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Trekking through frozen wastelands on an adventure to be the first mare in Equestrian history to reach the Furthest North, Daring Do stumbles upon a strange unicorn lying half dead in the snow. The mare claims to be none other than Sunset Shimmer, former apprentice to Celestia herself, a unicorn of prodigious magical talent and scientific knowledge. Sunset's own journey into the north is one of vengeance, to set right the single greatest mistake that she made in her life.

Daring's own journey is briefly put on hold as she listens to Sunset's tale of ambition, loss and science gone horribly wrong, the tale behind the creation of the creature that she even now seeks in the Northernmost reaches of the world. It is a story that questions morality and mortality, threatening to change Daring's own understanding of the nature of both life and death.

A retelling/crossover of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Sunset taking the role of Victor Frankenstein. Gore tag is predominantly in relation to the creature. Sex is for some of the later chapters (not a clopfic).

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So... who's Elizabeth? Do we even want to know?

And I still think Sunny should be the Creature and Starlight the titular character. Glim Glam is a much better title.

A shorter preamble could do the same job, but it's consistently well written, and you honestly had me at 'Frankenstein'.

This is everything that I ever wanted to read and I didn't knew it:raritystarry:

The preamble in particular is heavily based off of the opening of Frankenstein. I suppose I could have cut down the length a bit but I wanted a full length chapter before getting onto the story proper.

Glad you're enjoying the concept.

You're covering a bigger timeframe than chpt 1, but I feel that Sunset's world and feelings could be a lot more detailed. It was a good idea to bring up Sunset's view of Princess Cadence, and Sunset's experiments proceed more naturally from her reading than Frankenstein's ramblings on Cornelius Agrippa. Sunset's sinister studies seem to come from pure lust for knowledge, rather than a complex over her dead parents, making her a bit less sympathetic. The actual creation of the monster should be linked more closely to her lust for status and fame IMO. The part about the dead animals was good. Looking forward to more.

How can this story have sex in it and yet not be a clopfic?


'Clopfic' implies that the sexual content is the main focus, there are certain pornographic connotations to the term, specifically that it is something to be masturbated to. It is however possible for a fic to at some point contain sexual content that might warrant a warning to the reader (in case they are young/sensitive to such issues/find such things unappealing or distasteful) but is not the main focus of the story, simply something that occurs within the story.

The notation here that this is not a clopfic is to inform the reader that this story falls into the second category, if they are looking for a clop then they don't need to read any further and be disappointed by what they find, if they are not a fan of clop they can read on without worrying that the tag means the story is going to be predominantly sex.

Different people have different tastes, the notation is to help people find something that they might enjoy reading. Not going to judge anyone, if you came here look for full on clop this is probably not the story for you (any sexual will still probably be a few chapters yet).

Hope that clears things up.

Having read the original Frankenstein I can tell this is going to be an enjoyable read. I really enjoy Sunset's narrative and I'm curious who will take over many of the books roles. Hope to see more soon.

Interesting indeed. :duck:

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