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The Count's Bride - Cora Zone Unicorn

While in Trotsylvania, a mare by the name of "Fluttershy" meets a gentlecolt named "Dr. Van Helstallion" and must be protected from a vampiric demon who is, not only, persuing her, but killing other young mares in the village.

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The Count of Castle de Shimmer

Fluttershy was sitting up in her bed, inside the covers, reading her copy of “The World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary” by Samantha Gelderlander. Since she was going to teach at veterinary school, she thought that she might as well catch up on some non-fiction reading. She carefully lowered the light from the candle sconce that was right next to her bed before licking the tip of her hoof, readying herself to turn over to the next page.

The pegasus jumped a little in fear when she saw a bright flash of lightning, followed by a low roar of thunder come from the outside of her balcony window. It had been raining for most of the time she had been at the castle, but it wasn’t raining as hard as it was before; now it just drizzling with just some occasional flashes of light and booming thunder. Fluttershy had to admit, even though she had a slight fear of thunderstorms, she found them actually quite relaxing. Nothing was better that reading a good book while listening to the rain.

After reading for a good half hour or so, the young mare decided that now was the time to go to sleep. She closed her book and set it down on the nightstand beside her, then lifted up the covers with her hooves, as she got out the bed, revealing her lace, pale pink nightgown. Flapping her feathered wings, she flew over to the opened balcony window. Fluttershy was about to close it when she noticed a faintly bright light coming from below her.

Oh, Sunset’s brother must be out on the balcony. Since it was only drizzling outside, she decided that it would be alright to go out onto her balcony and look down to see what the Countess’s sibling was doing up at this hour. She flew over to her balcony, placing her hooves on the lightly wet edge. Her eyes widened as she looked at the balcony below.

There, right before her eyes, was Sunset’s brother, standing on his hind legs on the edge of his balcony. He was looking below him, holding himself up by wrapping a hoof around a pillar that was right next to him.

Oh, dear Solaris! Please don’t do what I think you’re going to do! Fluttershy’s eyebrows arched up due to worry. She gasped aloud the moment she saw the stallion extend one leg out over the edge. “No! Don’t you dare,” she shouted, causing the stallion to look up toward her. Before he could say a word, she ran back into her room and out her door.

The pegasus flew out of her room and down the stairs, towards the direction where Sunset told her her brother’s room was earlier. Another loud booming sound of thunder erupted throughout as Fluttershy opened the door. She was thankful that it happened when it did, because the door made quite the loud creaking sound, and she was trying her best not wake either Sunset or Starlight.

More thunder erupted once she closed the door behind her. She turned around to see nothing but pure darkness inside the room. The pegasus was only able to barely make out the outlines of all the objects surrounding her. The only source of light the room had at all seemed to come from the moon in the sky. She began to walk quietly and carefully around the room, hoping not to bump or break anything in the dark.

“Hello...? Hello...? Are you in here,” she called out, as she slowly moved around the room.

“Who are you,” a voice answered back, causing the mare to whip her head around toward the direction in which it had came from, a voice which was deep, but also calming yet gravelly.

Fluttershy looked ahead, only to see the silhouette of the stallion standing before her. “My name is Fluttershy. I was offered to stay here for the night, thanks to your sister.” She could see him tilt his head to the side.

He took a couple steps forward. “Why have you come to my room? No pony has ever come here except for Starlight.”

“W-well, I’ve come here to help you… I-if I can,” she responded, feeling a little nervous.

“Help me, is that so?”

Fluttershy fell silent for a moment, before nodding her head in confirmation.

“Would you mind coming over here,” he asked.

The mare hesitated, only taking teeny-tiny steps forward. The stallion could tell that she wasn’t so sure.

“N-no, don’t be afraid,” he reassured her. “I just want to take a look at you.”

Countess did say earlier that she hasn’t seen her brother years… and he did say that he hasn’t seen any other pony aside from Starlight. Not to mention the fact that they must not get a lot of visitors. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.

After thinking it over, the young pegasus then took a couple steps into the light of the moon. She stepped into the light enough for him to be able to see her completely. There was a few moments of silence before he spoke.

“You are a very lovely mare,” he complemented, causing the mare to blush slightly. “So, you say you’ve come to help me, have you?” He stepped into the light as well. “Well, I’m afraid that no pony could help me besides myself.”

