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I am a 24 year old brony from FL. I write stories featuring Fluttershy (BEST PONY!!!), and a few about my favorite ships, 90% being Flimjack. I also have an MLP audio series on my YouTube channel.


Inspired by the song "When Love Is Gone," from Disney's "Muppet Christmas Carol"

One year, during Ms. Jubilee's Hearth's Warming Eve party, a young apprentice, by the name of "Flim Skim," is introduced to a young maiden named "Applejack" and it's love at first sight. About a year later, they are engaged to be married and no one is more excited than Flim's little sister, Elaina, and his future sister-in-law, Apple Bloom.

However, through the years, Flim's work takes his priority over Elaina, his fiancée and future sister-in-law. What he doesn't realize that he's losing the three most important mares in his life... one romantically and two fatally.

Cover art by MirtaLimeBurst!!!!!

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Twilight goes to Rarity for help when her favorite jeans are ruined.

Rarity suggests that she try wearing a skirt, even though Twilight says that it won't suit her.

Art belongs to trinityinyang

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On one of their monthly picnics, now including a certain draconequus, Fluttershy invites her friend Octavia Melody. The girls, and Discord, are actually quite surprised to find out that she's friends with one of the most elegant ponies around.

When asked about how their friendship began, they all find out that Fluttershy is a natural when it comes to one of the most elegant instruments around: the violin.

Click here to read the French version, translated by Vinz.

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Rated Teen for violence, and sexual or suggested themes!

Long before the reign of Celestia and Luna, a beautiful young mare, by the name of "Fluttershy," was on her way to her new job as a teacher at a veterinarian school in Trotsylvania. She soon finds herself in the care of the Countess de Shimmer and persued by the brother of the Countess, who has been locked away in his own home.

Not long after, a gentlecolt, Dr. Van Helstallion, comes into town, hearing of strange deaths. It is then that Van Helstallion meets Fluttershy, immediately befriending her. Now, Dr. Van Helstallion must do whatever it takes to protect the young maiden, as well as the rest of Trotsylvania, from a demon that has been causing all the recent deaths... especially due to the fact that all the victims have been young mares...

Based off of the 1960 horror film "The Brides of Dracula"

Cover art made by Evehly

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Apple Bloom is a poor little filly living in Ponyville with her Granny Smith, older sister Applejack and older brother, Big Mac. She's tired of the current life she's living and wants something new and exciting to come into her life.

One day, it is announced all over Equestria, that Pinkie Pie, the legendary candy maker, has hid five golden tickets in her candy bars. Whoever possesses the ticket will get the chance to go inside the factory where all of her candy is made.

This could be the excitement that Apple Bloom has been wanting all her life!

Based on the 1971 classic "Willy Wonka" film.

(This cover art is temporary)

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Twilight Sparkle has failed at getting the Crystal Heart in time, letting the former king, who enslaved the entire kingdom over a thousand years before, return to take over the Empire.

Now, with the Crystal Heart permanently gone, Twilight is now bound to King Sombra for all eternity...

Because of this, it even left the only pony who can save her, her loved ones, and the empire, powerless against him.

Inspired by THIS image!!!!

Cover art by SapsDrow

Now with Dramatic Reading by ME!!!

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Different take on during and after the events of "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3"

Rainbow Dash writes in the journal the real reason why she wants to become a Wonderbolt so badly...

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Sonata Dusk meets Shining Armor at Sugar Cube Corner, and is confused as to why he isn't wearing any armor.

She decides to ask why.

Cover art made by Wadusher0

Now with Dramatic Reading by DarkShadow051

French Translation by Vinz.

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Cadence and Fluttershy are two Pegasus sisters living in the small village of Canterlot. These two mares are the most kind and loved ponies in the whole village.

When their father, Soarin', tells them of the legend of the "Sleeping Princess" they set off on an adventure to save the far off kingdom of the Everfree Forest and help break the sleeping curse that Princess Twilight set upon herself...

Not to mention, find out what happened to her brother, Shining Armor and return him to the Royal Family.

Based on the Hello Kitty Special of the same name.

Cover art made by ChaosQueen

Edited by: BluegrassBrooke and myself

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This story is a sequel to When Maud Met Boulder

Pinkie Pie is asked to babysit Boulder by her big sister Maud while she and their father go out of town for the day.

All goes well until Pinkie loses her sister's pet rock when playing with him in the front yard.

And so begins the origin of the game "Camouflage."

Cover art made by PrinceCelestia

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