• Published 23rd Aug 2015
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The Count's Bride - Cora Zone Unicorn

While in Trotsylvania, a mare by the name of "Fluttershy" meets a gentlecolt named "Dr. Van Helstallion" and must be protected from a vampiric demon who is, not only, persuing her, but killing other young mares in the village.

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A Doctor of Perculiar Profession

The sound of a strolling carriage could be seen coming around the corner of the road on an early dawn. It made its way through the lightly covered snowy road. As the two equines were pulling the vehicle, they noticed a body on the side of the road. The carriage driver saw this as well, and pulled the restraints.

“Whoa, whoa! Fellas, stop right here for a minute,” demanded the carriage driver. The two ponies stopped in the middle of the road.

A grey unicorn stallion brought down his carriage window, poking his head out. “What seems to be the problem?”

The coachman hesitated for a moment before speaking. “O-oh, well, there’s seems to be a body on the side of the road.” The earth pony driver pointed his hoof over to his left, the unicorn facing the direction.

The unicorn furrowed his eyebrows together before poking his head back inside the window. A light blue aura surrounded the carriage’s door handle, opening it in the process. He stepped outside, levitating a medium-sized pleather bag with him. Trotting over to the body, the stallion looked over to see young pegasus mare lying unconcious.

Setting his bag on the ground next to him, he took off the mitten from his right hoof. Kneeling down, he then placed it on the side of the pegasus’s neck, checking for a pulse. A couple moments passed before he called out to the coachman.

“Hand over the blanket, will you, please?”

“Yes, sir.”

Using his magic, he opened up his bag, rummaging through it as the earth pony came rushing over with the blanket he had requested for. Taking out a small bottle from his bag, and a pocket hanky from his brown suit, the unicorn placed the items in his hoof. Carefully wrapping his arms around the upper-body, he lifted the mare up slightly, allowing the coachman to put the blanket around her shoulders.

“She’s not dead, is she,” the earth pony asked, a worried look coming across his face.

“Oh, no. No, not at all,” the unicorn reassured him. “Just seemed to have collapsed from exhaustion, that’s all,” he said, wrapping the blanket around the body more securely.

Extending his right hoof a bit, he placed the tip of it, along with the hanky, on top of the bottle’s clasp. A snapping sound was heard as the unicorn pressed hard enough to open it. He then moved the it slowly right underneath her nose for a couple moments until the mare scrunched her face and squirmed around for a bit while doing so.

The pegasus blinked before fully opening her eyes. Once her vision had cleared she saw a male unicorn with black short buzz cut mohawk for a mane. Her mind still set on what happened last night, she tried to fly away before the stallion spoke to her in a gentle, reassuring voice.

“Now, now, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, lifting his head up to look at his carriage driver. “How much farther until we reach the village?”

“Oh, about, three miles or so.”

He nodded, then returned his attention back to the mare. The stallion secured the blanket more tightly around her shoulders. “You must’ve had quite a fright, haven’t you?”

The pegasus gave him a little nod.

He smiled. “Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of now, I’m a doctor. Dr. Van Helstallion,” he said, introducing himself.

The mare gave him a sly smile, her voice low and quiet. “Fluttershy.”

The two ponies made their way up the stairs of the tavern in which Fluttershy had been the night before. Dr. Van Helstallion had his hooves placed on her shoulders, making sure that blanket stayed around her body, so she would stay warm from the cold winter air. Although she was still wearing her hood and cape, that certainly wasn’t going to help her from freezing.

Reaching the door, the stallion used his magic to open it, letting the young filly step inside the warm building. He then closed the door behind him as he trotted inside and placed his pleather bag on the bar counter.

The unicorn then gently placed a hoof on her back, and lead her to an empty table. “Why don’t you sit right here,” he suggested, pulling out a chair for her. Fluttershy gladly took the seat whilst he took the blanket off of her shoulders, and placed it on the back of the chair.

Taking off his bowler hat, he set on the table across from Fluttershy. He then trotted over to the counter, knocking on it before calling out, “Landlord!!”

Sugar Belle immediately came out of a room that was in the middle of a little hallway. She was still in her work apron, but had a black scarf wrapped around her head. She turned to meet face to face with the unicorn.

“Coffee and water, please.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but th-”

“Excuse me for interrupting,” he apologized, “but this young lady hasn’t been doing very well,” he explained, extending his hoof to where Fluttershy was sitting.