Fluttershy was taken aback once she saw the stallion’s appearance. He was young, only seeming to be about two to three years older than herself. His grey fur coat went along with his black suit, which had a white dress shirt underneath. His mane was, somewhat, slicked back, but seemed to resemble that of a lion’s, and his horn was curved and had a tinge of red to it. Not to mention his eyes, which were the most amazing shade of green. She had found him to be quite handsome.

“I was scared that you were going to jump off of the edge of the balcony,” she said, her eyes dilating.

“I assure that I wasn’t going to do such a thing,” he said. “I can’t… no matter how much I wanted to,” he muttered under his breath. “Would you mind coming closer?”

The young filly furrowed her eyebrows together before taking a few steps closer.


She took another couple steps toward him.

“Please, come closer.”

By this time, he was starting to sound desperate. Fluttershy wasn’t sure if she wanted to go any closer.

“Why? Whatever is the matter that you want me to come so close,” she asked finally, rather curiously, along with a hint of fear.

The unicorn hesitated. “You see, I- I can’t… come to you,” he responded.

The pegasus tilted her head in confusion as he came a little more into the light. She didn’t understand how he could come over to her when he seemed to be doing just fine… that was until she noticed that with each step he took, a sort of a rattling sound went along with it. Her eyes went to the floor, finally seeing that his right hind hoof was chained to the wall.

The mare’s eyes widened in shocked. “But- But that’s not right! That’s almost treating a pony into imprisonment.”

He did nothing but scoff. “My sister thinks of me as prisoner, doesn’t she? I suppose she told you that I’ve gone mental… Been locked in here for everypony’s sake…” he trailed off, looking down at the floor before continuing. “Well, why shouldn’t she, and why shouldn’t you believe her?”

She shook her head slowly. “I’m not even sure I know what to believe.”

“Well, you see, Mademoiselle,” he began, “this castle... the mountains, the acres of the forest below belong to me. I have inherited it all from father, being that I am the oldest,” he explained. “I am the Count de Shimmer, and my sister is nothing but an evil, manipulative, and jealous pony,” he said through his teeth. “She has told the entire village that I have been dead for years. She wants every single one of them down there to think that everything has dwelled upon her.” He looked down to the floor. “Well, why not let them keep believing? I’m already more than half dead already, living locked away like this for as many years as I can recall.”

Fluttershy quickly went over to the Count, looking him in the eyes. “Oh, please, don’t talk like that. There must’ve been something you could’ve done, or even Starlight. Haven’t either you or her tried using magic to unlock it?”

“Ah, Miss, you see, my sister is far too clever. She has placed some sort of enchantment on it so no unicorn would be able to unlock it.”

Fluttershy looked down at his hind hoof before a thought came into her mind. “Perhaps… I can help get you out.”

The Count’s eyes seemed to brighten at the thought. “You mean that? Truly?” The mare nodded. “Do you think you can find the key that fits the lock?”

“Where does your sister keep it,” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Starlight tells me that it’s in a drawer inside her room. It the one next to where you’re spending the night. She won’t dare get it herself because she is afraid that she will be fired from working for family that she’s known and cared for as long as she’s been alive.”

“Then I will get the key.”

The Count then placed his hooves onto her shoulders. “It will be incredibly risky, you know.” A moment of silence fell between the two. “Do you dare take it?”

Fluttershy gave him a sly smile. “If it’s to help a pony in need, such as yourself… then yes.”

The stallion let go of the young filly, allowing her wings to spread out and begin to lift her off of the ground. The hem of her nightgown flew gently in the breeze as she headed out of the room. She took a glance at the Count who gave her a tiny smile before going out the door.

Fluttershy made her way through the main lobby and stairs with no problem, as of yet. It’s times like these, she’s happy with the fact that she was a pegasus. She had found the Countess’s room, but first looked around both sides of the hall to make sure that neither Sunset or Starlight were coming. Once she was sure that it was safe, she quietly turned the knob and opened the door as quietly as she could. The moment she was inside, she shut the door.

Well, at least this one doesn’t make any creaking sounds.

The mare looked around the room to find the drawer just a few feet away from the bed and nightstand. Sliding the door open, she carefully went through everything inside until she found what she was looking for.

Countess Shimmer was making her way up the stairs. She had wanted to check up on Mademoiselle Fluttershy. She had wanted to ask if she had been enjoying her visit so far.

Oh, I hope I hadn’t frighten the young girl about my brother, she thought to herself as she got closer to the pegasi’s room.

