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I am a 20 year old brony from FL. I write stories featuring Fluttershy (BEST PONY!!!), and a few about my favorite ships, 90% being Flimjack. I also have an MLP audio series on my YouTube channel.



This story is a prequel to The Origin of "Camouflage"

While working on the Rock Farm with her sisters, Maud comes across a special little rock that is different than all the others.

It's love at first sight.

Cover art made by PrinceCelestia

Now with Dramatic Reading by PonyStemCell

French version by Vinz

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Rock. You are a rock.
Grey. You are grey.
Like a rock.
Which you are.

Well done, I feel closer to Maud now. A very sweet little story.

5434594 Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I always wondered how Boulder became Maud's pet so, I decided to write a little one-shot about how that came to be


Well, your story is now my headcannon.

5433568 She's so prolific!

I love how you voice Maud here. Y'know, this is exactly how it might've went! Awesome work! :pinkiehappy:

5435146 Maud is best guest pony. :pinkiehappy:

Marble, and Limestone were all quite different.

You used their canon names.:pinkiegasp: You have no idea how happy that makes me. Take a favorite and a like just for that.:pinkiehappy:

Marble and Limestone are the best background ponies.

And then one day Pinkie lost Boulder. Maud had asked her to look after him while she worked on breaking up some metamorphic rocks to spare him the horror of seeing her destroy his comrades. When she was finished, she asked Pinkie for Boulder back. Pinkie thought quickly and said they were playing a new game called "Camouflage," which was a more intense version of Hide-and-Seek. And that Boulder was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, good at hiding. Maud, loving her sister, bought it. And they looked for Boulder together. It took them less than five minutes. Because even though Boulder is a superlative hider, Maud is that much better at seeking. Nopony beats Maud at Camouflage. Nopony.


5435945 :pinkiegasp: That could be a great idea for a sequel :raritywink:

5435971 I will. But maybe not until tomorrow

i like rocks. :pinkiesmile:

Don't forget to like, favorite and LEAVE A REVIEW!!!

I'm not a good reviewer, so I hope you can settle for a simple comment.

This story seems solid. It's always a nice sediment to find yourself a pet. Maud rocks. :pinkiehappy:
Cleary I'm bad with puns.


It's always a nice sediment to find yourself a pet.

I see what you did there :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiegasp: Wow that was a rocky start to Maud and Boulder's relationship there. :pinkiehappy:

I love this so much! :rainbowdetermined2:

Well the story is okay. Short and Sweet.

I think the story could be better if you portray Maud thinking Mindset more complicated (like gummy) but you did get the bland part right.

I was a little confused at the begining as to whose POV was it.

Her other three sisters, Pinkamena "Pinkie" Diane Pie, Marble, and Limestone were all quite different. Especially Pinkie, who was her best friend.

Also, you can escribe the surroundings a little better.

A for effort though.

Hello Maud.
Hello Pinkie.

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