Sugar Belle turned around, surprised to see the mare from last night. She rushed over, setting a hoof on her shoulder. “Oh, Miss, I’m so happy to see that you’re safe and sound.”

Just then, her husband, Party Favor, came out of the same room. “I’m afraid we’re closed for customers for today, sir.”

“Father Waddle booked me a room here, I’m Dr. Van Helstallion.”

“O-oh, yes, of course. I’m very sorry, sir,” Party Favor apologized.

“Quite alright,” he replied. He took off his mittens and set them next to his bag.

“I’ll go get you some water,” Sugar Belle said to Fluttershy. The pegasus nodded slightly as she headed off to the back of the tavern.

Party Favor spoke to the stallion in a hushed tone, not wanting to fright the mare sitting just a couple feet away from them. “You see, there’s been a death in the village,” he explained. “Rarity’s cousin. Such a fine young girl. She was found dead in the woods. Her memorial’s in progress right now.” The stallion pointed his hoof out to the south end of the building where curtains were drawn.

Dr. Van Helstallion furrowed his eyebrows with curiosity. “How did she die?”

“Well, no pony knows for sure, but she’s dead, all right. They’re going to bury her churchyard much to Father Waddle’s dismay.”

The grey unicorn glanced over to the direction where the memorial was taking place for a few moments. He then turned his attention back to the tavern owner. “May I see her,” he asked.

“Of course. Being that Father sent for you, I think it would be reasonable.” He paused for a moment before muttering, “but there’s nothing to be done.”

The blue unicorn then trotted away toward the room of the memorial. The doctor turned his attention to the yellow pegasus. “I won’t be long.” He then followed suit, leaving Fluttershy at the table.

Party Favor opened the curtain with both hooves, allowing Dr. Van Helstallion inside. Candelabras were lit and ponies from the village were sitting saying their seats, mourning the loss of one of their good friends and family member. Some were sitting, praying to dear Solaris above. Other than the praying, nothing but the sound of sniffling ponies could be heard.

The two stallions made their way over to the coffin that was placed in the center of the memorial service. Hellstallion took a good look at the mare inside. She was an earth pony who had a short blue mane that went to the base of her neck, and bangs that covered her forehead. Her creme coat was pale as snow, and she wore a light purple dress with a floral pattern. Her forehooves lay across her stomach as she laid there, lifeless.

While looking at the mare in the coffin, he stuck a hoof inside, picking up a piece of an herb. He gave the tavern owner a curious look. “Wild garlic?”

The stallion spoke softly. “It’s supposed to protect against evil. Vampires and such things,” he explained. “You must find these local superstitions ridiculous,” he assumed. “Besides, who knows how she came upon her death?”

The grey unicorn spoke in a serious manner. “There's always a good reason for customs like these.”

He looked at the mare in the coffin once again. Taking both of his hooves, he reached in and moved some of pony’s hair away from her neck. When he did so, he took notice of two holes punctured in the base of her neck. Dr. Van Helstallion looked back at the stallion beside him, giving him a raised eyebrow.

Party Favor did nothing but move one of his hooves from his forehead, to his chest, to both his shoulders, in a quick manner. After doing so, he pointed over to his left. “There are her two cousins.”

The two stallions made their way to a white unicorn mare with a curly purple mane, holding a little white unicorn filly with a pink and purple mane. From what the doctor could see, the two were sisters, and the eldest was trying her best to comfort the little pony who’s eyes had been red and puffy from crying.

Party Favor spoke. “He’s a doctor,” he said simply.

“I am so very sorry,” he said, giving his condolences.

There was a brief moment of silence among the four of them. “She was a great girl. Can’t believe she’s dead,” the eldest said, as her sister held onto to her tight, burying her face into the mare’s chest.

Fluttershy sat at her table, setting her cup of water down as she spoke. “It was like a living nightmare,” she said to Sugar Belle. “I feel as though it hardly happened.”

“Don’t talk about it, then” she suggested. “It would only make you more shaken up.”

The pegasus didn’t look at the mare. “But the Countess seemed so kind…” She then turned to look at Sugar Belle. “And her brother-”

“Her brother?” She gave her a surprised look. “I thought the Countess said he was dead,” she asked, confused.

