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Rated [Teen] for alcohol use (I do not condone excessive consumption of alcohol)

Some ponies are ashamed of their alcohol habit, but Berry Punch flaunts hers with pride. A renowned connoisseur of the devil's brew, she finds herself with a lot of extra bottles around. With the (accidental) help of her friend Cinnamon Swirl, she finds a better use for all that glass while tapping into her artistic side.

A collaborative effort with Garbo802. Check out his work because he's a great writer.

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Comments ( 29 )

I agree with every point made in this story.

Have you ever maee a Molotov cocktail? If you haven't, try it. Fire + Glass shards makes for a very happy panda.

It arrives. It was a joy to work on.

Oh Berry Punch, you just never learn. :rainbowlaugh:

>anxiously awaits for this to be in the popular stories column...

3923893 It made it in. Good jorb with this story.

3922920 High five/bro-hoof for helping make a very enjoyable story.

3925291 its still there. though i do keep my mature filter up though too.

3925311 Well regardless of the column, I still consider this story to be overall successful.

You do not condone excessive consumption of alcohol?
..Wow that rhymed =D

Also not American so might be abit biased as far as drinking goes.

Land of great cuisine
Except for the beer
And Hambergers
And Texmex
And Asian food
And pretty much everything else
But we make a damn good pizza.

Denmark Land of the imports! we might not make the damm best pizza but we get the original italien ingriedients, which helps suprisingly much.
And italien wine... Gotta love italien wine.

(Funnily enough, all my favorite wines' come from South America xD)


3927693 How does one get drunk off of apple juice? :rainbowlaugh:

3929989 Go home. :rainbowlaugh:


Don't say that in my town. We live 5 minutes from New Haven in America, and that along with Chicago is probably the best pizza town on the planet. We're really spoiled, and when we go to other places we can't order pizza ever.

We get really intense about our pizza.

3932544 Well that I admit is one of the beautiful things about America... Due to Italien immigration and such, you guys basicly have the masters of pizza-making in your home. Hurray for multi-culturalism!


You do realize that Italy's pizza is rubber crap made for tourists.

3937734 My family originates from Italy, and I can tell you that, althout that might be the case. It's also about finding the RIGHT pizzeria ^^
I've been to Italy many times, and I gotta admit. I've had the best pizza in my life whilst I was there... I've also had mediocore ones so sure.
Everybody likes money-grubbing.

3937734 I'm hearing this whole conversation in Gabe's voice...


I'm Scottish but live in a 90% Italian community. It's been... Ineresting to say the least. Theres a pizzeria every five fucking feet, and a pasta joint every ten.

If you ever Get to New England, go to Pepe's or Sally's pizzeria. They are local restaurants who make the best pizza ever.I'm not even joking, they get pro reviews that say that.

They're also two blocks apart. Go figure.

Village Pizza in Greenfield is better, I assure you.
Or Goodies.


If you mean the fucking amazing Goodies burger joint, I have one a short walk away.

where the fuck is greenfield i dont fucking know

North end of the Pioneer Valley, 20 minutes from Hadley and Holyoke, about an hour from Springfield.



If you'll excuse me, I need to go bathe in my semi-automatic
assault rifles, they're getting lonely in there.

Luckily now I live in the South. My fully automatic MAC-10 would like to have a word with you.


Good luck not shooting your instructor

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHi actually feel kindsa bad about that one

Eh. Everyone in that situation was retarded. What part of "Let's give a 9 year old a fucking Uzi" (a gun that's a good fraction of her own body weight) seems like a good idea...?


I was trash talking, let's not start rationalizing now.

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