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Stinky zeeb. I also do some proofreading for all the good it does.


List of stories I've edited and proofread for: · 12:58am Jan 19th, 2018

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I don't feel I'll be disappointed in the slightest, the shift in tone will be a nice change.


Righteous, although I hope I don't disappoint with the rest of my stories--Awful Lot is the only one with that sort of lighthearted tone.


'Sup! I followed you because I really enjoyed one of your stories, "Awful Lot of Coffee in Equestria", and although I'm sad to see it "completed", I look forward to reading some of your other stories, too. Keep up with the great writing, and you'll have yourself an avid follower!

Cheers, ASorcerer

Thanks for the follow, although I'm not sure how I earned it.

2402915 Thanks, Dreams! Just wanted to follow you because you sound like a really nice guy from the Discord voice chat, and your stories look really promising, too!


ASorcerer / TheBronyOfCanterlot.

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