Fluttershy looked away from the pink unicorn, and sighed. “...It’s a long story.”

A moment later, the two stallions returned from the other room. Neither saying a word as they trotted over to where the two mares had been chatting.

Dr. Van Helstallion went over the Fluttershy’s side, giving her an assuring smile. “Feeling well enough to travel, now?”

She smiled in return. “Yes.”

The male unicorn extended his hoof for Fluttershy to take, which she greatly accepted. He brought her up from her seat, pushing her chair in the process as he levitated the blanket around her body.

Sugar Belle then took this time to pick up the pegasi’s half empty cup, and gave the two a smile. “Goodbye, my dear,” she said to the yellow pony.

“Goodbye, and thank you very much,” she responded, returning a smile.

A light blue aura surrounded the bowler hat that had been sitting on the table. It made it’s way over to the young stallion and settled itself on the crown of his head.

“Yes, thank you,” he said, as he and the young filly made their way out of the village tavern.

Dr. Van Helstallion and Fluttershy sat side-by-side in a carriage. They had been on the road for a good half hour. To help pass the time, Helstallion had asked the mare to explain what had happened when he found her on the road unconscious. He listened to everything she had told him from meeting the Countess at the tavern up to where she saw her dead in her own home.

“The next thing I remember was seeing you,” she said, finishing up her story. “I’m sorry I put you through all this trouble.”

The grey pony chuckled. “Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” A thought crossed his mind. “What was the name of the castle in which you stayed?”

“Castle de Shimmer,” she responded. “Do you know it?”

“I know of it,” he replied. The mare gave him a tiny smile. “And you say you’re on your way to the Trotsylvanian Veterinarian School for Mares?”

Her eyes brightened at the question. “Oh, yes! I love animals. I especially love to help take care of them. I’ve gotten my first job there as a student teacher. I hope to teach all fillies and mares how to nurse animals back to health, and also about their histories.”

Helstallion chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job.”

Fluttershy blushed, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. “O-oh, thank you.”

Another moment of silence passed before another thought came across the unicorn’s mind. “What about your luggage?”

The pegasus looked away, embarrassed. “I’m afraid that when I first arrived at the village, my stagecoach went off with all of my luggage,” she explained. “And I’ve left the one I have taken back at the castle. Oh, I may have to send for it.”

“Castle de Shimmer,” he asked, needing clarification. The young filly just nodded her head in confirmation. “I don’t think that would be very wise.”

Fluttershy looked at him and tilted her head in confusion. “Why not?”

“Let me explain,” he began. “I’ve been asked to study a… strange illness. A certain illness that is half physical, half spiritual.”

Curious, she asked hesitantly, “May-may I know what it is?”

“Have you heard of the… ‘Cult of the Undead?’”

She thought for a moment. “The ‘Undead?’”

“Yes, have you heard of it?”

She shook her head. “I don’t believe so.”

“Are you certain?”

“Absolutely. Just by hearing the name sounds frightening,” she said, shivering at the thought of what the cult could possibly be.

“Well, it mostly known here in Trotsylvania and parts of Ismareal,” he explained.

“A-an-and… will it spread,” she asked, becoming worried.

Helstallion gave her a reassuring smile. “Not unless somepony tries to stop it,” he replied, comforting her. “That’s the main reason I came here.” He then took a little notebook out from an inside pocket of his brown suit. “I would like for you to tell me everything. Everything in detail about what happened at Castle de Shimmer, leaving nothing out. However, frightening it would seem to you.”

Fluttershy thought it over for a moment.

“Will you do that for me?”

She looked him in the eyes. Those piercing blue eyes. She smiled sweetly. “If it’s to help to stop this illness from spreading… then, yes.”

The unicorn then spoke in a serious tone. “And when you tell me, I want you to forget it. Forget it entirely, and not mention it to anypony.”

“If that’s what you really want.”

“Then it is a promise,” he asked, grinning at her.



Dr. Van Helstallion then began to levitate his notebook and began to write down everything the mare told him about her stay at the Castle de Shimmer.

The Veterinarian School for Mares was a school where all young fillies and mares were taught, played, and lived. It was a Saturday, so there were no classes to be taught. Most of the ponies were placed in the lobby, where they gossiped, played games, and studied. As this was many of them did what they wanted, one of the ponies who worked there, a maid, trotted over to the door where she opened to find a young pegasus mare and a young unicorn male to be present. She curtsied.

