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Eventide Trailblazer is a mare obsessed. While the rest of Equestria shuns the name Sunset Shimmer, she spends her time dwelling on the true story of the mare behind the myth, a story that culminated in a horrible disaster five years ago. Trusting no one but her best friend and her therapist Eventide plots in secret, making plans that will fix things once and for all. But while her intentions might be good, do her plans truly benefit anyone but herself?

Twenty five years prior to Eventide's own plans the object of her obsession returns to Equestria from parts unknown. The end of Twilight's inter-dimensional duel across time with Starlight Glimmer also marks Sunset's unexpected return from CHS, yet when Twilight meets up with her she can barely recognize her friend from the other world. Scared, paranoid and horribly injured, Sunset claims to have spent the last seven weeks of her life trapped in her own inter-dimensional journey, a journey that sounds worryingly familiar to Twilight.

Set directly after cutie re-mark for Twilight chapters and approximately 25 years after season 5 for Eventide. Other Tag is for Flurry Heart.

Possible spoilers in comments

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Vomiting and nausea... tell me you didn't. :pinkiesad2:

At the time of course it had made perfect sense, they had a similar color of coat and he was a unicorn just like her.

...you did.

I get the feeling that Eventide is very screwed up. I wonder who her mother was and what is up with her obsession with Sunset Shimmer?

7288574 That sort of depends on exactly what you are worried has happened.

7288651 Oh she is exceedingly messed up. Not as bad as she could be but she has a few personal problems.

Calling it now, she's pregnant.

Comment posted by Kriysix deleted Jun 10th, 2016

7292368 Now that's just unnecessary. There are some things in the universe that cannot be forgiven, hence one of the many reasons we all went and developed complex religion, and Sunset has encountered one of those. Another of those things involves what you have typed, and I hope by the end of your days you realize what that is. If you are religious, you better hope that the higher authority sees fit to forgive, because I do not have the capacity to do so.

7292455 A great man of my nation and the world helped prevent a civil war by teaching my people 'Forgive but never forget', I never liked Sunset but also don't hate her just the numerous fan versions of her.
Apologies for the overreaction, a character i already don't like saying words that feel like an insult to a man that inspired so many humans to be better and do better, its not any easy thing to see.

Why do I get the feeling Evies mom was Trixie

Trixie doesn't necessarily hold the monopoly on wagons across Equestria. That said I'm struggling to think of any wagons other than hers. I mean the Appeloosans have stage coaches. How do you circle stage coaches?

La historia va sin sentido.Aqui alternar los capitulos es una p├ęsima idea.

Wait is Evies Sunset Shimmer's daughter?!

And so the downward spiral begins... and will happen again in two decades.

At least I hope Evey isn't getting self-banished...

7327867 Out of curiosity what aspect are you recognizing as the start of the downward spiral?

Eventide Trailblazer? Isn't she from the comics?

7329570 No idea. If there is an existing character with that name then the shared name is purely coincidental. Her name was pretty much created using the naming convention of 'suitably decent sounding synonym' + 'character appropriate word'

7300612 It's obvious she is.
The rocky relationship with Cadance is a dead giveaway.

What happened and did Twilight and Celestia fail Sunset....no wait They fubar Susnet and her daughter over, and not jsut them seems some fo the elements had failed them as well.


Honestly, the 994 years was a pretty big clue.

Then we see in two consecutive chapters how rumours haunted Evey and started to haunt Sunset.

One watches with horrified fascination as one mare's fate follows another, and how Sunset's story will end in flames and tears, with a vain hope that Evey won't walk that path to ultimate destruction.

But she's already shown that she's actively pulling a perhaps even darker fate on herself...

7341333 Yeah that's about what I imagined. I was just a little confused at the comment being under the chapter Darkness and Honesty (one) where there had been comparatively little to suggest a descent.


Oh, I read several chapters in a row (my compliments on the speed of your output, by the by), and just commented on the last one I read because I like making cryptic remarks so I look smart when I am right and no one can prove I am wrong when I get it wrong.

