• Published 23rd Aug 2015
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The Count's Bride - Cora Zone Unicorn

While in Trotsylvania, a mare by the name of "Fluttershy" meets a gentlecolt named "Dr. Van Helstallion" and must be protected from a vampiric demon who is, not only, persuing her, but killing other young mares in the village.

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The Trotsylvania Tavern

The young pegasus mare opened the carriage window. The pony poked her head out into the cold winter air, her hair flowing through the air due to the speed the driver was making the two male equines go. She held onto her cape tightly around her neck so it wouldn’t untie itself and fly away from the strong breeze.

Squinting her eyes to see through the thick, wintery fog, she shouted, as loud as she could, “Not so fast!”

The driver didn’t listen, however, and whipped the restraints a couple times, causing the carriage to go even faster than before. Finding her shouting hopeless, the mare pulled herself back inside, closing the window immediately after to keep the cold air out.

It rocked side to side a bit more violently as the stallions, who were pulling the stagecoach galloped across the hard, lightly snow-covered road. This caused the young pony to bounce around a bit inside.

“Omph,” she said as her body hit up against the right side of the coach. The pegasus could only assume that they had taken a rather sharp turn. It took a few moments for her to finally pull herself together and properly position herself in her seat.

By the time she had finally sat herself comfortably, there was a sudden screeching sound that seemed to come from the hooves of the ponies who were transporting her to her destination. The whole vehicle stopped quickly and abruptly, her whole body hitting the back of the carriage due to impact, leaving her no longer in a sitting position.

When she noticed that the carriage hadn’t budged for a more than ten seconds, she reopened the window and poked her head out once again.

“What’s the matter,” she asked, concerned. The pegasus squinted her eyes trying to see through the thick fog. She was able to make out the silhouette of the carriage driver looking over some sort of large object in the middle of the road.

“Oh, nothing to be worried about, Miss Fluttershy,” the driver reassured her, his voice low and gravely. “Just seems to be a fallen tree in the middle of the road. I’ll just remove it and we’ll be back on our way.”

The carriage driver took off his hood, revealing his long unicorn horn. A light shade of purple magic began to surround his horn, as well as the large tree that had been laying in the middle of the road. Squinting his eyes shut in concentration, he used all the strength he could muster trying to levitate the sapling over to the side of the road safely. The old stallion felt himself struggling to not drop the large piece of timber off of the ground; surprised at how difficult and heavy, indeed, it was. After what felt like ages of struggling and almost losing focus due to how tiresome he was getting from just trying lift the tree completely off of the hard, lightly snow-covered pavement, the old fellow had finally succeeded in removing the obstacle.

“Ah, there we are,” he said to himself, quite proud. Although, immediately after, a sharp pain went to through his head. He held his hoof up to his horn, rubbing it gently whilst siezing in pain.

“Are you alright,” the young mare asked, her head still poked outside her carriage window.

“Oh, yes. I’m quite alright, m’lady,” he assured her. “Just that my magic ain’t what it used to be.”

The driver then trotted over to the carriage, returning to his driver’s seat. “Sit back, Miss,” he said as he got the restraints back into his own hooves. “We shall get to the village in no time now, I promise you.”

The pegasus looked up toward the driver, as he was preparing to start moving the vehicle. After a couple of moments, she brought her head back inside and closed the window once more.

Giving the restraints a couple of whips, the two equines reacted with loud neigh before going off at top speed toward their destination.

Trotsylvania, a region of the world known for its likeliness of the medieval times and mountainous landscapes. The carriage had arrived at the local square, stopping in front of the local tavern. The driver had gotten out of his seat and made his way to the down to the carriage door. Opening the door, he held his hoof out for the young mare as she made her way out of the vehicle.

“Thank you very much, sir,” she said, while taking hold of his hoof, giving him a soft smile.

“Pleasure is all mine,” he responded. He then proceeded to take out her bags when she interrupted him.

“Pardon me, sir, but I’ll just be needing that bag right there.”

The old unicorn turned to see a little green carpet bag with blue and green butterflies designed on it. He used his magic to levitate the one bag out of all the other four. “Are you certain, Miss,” he asked, giving her a rather confused, yet concerned, look.

She simply nodded in response. The elder stallion stared at her for a brief moment before finally giving her an expression which seemed to read to her as an, “as you wish,” face.