“This mademoiselle Fluttershy, she has come to take up an appointment,” the stallion explained.

“Will you come in,” she asked, stepping over to the side.

The two ponies stepped inside only to find the entire lobby to be silent and every filly and mare staring at them. Though... it seemed that they were staring more at the stallion whom was with Fluttershy.

“I’ll tell the principal you’re here,” the maid said, trotting a few steps toward the principal’s office before being stopped by an elder mare who was coming down the stairs.

“I’ll see to it myself, dear,” she said, rather cheerfully. The maid curtsied, as well as some of the other ponies, before leaving. The elder mare was a yellow earth pony with a blue streaked mane tied up in a ponytail, and medical sign and pawprint for a cutie mark. She made her way toward the pegasus and the stallion. “Ah, you must be Mademoiselle Fluttershy, the new student teacher. I am Therma Velvet,” she introduced herself. “Welcome!”

“Thank you, Madame,” she replied with a smile.

The mare then looked over Fluttershy’s shoulder, grinning at the stallion. “And who is this young stallion?”

“This is Dr. Van Helstallion,” she replied.

“How do you do,” he greeted her.

“How do you do,” she greeted in return.

“He’s been kind enough to accompany me on the way here.”

“Her coach abandoned her at the last village,” he added.

A worried look spread across the elder mare face. Her eyes widened. “Goodness! You’re alright, aren’t you, sweetheart? Not injured, I hope.”

Fluttershy chuckled softly. “No, I’m fine, thank you.”

“But she’s lost all of her luggage,” he told the elder pony.

“Oh, that’s just terrible news,” Therma responded. She gave off a small sigh. “Oh, well, no problem. We’ll treat with everything you need until all your luggage is retrieved.”

“Oh…” Fluttershy said, surprised at the generous offer. “Why, thank you.”

“No problem at all, deary. Now come along. You must meet with Principal Curative at once, he doesn’t like to be kept waiting,” she said, taking Fluttershy’s hoof in hers. She then dropped into a whisper. “Between you and me, he’s quite the stick in the mud,” she told her, giggling.

“Well, since everything is settled I must get back to m-”

“Oh, no! No, come along as well, Dr. Van Helstallion. You can help explain everything. Mademoiselle is a bit late, and Curative is very punctuative.” She then began to lead the two toward the office. “Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful stallion,” she assured them, “but he can also be a little frightening.” She giggled once again as she lead the pegasus and unicorn.

As the three made their way around the lobby, Therma said aloud, “Now, now, girls there’s no need for staring.”

Most of the fillies and mares who had been staring at the pair stopped at the drop of a hat, and had gone back to what they were doing earlier. Those who hadn’t, found themselves gossiping about the two, believing them to be a couple, or even daydreaming about Dr. Van Helstallion. After all, he was a rather handsome and attractive pony.

Once the three had finally made it to the office, Therma turned around and whispered, “Let me do the talking,” before knocking and opening up the door. “Curative, my love, Mademoiselle Fluttershy has arrived,” she announced, as she made her way inside, the young filly and stallion following suit.

The principal was a pegasus, like Fluttershy herself. He had a short brown mane and light green coat, and wore a red tie around his neck. “So, I heard,” he said, rather bitterly.

From the way he furrowed his eyebrows together and lightly banged his hooves on his desk, he was clearly not happy. It made Fluttershy flinch.

“Mademoiselle, you’re late,” he said.

The young filly winced a bit at the tone of his voice. “I’m sorry.”

“Punctuality comes next to cleanliness,” he responded.

“But, darling,” Therma intervened.

Curative lifted booth his hooves in midair. “I don’t want to hear any excuses,” he said, before sitting back down to his desk.

Dr. Van Helstallion took this opportunity to step in. He sat his hat down on a table nearby and made his way toward the principal. “I can assure you, sir, that this is unavoidable.”

Principal Curative got up from his desk once again, giving him a disapproving look. “And who might you be?”

“A friend of Mademoiselle Fluttershy,” he explained.

“I have made it a rule, sir. A rule here at the school stating that no pony on the staff is allowed no guests. NO GUESTS!”

The unicorn reached on the inside of his suit and took out a little card. “I’m a doctor.” He handed the card over to the pegasus.