Standing in front of the mare’s door, her horn began to glow a magical golden aura, along with the the knob. Opening it, she then stepped inside the room, but was surprised to see no pony there.

That’s strange. Where did she go? The unicorn mare thought for a moment. Hmph, she must’ve gone to use the restroom.

Countess Shimmer then walked back out of the room, closing it behind her. She was heading back down towards the lobby when she heard something moving coming from her own room.

What was that?

Her horn began to glow once again and turn the knob.

Fluttershy’s head jerked up at the sound of the door opening. She quickly took the key in her mouth and flew as fast as she could out the Countess’s balcony, closing the window behind her in the process. Her wings then made her fly upward, high enough so if Sunset were to come out onto the balcony, she wouldn’t be caught so easily.

Luckily for her, she could see that the shadow coming from her room was diminishing due to the closing of the window curtains. Fluttershy took the key of her mouth and held it in her hoof, sighing in relief.

That was a close one.

The pegasus then flew down toward the balcony below where the Count was waiting. The stallion turned around to the sound of flapping feathered wings.

“Monsieur Count, I’ve got the key,” she said, showing him the key in her hoof.

His eyes widened, and a grin took over his face. “You’ve got it?! Marvelous. Quickly, unlock me.”

The mare nodded. She kneeled down to his hind leg, inserting the key inside of the lock. As she twisted it around, the stallion could feel the damn shackle loosen up a bit. Suddenly, he felt no more tightness around his hoof, or mental going deep into his fur and skin. He looked down to see that he was no longer bound to the wall of his room. He was no longer a prisoner.

Fluttershy laid the key down next the now unlocked shackle, before looking up to face him. She was caught off guard, however, when the stallion cupped her face in his hooves.

“Thank you, very much, Mademoiselle,” he said in a hushed whisper.

Fluttershy found herself lost in his hypnotizing green eyes. “You’re welcome.”

The Count then glanced around his room before looking into the pegasi’s eyes. “I must get ready at once. Go back to your room, I will meet you there.”

She gave him a great big smile, and nodded. “Alright.”

“Hurry. My sister mustn’t find you here. Quickly!”

The young filly quickly lifted herself into the air and immediately made her way back to her balcony window. Landing inside her room, she turned her head, taking another glance outside.

She jumped when she saw a flash of light from the corner of her eye and shrieked when she saw none other than Countess Shimmer standing a few feet away from her, looking unhappy.

“Where’s the key?”

“Countess, I-”

“You took the key from my room.” She walked over until she was right in front of her. “Give it back to me. You understand?”

“Listen, I’m telling you that I don’t have it.”

The unicorn glared at her. “You must have it.” She enveloped Fluttershy with her golden aura, lifting her in midair. “Give me the key!”

The pegasus writhed in pain. The unicorn’s magic was beginning to tighten around Fluttershy’s body the more angry she got. “Sunset….” she choked, her voice barely audible, “you’re… hurting… me.” She felt the pressure closing in on her throat, tears welling up in her eyes.

Sunset’s eyes widened, her face now covered in fear. “You gave the key to my brother, didn’t you! My dear, you don’t know what you have done! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE!”

Her fear was so great that her magic caused the poor pony to be flung across the room. The pegasi’s back hit against the bedroom wall with great force. She screamed in pain as her body made contact with the barrier. She felt her entire backside sting as well as tears starting to fall out of her eyes.

The unicorn brought both of her hooves up to her mouth. “Fluttershy I’m-”

She didn’t have time to finished her apologizing, as the crying pegasus got up on her hooves as fast as she could and ran out.

Fluttershy was in pain; she was in pain and she was afraid. She was galloping down the stairs, too distraught to even think about flying. Her vision was blurry from all the tears running down her face. She could barely see a figure at the bottom of the staircase from all the crying she had been doing. Blinking a few times, she was now able to tell that it was none other than the Count. She soon found herself in his chest.

“Mademoiselle,” he said, concern in his voice, “whatever is the matter?” His question was answered for him once he saw his sister galloping towards the stairs. “Ah, I see.” The pegasus continued to sob. “Shh. Sh, sh, sh, sh. It’s alright.”

Fluttershy moved her head away from his chest, her eyes making contact with his. He gently wiped away her tears with his hooves.

“She won’t be able to harm you now that I’m here,” he said, reassuringly. He looked up toward the Countess, her eyes widened with fear. The stallion then returned his attention back to the pegasus. “Now go to room and wait.”