From behind, she heard the sound of hoofsteps trotting over to her direction. She turned to see a young unicorn colt, about her age. He wore a red coat over his blue fur that slightly covered his cutie mark; a cutie mark she could see, was a pin. His short curly white and teal streaked mane lightly bounced around with each step he took.

“May I help you with your bag, Mademoiselle,” he asked, his bright golden yellow eyes shining in the moonlight.

“Oh, why, yes, you may.”

A golden magical aura surrounded the bag, levitating it a couple feet off the ground. “Follow me, m’lady,” he said, gesturing for her to come along with him.

The little yellow pegasus turned back around to face her carriage driver. “I will be back soon,” she said, before trotting alongside the colt toward the tavern.

As the old stallion watched the young filly head towards the local building, he decided that it would be the best time to take the little metal flask that he had been carrying in his coat pocket. After all, driving a long ways in the cold for about the past twenty-four hours has left him quite parched. Not to mention that he thought it was a nice way to help him keep warm.

He used his magic to take the little cork out of the opening of the metal bottle. Bringing the bottle to his lips, he lifted his head a bit, taking a quick swig of the tangy liquid inside. As he drank some of the beverage, a stallion who seemed to be just slightly younger than he was, walked over to him from the around the corner of the carriage.

This stallion didn’t say a word. He just stared at him. He stared at him for a good fifteen seconds. Beginning to feel really uncomfortable, the driver slowly removed the flask from his lips and awkwardly asked, “Um… is there something I can help you with, sir?”

The stallion, whom was facing him, just continued to stare at him, not saying a single word. Suddenly, his eyes flashed a light shade of red for a brief moment. The elder gentlecolt was confused at what he had just seen at first. He stared back at him for a few seconds to see his eyes flash red once again. As the red flash ceased, a blank stare took over the driver’s face.

The Trotsylvania tavern had to be one of the most busy and, possibly, the most upbeat place in the entire village. Ponies could be heard laughing and having a fun time, telling jokes, it seemed. Some were playing, what looked like a game of “Darts,” whilst others were just enjoying their meals; and from what the fine gentlecolt, Royal Pin, he told her his name was, had said, the tavern was also a little hotel on the second floor.

Once Fluttershy had stepped inside the building, she was immediately greeted by a beautiful pink unicorn with a curly purple mane, wearing an apron. Her mane cascaded over the left side of her face and seemed to be clipped by a two-beaded pin about an inch above the end of her hair.

“Hello, dear,” she greeted her, her voice sounding as sweet she looked. “What brings you here?”

“Oh, well, I’ve been traveling for the past day and--”

“Say no more, my dear,” she said, placing one hoof around her torso. “You must be famished.” She then looked at directly at the colt who had set Fluttershy’s bag on the ground next to the tavern door. “Royal Pin, would you please go get your uncle from upstairs?”

The young colt nodded his head. “Yes, aunt Sugar Belle.” He then trotted over to the other side of the tavern.

Directing her attention back to the pegasus, she lead her over to an empty table and gestured for her to take a seat. “Now, why don’t you just sit down here and I’ll make sure that my husband will fetch you something good for you to eat.”

“Thank you, very much,” Fluttershy said, giving the mare a thankful smile.

Sugar Belle smiled in return before trotting over to the bar counter. Fluttershy took this time to take a better look around the place. It was very busy, indeed, no question about that. Everypony she had met so far was oftenly kind.

However, there was one thing that made her curious: the little strings of garlic that were hanging above her head. Not only did it make her curious, but she also found it… strange.

What a strange decoration, she thought to herself as she glanced around the tavern a bit more closely. Turns out that her table wasn’t the only one to have garlic hanging around it. The garlic was in every corner. Now why was that, exactly?

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when a plate full of food slid onto her table. She looked to her left to see a blue unicorn with a curly blue mane. He looked sort of like Royal Pin, but she could guess it was probably the mare, Sugar Belle’s, husband.

“How are you, Miss,” he asked, rather politely.

“Oh, just fine, thank you, um,” she paused, not sure what to call him.

“Party Favor, my dear.”

She smiled, “Party Favor.”

His horn began to glow a teal aura, as well as a pitcher of water. Lightly tipping it, he began to pour into a little cup. “My wife tells me that you’ve been traveling all day,” he said, as he poured the clear liquid. “Now, are you waiting for somepony? Are you traveling with somepony?”