The elder pegasus took it in his hoof. He looked it over and a smile spread across his face. He then got up from his desk and flown over to the stallion. “Lighten University…” he said, “almost a colleague. My dear Dr. Van Helstallion,” he extended his hoof to shake as he spoke, “you’d only to tell me that you were,” he began to read off the card, “‘a doctor of philosophy, a doctor in psychology, a professor of metaphysics,’ by Solaris how could I have not have recognized somepony with as great as a profession as yours?”

“I trust here, Curative, that you will allow me to visit Mademoiselle Fluttershy during her stay,” he asked, in a casual manner.

“My dear doctor, the rule has already been resided to your benefit,” he responded, gesturing to the unicorn himself.

“Thank you,” he replied. “Now, if you will excuse me?”

“Yes, sir,” he said, bowing slightly to the stallion, “I will forever be your obedient servant.”

A moment of silence passed before Therma lead Fluttershy out of her husband’s office, Helstallion and Curative following suit. Opening the door to the sound of tens of mares and fillies talking all at once. The elder earth pony made her way to the lobby fairly quickly to calm the noise down.

“I can’t thank you enough for how kind you’ve been to me,” Fluttershy said to the grey unicorn. “How can I ever repay you?”

“Oh, there’s no need,” he responded. “However, the least you can do is remember to keep your promise.”

The young pegasus chuckled. “I’ll do my best.”

“And don’t let that old stallion in there scare you,” he added.

Fluttershy could do nothing but laugh. Helstallion laughed softly along with her.

After getting everypony to calm down, Therma made her way back to the two. “Please, come back whenever you’re in the area, doctor.”

“Yes, Madame,” he responded, taking her hoof in his and kissing it softly. He then turned his attention to the yellow pegasus. “Goodbye, dear Fluttershy. I shall hope to see you again soon.”

The young mare blushed a bit. “As do I.”

He gave her a genuine smile before speaking to Therma. “I’ll see myself out.” He placed his bowler hat back on his head and trotted his way out of the building.

All of the mares stared, once again, as he left the building. Some of them even sighing dreamily out loud.

“Such a fine and charming gentlecolt,” Therma said, smiling as she watched him make his way out of the lobby.

“Yes,” Fluttershy agreed. “A very kind gentlecolt.”

As soon as the front door shut, the elder mare called for another young mare. “Amelia,” she said, gesturing for a young pegasus mare to come over. Her fur coat was navy blue, her purple mane was tied up in a bun, and had lavender eyes. She was also wearing a veterinarian coat. Therma whispered to Fluttershy as the mare came over, “She’s a student teacher, quite like you,” she explained. She then turned to face the dark pegasus. “Amelia, Fluttershy has just arrived and she doesn’t know anypony yet and I would like for you to show her to her room.”

The pegasus bowed her head slightly. “Yes, Madame.”

“Room number twenty-one,” she said her, before leaving the two pegasi.

A moment of silence passed before Fluttershy spoke. “I feel so strange finally arriving here. Did you feel the same once you’ve arrived?”

Amelia gave her a assuring smile. “You’ll settle down soon enough,” she said, giving her a sly smile. Fluttershy smiled softly in return. “Come along.”

The two pegasi then made their way up to Fluttershy’s room.

Author's Note:

Woo!!!! I am on a role!!!! If only I were this fast with updating some of my other stories *cough* "Romance in Appleloosa" *Cough*

I think it's the new cover art.... the cover is motivating me to write every chapter as fast as possible.... :pinkiegasp: Maybe THAT'S the secret!!!

Eh, who knows?? Anyway, we've finally get to meet Dr. Van Helstallion, and I'm soooo proud of myself because I came up with ANOTHER pony pun ALL BY MYSELF!!! "IsMAREal!!!" I am soooo happy. First, "Trotsylvania" and now "Ismareal!!!"

Also, there were a couple of OCs in this one: Principal Curative, and Amelia. If you're wondering about Therma Velvet, she's NOT an OC! She's actually the vet that we've seen in the episode "Secret of my Excess," I've just happened to give her a name because I don't think they've said it in the episode.

Now, you're probably wondering about Sombra. Don't worry, you'll see him again very soon.

In the mean time, please remember to Like, Favorite and LEAVE A REIVEW!!!!!

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