The young filly sniffed before nodding her head. Slowly going up the steps, she cautiously made her way back to her room, doing her best not to get too close to the mare who had just assaulted her.

“Sunset, come here,” he said.

The unicorn hesitated. “No, Sombra,” she muttered, only taking one step towards her right.

“Sis,” he said, more in a demanding tone.

Sunset flinched. She looked his direction, even more frightened than before.

“Come here, sis.”

The young mare quivered, but obeyed. She teleported over to her sibling whilst Fluttershy quickly made her way back to her bedroom.

“Now, now, Sunset, come along with me.”

The two siblings then walked together in silence, making their way to what used to be Count Shimmer’s prison cell.

Fluttershy was back in her room. The pain in which she had felt earlier had subsided. She was tying her hood and cape back on her body when she heard somepony cackling and shouting hysterically.

“He’s gone! He’s gone, he’s free! Hahahahaha,” the voice said aloud.

The pony flew over to the balcony to see some light coming from the Count’s room. The shouting continued as soon as she got outside.

What is going on down there?

The mare flew down to the Count’s room, to see none other than Starlight on all fours, right in front of the unlocked shackle, still cackling and shouting.

“Starlight, is something wrong?”

“He’s free! He’s finally free, the charming devil! Hahahaha!”

“Starlight, do you know why he was locked up? He didn’t seem mental at all.”

The unicorn assistant looked over her shoulder. “No, he’s not mental, I suppose you know that much,” she replied, her face all scrunched up. “Did you unlock him from his shackle?”

“Do you know where he went,” Fluttershy asked, not answering the question. She was beginning to get worried about Count Shimmer.

“Sombra’s gone,” she replied, simply. “He went out into the night.” She then got up on all four hooves, staring out the window. “Now that he is free… we will all fall under his power,” she muttered, her voice now low and serious. “You have no idea what you’ve done.”

Fluttershy shook her head in confusion. “W-what are you talking about?” A moment of silence fell. “Where’s Sunset Shimmer?”

Starlight moved her head to her right before answering. “Oh, she’s not far away.” She then turned to face the pegasus. “Would you like to see her?” The unicorn walked over to her. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Fluttershy said nothing as the mare stared at her. Starlight cackled once again, taking Fluttershy’s hoof and leading her toward the Countess. The two of them took a couple steps around the corner until the Starlight stopped.

“Look,” she instructed her, pointing towards the front of them. The young filly’s eyes widened as she let out a frightened gasp. There, right in front of her, was Sunset, unconscious in a chair. “Oh, no, don’t be afraid. She’s dead,” she told her.

“W-wha-what did you do?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter now,” Starlight said, letting go of her hoof. “Sunset’s dead, and Sombra is free!” Fluttershy looked at the unicorn beside her before galloping off in fear. Starlight’s cackling laugh now being heard throughout the castle.

It would’ve been easier to have flown out of the castle, which would’ve been a lot faster, but Fluttershy was sooo consumed with fear that she couldn’t even think straight. Before she knew it, she was out in the middle of the night, running through the snow.

Starlight watched the little pony running for dear life through the snow from Count Sombra’s balcony window. She then began walking over to the mare’s lifeless body.

“Don’t blame me, Sunset, it was not my fault, whatsoever,” she said. “Oh, no. Blame that father of yours. Twenty years. Twenty years since I first saw the Master come here with you and your brother. A fine, handsome one he was too. But he spoiled the two of you, oh yes. However, spoiling your brother a lot more. Spoiling him so much that he became wicked and your father encouraged it. You used to laugh at their wicked little games until one night he brought your brother into his chambers and… turned him into what he is.”

She paused for a couple moments. “You’ve done all you could for Sombra since then, Solaris, help you. Keeping him prisoner here, bringing so many young mares to help keep him alive through the years, thanks to their blood. However the powers of darkness are too strong.”

She paused once again. “He’s free… but he will return,” she muttered. “Yes,” she smiled a wicked smile. She walked her way over to a pair of curtains. “Yes, he will come back to me. He will come back to his old Starlight, yes. He’ll come.”

The mare extended her hooves opening the curtains to reveal a small little room with an opened coffin inside. Thunder rumbled from the outside, followed by a flash of lightning as Starlight cackled once again.

Author's Note:

Well, we've finally get to meet Sombra... and so far, this story is becoming a lot of fun to write. :twilightsmile:

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Also, thanks a lot to my NEW friend Evehly for the AMAZING cover art!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! And, dare I say, SEXY!!! :raritywink:

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