7342085 Thanks. This most recent chapter clears up something that was said at the end of 'Therapy'. '995 Years' still has a few unresolved issues but I imagine you might have guessed a couple of the things it was hinting at. The hope is that when this is fully posted up a start to finish read through of just the Evey chapters will make a lot more sense to someone who has read the whole thing.


Did I say 994? I mean 995, of course. :pinkiehappy:

I say, that was swift work, are you in my timezone (BST) or cloesr to GMT?

7342156 Actually if you have read Nightmare Night then 994 is also correct.
Time zone wise I keep very odd hours, I'm in GMT but I could be up at any time during the 24 hour cycle.

So wait, Evey isn't Sunset's daughter or what? The way Evey spoke seem'd like Sunny wasn't anything more than a close acquaintance.

Yeah, Ponyville needs to have been shamed by Twilight. It makes me wonder what led to Sunsets banishment then?

7342813 I'm assuming this is made in reference to Nightmare Night. If you go back through the Evey chapters you will probably find a few examples of other characters commenting on her relationship to Sunset.

The end of 995 years in particular.

That being said I concede that there is definitely something not right about the relationship, though why/what that is will be revealed later.

Still attempting to figure this story out between the time jumps and no idea who Evie is

7343664 If it makes things easier to follow.
Year 0 Sunset returns to Equestria
Year 20 Something bad happens that Eventide refers to as 'the unpleasantness'
Year 25 Current events for Eventide
Eventide's diary details events occurring between year 0 and 20
Sunset's flashbacks detail a series of seven weeks that occurred outside of normal time that she experienced while Starlight and Twilight were fighting over the sonic rainboom.

Why is Twilight being so cruel? I mean I don't like her, but this is too far, even for her.

7348524 Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure if I should have posted this chapter without its other parts. Suffice to say there is a reason this chapter doesn't have the normal lead in for Sunset telling the story and there is a reason for Twilight being so cruel.

Very good story so far. Definitely interested in where it's all going.
Also, calling it now: Eventide is Sunset's daughter and has been traipsing around time nicking interesting artifacts, best guess she's trying to fix whatever went wrong five years ago.
Spoiler tag added in case I'm right.
By the way, have a favourite. You deserve it.

By the Golden Sarcophagus of Sanguinius... This is getting very dark and very good very fast.
Also, I'm guessing Sunset had her own little 'Nightmare Moon' incident and got banished for a thousand years, hence Evey's angst.
Spoiler tag just in case.

7348789 Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.


Yes, no and kinda but maybe not in that order.

And so the unraveling begins.

Hooray, an update!
You're doing a good job of handling the different futures.
Still wondering just why Twilight's being so... shall we say uncharitable in her questioning, however. oh well, I assume we'll know soon enough.

...Twilight? She didn't show up in the last two chapters.

7350147 You mean she's treating Sunset like an evil psychopath? Seriously, this is too cruel, even for her.

7350466 As with the previous Sunset side stories the italicized text represents another character interjecting into the narrative. In this case Twilight.

Or you were being very clever in your comment in which case kudos to you.

Wait why was Twilight being so mean to Sunset? Are the italic parts actually Twilight or some crazy part of Sunset's brain?

7351596 Apologies if it didn't come across well in the narrative. If that is the case and others feel it isn't clear enough then I may return to this chapter and do a rewrite of the ending.

The implication though is that Sunset has been standing in front of a mirror talking to herself. Twilight was never in the room with her and everything that Twilight said was just Sunset imagining what she might say.

That wasn't Twilight, it was some figure of her imagination, or worse.


That makes it all the more sad that Sunset would think that Twilight would act that way. It makes me a little sad that Sunset was suffering this bad and she has yet to tell anypony about it.

Poor little Evey. I get the feeling that Twilight should have seen these diaries because it would have helped her, but in the end she will see them all far too late.

Film and Flam are going to need to steer clear of Ponyville for the foreseeable future. I think Sunset will want some payback.

The Crystal wars... One of the more war like alternate universes...

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