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I'm just a random user who writes a lot of different ideas that pop into my strange mind, and ships almost everything imaginable.


As the mane six are in the Crystal Empire stopping the invading changeling army, their special someponies (and draconequus) are given the responsibility of protecting Ponyville and assuring the citizens that everything will be okay.

It is a responsibility that shouldn't be as difficult as they make it. It doesn't help that the six were never exactly friends to begin with.

Full list of character tags: Fancypants, Soarin, Cheese Sandwich, Flash Sentry, Discord, Caramel, and the Mane Six.

(PLEASE don't down-vote the story just because you don't like the ships I use. Thanks!)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

Why no Caramel charecter tag?


When publishing a story, you can only use five character tags, and Caramel was not one of the five I chose to use.

Great Story!
I loved the Soarindash fluff!!

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! I've been waiting for this for so long... someone to put ALL my fav ships together in 1 story! This just got you a follower! :pinkiehappy:

And someone who FINALLY understands my views on the Applespike ship... FINALLY! :pinkiehappy: To be honest I don't really know which apple- ship I like except for Applespike. But my fav ship by far is Soarindash, fluttercord and applespike close second.


I love all of those ships (thanks to Bride of Discord! :pinkiehappy:)

Yeah. Applespike doesn't get enough love. I haven't seen many FanFics having to do with Applespike, but I have seen TONS written for a ship like Appledash or Rarijack; which are some of the most popular ships in the fandom. In my opinion, Applespike seems more interesting. I love the idea of interspecies romance. :rainbowkiss:

It's been a good story, and I have to admitt I liked almost all the ships you used (I don't like shipping Rarity and Fancy Pants) but I have to remind you something: Cheese's cannon is not the same size than Pinkie's, his is like... HUGE. Still, everything seemed perfect ignoring those two details, nice work! :pinkiehappy:

So, changeling invasion just because the plot says so? :ajbemused: Okay, other than that, not a bad start. :pinkiesmile:

"NO!" Everyone shouted as the argument raged on. They were so focused on proving their point to one another that they didn't hear the faint pounding on the force field.

"angry grunt" :twilightangry2: IDIOTS!

Except Spike.

Yeah, that wasn't all that funny. :ajbemused:

Also, isn't Twilight being able to teleport everyone all the way to the Crystal Empire a little or a lot overpowered? :applejackunsure:

This was a pretty good fluffy story, but I was honestly expecting a little more meat. Oh well, it was a pretty good idea. :twilightsmile:

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