Fluttershy shook her head. “No. It’s just me, I’m afraid. I’ve been by myself for the entire trip.”

Party Favor’s eyes widened just as he finished pouring the mare’s drink. He then looked directly at the pegasus, a shocked expression on his face.

“You’re traveling on your own,” he asked, his voice becoming shaky.

All of a sudden the entire tavern went silent. Not a single peep to be heard. Everypony seemed to be looking towards the front door of the tavern. Party Favor turned his body to see what was going on.

It was the same stallion from earlier that had done nothing but stare at Fluttershy's carriage driver. He stared at everypony inside the tavern as well, but this time with a rather smug look on his face. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the stallion walked out of the doorway, closing the door behind him.

Everypony whom was inside the tavern, looked at each other for a mere brief moment before walking out themselves, clearing the place out in no time.

Party Favor slowly turned his way back to facing the young filly, concern and fear now completely taking over his voice. "Listen, since you're traveling alone, I suggest that you go at once before your carriage leaves."

A look of confusion appeared on her face. "W-what? Don't be silly, the carriage driver knows I'm here."

"Well, that may be but that doesn't mean tha-"

Their ears perked up to the sudden sound of whipping restraints, followed by the sound wheels being pulled by galloping hooves. Both sets of blue eyes widened before the two of them ran out the building. Being the fastest of the two, Party Favor was the first to make it out of the building. However, he came out too late; the young filly’s carriage was already making its way out of the town square at top speed.

“Stop! Stop! STOP!”

No matter how hard he screamed, the driver had just continued to keep on driving. In matter of seconds the carriage was out of sight, and he could no longer hear it’s wheels churning. The young pegasus came a few moments later, surprised and upset that she had been abandoned.

“I told you to leave when you had the chance,” he scolded, sounding more fearful than before.

“But, I told him that I would come back! He shouldn’t have left without me,” she said, her voice breaking ever so slightly due to the tears she felt forming in her eyes.

She felt comforting arm wrap around her back. Lifting her head up a bit, she saw Party Favor giving her a sympathetic look.

“Oh, do not worry now, Miss,” he said, giving her comforting smile. “We’ll simply just find another way to get you where you need to go, as soon as possible.”

“You will?”

“Yes,” he responded as they made their way back to the tavern.

Reaching the building, Fluttershy returned to her table where she had left her food and drink untouched. Taking her seat, she turned to face the owners of the tavern.

“Is there any chance that I could stay here for the night?”

“For the night,” Royal Pin asked, “I’m awfully sorry, mademoiselle, but I’m afraid we have no room.”

“No room? Well… what else can I do? I have no place to go.”

It was true. She had been traveling in a carriage for a day straight. She had planned to go to the Trotsylvania Veterinarian School for Mares right after she had a nice meal. But now that she was left stranded with only one of her bags, she wasn’t sure what to do.

Outside the tavern door, the sound of a stagecoach could be heard. Fluttershy’s eyes widened whilst a look of happiness took over her face.

“Has the driver come back to get me,” she asked, hopefully.

Royal Pin trotted over to the front door, bringing himself up a bit to see through the little peephole. His golden yellow eyes widened in fear. He quickly turned his whole body around, forcing his back hard against the tavern entrance. His forehooves stretched across the doorframe.

The two tavern owners held onto each other carefully, looking a bit worrisome. Royal Pin winced as whoever was on the other side knocked on the door. Grimacing, he turned around slowing preparing to turn the knob with the magic from his horn.

“Don’t open it,” Sugar Belle said, almost sounding as if she was begging.

“I have to,” he responded in a whisper. His horn illuminated with a magical golden aura, carefully turning the knob and opening the door.

As he opened the door, another pony walked in. The pony was wearing the same kind of cape that Fluttershy wore, only black. A golden aura, much like Royal Pin’s, took over the hood of the cape, implying that the pony was indeed a unicorn. Taking the hood off their head, the unicorn was none other than a mare; a very pretty mare, as a matter of fact.

Her mane was curled in a twist of red and yellow, and her fur was a light shade of gold. She didn’t smile when she took the hood off, she just seemed to be giving the little family a bit of an unamused look.

“Cider,” she said, her voice coming as a bit bored and snobby.

Nopony said anything. Sugar Belle immediately went to the back of the tavern to find wherever they placed their local cider.

