers to various parts of the country to learn about it. To learn about its industry, its military, but most importantly, its society.

Thus, Cogwheel our hero, was briefed by a team of Overseers and thrown into this strange world full of colour and new opportunities. He must learn as he goes, discovering for himself what is right and what is wrong, and whether or not the ponies here can be trusted. He will learn as he goes, becoming more integrated in their society as he uncovers new information and continues to work on a report for his Overseers upon his return after an indefinite time period.

This story (unlike others I have written) is not actually a dark story. It is based upon exploration, discovery and the pressure to adapt which is cast onto a pony unfamiliar with this way of life, forcing him to make mistakes and fix them, discovering great (or potentially dangerous) things as he goes.

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Many years after the First Equestrian Revolution, Equestria has descended back into chaos. Ponies have scattered across Equestria, towns lay in ruin (or were taken over by a malevolent force that I'll explain about later) and any attempt at a government is crushed before it begins.

That's where my story begins. I won't tell you too much now, as I want you to wait as information is fed to you, but still, I hope you enjoy journeying along side me as the invisible camera that observes my every move. Sortta like a stalker, but less creepy.

Needless to say, I'm spilling my life story out before you, so accept that I can't write at light speed, but I would like some (constructive!) criticism, where you guys feel it's needed. I'm happy to go back and explain my existence in a little more depth for you if that's what you want.

Chapters (14)
by Teq

It's hard when you're alone. It's harder when you're alone and constantly picked on. Scootaloo's lost all faith in ponykind. A dark and troubled past drives her to the most extreme of measures.

The first fanfic I've felt confident enough to submit. I would appreciate if you could point out any spelling or grammatical mistakes. There may be a few (I often write late at night), but hopefully not many. If you do plan to leave criticism, the constructive kind is appreciated. If you don't like this kind of story, don't comment. It doesn't help anyone and just gets annoying. Alternatively, if you must leave a comment, leave it in a civil and constructive manor.

Immerse yourself in the story and travel through my twisted mind. Scootaloo's feeling down and you get to follow her as she plummets down the pit of despair.

Chapters marked with a ~ are flashback chapters. These are not essential to the story, but are there to clarify certain things that people are bugging me about. You can just read all of the non-marked chapters and still get the full story in the modern setting, but if something's not quite clear to you then reading the flashback chapters will hopefully clear that up. (If not, let me know in a nice way. Don't be rude!)

Warning: Comments section may contain spoilers!

Chapters (10)
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