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Life is the greatest gift one is given. Life eternal, however, can be the cruelest curse one could be forced to endure.

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Ohhhhh, very spooky :)

In the end she imprisoned herself in a dead husk not able to pass on truly. How sad but she choose it upon herself cause she lived in the
past had she known she would not have dome what she had done.

Yikes, she got the baddest of the bad ends here.

With the log and faggot set upon the rack, and the tinder lit, Twilight sank back into the cushy confines of her chair, staring into the hearth as the flames began to lick up the sides of the cedar like serpentine tongues of gold and scarlet.

Damn, I had no idea I was in this story.

Is immortal a forever life? Or a forever existence?

The apples are so strong, they can give immortals bodily death.

Though, is this what happens after death? i doubt it, since theres a underworld.

(spoiler warning)

Sure, go full „I have no mouth and I must scream“, because Twilight killing herself isn‘t tragic enough.
And the worst part, Twilight may forever know that this fate could have been avoided if she just ate the entire black apple

“You’re so lucky to be able to live through the ages”, my little ponies said. If only they had known…

I never had the heart to tell them, despite knowing that this endless night would come.

The ages went by, the stars twinkled and died one by one. So too did the Equestrian sun. I sit alone in the darkness now, counting the cold ages as they come and go. I envy everypony who passed away so long ago, for I lack the ability to die. I stay forevermore. Forever. Alone.

Beautiful but tragic. Kinda reminds me of the Lovecraft story, The Shadow Out of Time, wherein a man suffers from haunting visions of an alien crab-like civilization, so ancient, even the youngest among them had bore witness to millions of galaxies booming into existence and burning out like paper lanterns in the night sky.

To quote Xenosaga, "If the body did not die, and the fears born in the mind just continued to pile up, the world would be nothing more than an eternal prison."

I honestly think that either a alicorn dying means that their body dies but their soul is stuck or that's how death works in this universe or that's just what the apple does for anyone who eats it yet no one knows if that fact.

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