The mare walked over to an empty table just a few leagues across from Fluttershy. Spotting the pegasus, she smiled. “Care to join me?”

“Oh, thank you,” she replied, appreciating the offer. “But I’ve already-”

“Make that two,” she ordered, cutting her off mid-sentence before sitting down at her table.

Fluttershy stared at her for a few moments, considering her offer. Well… I don’t want to be rude, she thought, finally getting up from her seat and joining the other mare. As she sat herself down across from her, Sugar Belle had returned with two glasses of cider.

The mare then spoke. “Cider here will make you feel much better. Much more than that plain tasteless cup of their water.”

A sudden burst of thunder boomed from the outside of the building, causing Fluttershy to jump a bit.

“Oh, my. This night has certainly begun to have taken the worst for me, I suppose.”

“Is that so,” she asked, growing quite curious.

“Why, yes. You see I was on my way to the Trotsylvania Veternarian School,” she explained, as the pony across from her was about to take a sip of her cider.

“The one for young mares,” she said casually. “I know it well.” The unicorn took a quick sip of her drink before asking, “But I thought I saw another stagecoach pass me by on the way here?”

“That’s the thing. My driver left me stranded here with only one of my luggage bags,” she told her, still a little upset over what had happened. Then a certain idea popped into her mind. “If you don’t mind me by asking, is there any chance that I could stay with you for the night?”

The unicorn mare raised an eyebrow at her. “Stay with me?”

“Well, you see they’re booked for the night,” the pegasus said, gesturing to the little family on the other side of the room. “I have no where else to go and I just don’t know what to do.”

“O-oh, no. You don’t understand,” he stuttered, “my nephew was simply mistaken! We have a room free…” he trailed off as the unicorn mare gave him an annoyed looked. “I-i-if you wish…”

The mare smiled at Fluttershy. “So you’re heading over to the Veternarian School?”

“Yes. My first day is tomorrow morning and I don’t want to make a bad impression on my first day.”

“Well, we musn’t have that now, can we? I’ll see that you’ll get there early in the morning,” she said, taking another small sip of her drink. “In the mean time, yes, you can stay with me for the night.”

A bright grin spread across the young filly’s face. “Really?”

“Yes. I’m the Countess de Shimmer,” she explained, introducing herself properly. “'Sunset Shimmer,' if you want to get practical. My castle is over in the mountains just north of the village. You shall have the honor of being my guest.”

“I’d be happy to.”

“Let’s not waste anymore time then,” she said getting up from her seat, Fluttershy following suit. “Come along.”

“You are very kind, Ma’am,” Fluttershy said as Royal Pin gave her her bag.

“Oh, please, don’t be so modest.” Putting her hood back on her head, she smiled. “It sometimes gets very lonely when you’re up in a castle all by yourself. I often take the chance of having company whenever I can. Rare thing to ever happen here.”

The young mare gave her a sly smile before taking the strap of her bag in her mouth, nodding to the little tavern family her thanks and following the Countess outside into the now stormy night. The two mares walked over to the stagecoach, careful not to slip in any of the puddles that were taking place on the ground.

As Fluttershy reached the vehicle, she handed over her bag to the driver for it to be placed inside. She then took the time to introduce herself properly.

“Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier, Countess,” she said apologetically. “My name is Fluttershy.”

“Well, it is very nice to meet you, Mademoiselle Fluttershy,” she responded, shaking her hoof.

Fluttershy smiled softly before entering the carriage, followed by the Countess. The driver closing the door immediately after. He then climbed over to the driver’s seat in the front of the vehicle, and whipped the restraints together.

With a loud neighing sound from the two equines out in front, the carriage soon began to move and head north.

Author's Note:

Yay!!!! My first chapter is done!!!!!! Not sure how long this story will be, but, we'll see.

Also, I just realized that a lot of the ponies Fluttershy has met so far are unicorns...... Must mean that most of the Trotsylvania's population is unicorns.... :eeyup:

I hope you guys enjoyed this. This was a story that had started writing I believe, back in early June and I only had a little over 200 words at the time. Then I had a sudden jolt of inspiration hit me, so :yay:

And if you're wondering about the whole Sombrashy thing, Sombrashy is actually my SECOND favorite Fluttershy ship, next to Fluttercord.

Anyway, please Like, Favorite and please LEAVE A REVIEW!!!!

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