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Subject 0976, or known as Apex, is a man-made Yautja, he is made to replace soldiers in US Army. Apex was made from many predators DNAs, including the Yautjas they caught and killed from the past years. But when a experiment went wrong, Apex escaped the facility. After an intense fight, Apex was blown up by a bomb. When he woke up again, this warrior found himself in the magical land of Equestria, but our favorite ponies and their new made friends were fighting Storm King's army in Canterlot. Apex can either choose to ignore this, or to help them...

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Comment posted by Mystic Sunrise deleted Aug 24th, 2020

Good story and do you mind if I turn yor story in a head back book

Comment posted by Kitsune_Kenshi deleted Aug 26th, 2020

The story is amazing and can't wait to see more chapters in the future

Does any of you guys here familiar with Predator

Yes I familiar with predator

Oh good, because I'll be creating a group of people that are into Alien and Predator.

While the others talks excitingly, a certain dark blue Alicorn is in the shadow. Luna. From the moment she saw his face, she doubted this monster. From what she'd heard from Twilight; this Apex murdered an entire army. What if one day he turns against them? It'd be hell for them. Luna was watching, but unamused.

I still don't trust you, monster, she thought, and one day... you might take over Equestria... and have our heads on your claws...

Luna, just SHUT UP! Besides, he got his Positive Traits from his only friendly Human Scientist.

Why isn't there a crossover tag?

Please update this story more

Apologies for all the waiting, but I kinda lost interest in Predators for now. I'm currently writing another book, not on fimfiction. But I won't cancel this.

Is Yautja the canon name for a Predator's species?

It's the scientific name for the Predators

Not sure when, but I'm focusing n something else.

Kinda. All I know is that Predators and Xenomorphs are enemies and you shouldn't hold a weapon near them unless you are on their side. Like the lady who survived alien vs predator.

Wow, this story is catching my interest. Well done!

Hehe, Storm King is about be beaten.

A very intense and deranged chapter man! I loved it!

Also Eddie, thank you for having some of my stories in your favourites! I appreciate it a lot!

Hmmm seem a little short an rushed but interesting. Never seen a alien vs predator crossover before. I do hope to see more.

A predator crossover fic huh? At first you had my curiosity, but now this has my full attention!

Gotta say I like this so far, though giving the ponies his weapons right off the bat is just a really bad idea given the technological time disparity between them. It'd be like me going back to the 1100s and giving them miniguns and C4

I wonder if this story will continue

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