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Defeated by Luna and Celestia, Discord found himself bound by the elements of harmony to a simple lamp. Trapped within it he has been sentenced to a lifetime of helping others, forced to grant three wishes to any pony who stumbles upon his prison. Of course as an expert spirit of chaos he delights in twisting these wishes to his own amusement circumventing the very nature of his intended punishment!

So why is that when a humble (but also great and powerful) showmare stumbles upon the lamp, Discord is so willing to put his past misdemeanors behind him and play nice? What fiendish punishment has reformed him? What horrors turned him down the path of good? Why does his eye twitch whenever he says the word birdseed?

A silly story written for laughs. Alternate Universe Tag is due to the elements turning Discord into a genie instead of stone, and for some creative interpretation of the intellect of a certain fictional species.

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A phoenix smart enough to learn and pronounce the Equestria word(s) "birdseed," but apparently so dumb that it would somehow kill itself nearly every month.

7311153 Presumably by overeating.

7311401 Unless it just starved to death because of no birdseed

7311153 or clever enough to get infinant birdseed:trixieshiftright:

In the original draft of the story I tried some exposition to explain that within the universe of this story speech is an ability possessed by all Phoenix and that like mayflies their lifespans were brief yet eventful. I didn't like how it came across though (it felt clunky and wasn't good for the pacing) so I ditched the exposition in favor of leaving those questions either open to the readers interpretation or as minor quirks that exist to make the joke work. Hopeful_Ink_Hoof, do you think it would work better if such exposition were included?

Trixie and Discord make for a vastly underrated duo. So much potential.

Birdseed !
Hehe good comedy story I like it.

7332653 Glad you enjoyed it.

Very nice, and very funny.

That was beautiful.
Now that they are best friends, they wouldn't want to be apart for reasons of death, rriiiight??
So, discord could use his magic to make her immortal!
They could travel the world for all eternity doing shows together, having fun, wreaking havoc, trolling the royalty!
Though I don't think he could make her into an alicorn, add wings and strength yes, but not to an alicorn level.
That would make a great sequel.
You could call it, "Having fun, Wreaking havoc, Trolling the Royalty!"
I would love to read that.

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