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Trekking through frozen wastelands on an adventure to be the first mare in Equestrian history to reach the Furthest North, Daring Do stumbles upon a strange unicorn lying half dead in the snow. The mare claims to be none other than Sunset Shimmer, former apprentice to Celestia herself, a unicorn of prodigious magical talent and scientific knowledge. Sunset's own journey into the north is one of vengeance, to set right the single greatest mistake that she made in her life.

Daring's own journey is briefly put on hold as she listens to Sunset's tale of ambition, loss and science gone horribly wrong, the tale behind the creation of the creature that she even now seeks in the Northernmost reaches of the world. It is a story that questions morality and mortality, threatening to change Daring's own understanding of the nature of both life and death.

A retelling/crossover of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Sunset taking the role of Victor Frankenstein. Gore tag is predominantly in relation to the creature. Sex is for some of the later chapters (not a clopfic).

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Defeated by Luna and Celestia, Discord found himself bound by the elements of harmony to a simple lamp. Trapped within it he has been sentenced to a lifetime of helping others, forced to grant three wishes to any pony who stumbles upon his prison. Of course as an expert spirit of chaos he delights in twisting these wishes to his own amusement circumventing the very nature of his intended punishment!

So why is that when a humble (but also great and powerful) showmare stumbles upon the lamp, Discord is so willing to put his past misdemeanors behind him and play nice? What fiendish punishment has reformed him? What horrors turned him down the path of good? Why does his eye twitch whenever he says the word birdseed?

A silly story written for laughs. Alternate Universe Tag is due to the elements turning Discord into a genie instead of stone, and for some creative interpretation of the intellect of a certain fictional species.

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Eventide Trailblazer is a mare obsessed. While the rest of Equestria shuns the name Sunset Shimmer, she spends her time dwelling on the true story of the mare behind the myth, a story that culminated in a horrible disaster five years ago. Trusting no one but her best friend and her therapist Eventide plots in secret, making plans that will fix things once and for all. But while her intentions might be good, do her plans truly benefit anyone but herself?

Twenty five years prior to Eventide's own plans the object of her obsession returns to Equestria from parts unknown. The end of Twilight's inter-dimensional duel across time with Starlight Glimmer also marks Sunset's unexpected return from CHS, yet when Twilight meets up with her she can barely recognize her friend from the other world. Scared, paranoid and horribly injured, Sunset claims to have spent the last seven weeks of her life trapped in her own inter-dimensional journey, a journey that sounds worryingly familiar to Twilight.

Set directly after cutie re-mark for Twilight chapters and approximately 25 years after season 5 for Eventide. Other Tag is for Flurry Heart.

Possible spoilers in comments

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